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How To Raise Testosterone Levels

How to raise testosterone

Learn how to raise testosterone levels with Greenberg Health in order to rid of the symptoms that can occur when your testosterone depletes with age. Many times when people are dealing with aging issues, these problems can be from the decrease in this hormone specifically. Getting diagnosed correctly is key.

The issues from low T can make life become anything from uncomfortable to unbearable.  This is when it is helpful to learn about testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). The reason is because it works.

When done correctly, TRT is a very safe and legal way of using bio-identical injections intramuscularly to gently balance levels into the normal range by age. Injections must never be administered directly into a vein. If you are a woman, you will learn how to raise your testosterone levels by using a prescribed cream instead of injections.

Aging issues can often be caused by low testosterone levels. Prescribed testosterone replacement therapy can help safely, legally and effectively.

There are clinics that are designed especially to help people raise their hormonal levels with TRT and one of these centers is Greenberg Health.

How To Raise Testosterone Levels For Men And Women

For both men and for women, learning how to raise your testosterone levels is a little different, but both ways are simple. It truly is a matter of following your licensed doctor’s treatment plan and prescription. Let us look at the difference between men and women when it comes to TRT.

How to raise testosterone levels for men involves using prescribed injections. Medications that are used are one of the following:

  • Testosterone Cypionate
  • Testosterone Enanthate
  • Testosterone Propionate

These medications are self administered at home by the patient with a needle and a syringe. Most men are directed to deliver the medication via shot into the muscle in the buttocks. Some males; however, will inject into the muscle in the thigh, alternating between legs. The only way that is dangerous and should never be done is administering the medication directly into a vein.

How to raise testosterone levels for women is a little different because women need a lot less testosterone in their systems than men do. This is why they will not use injections, but a prescribed cream instead.

It is important to know that women do need this hormone in order to keep their health optimal. It is a fallacy that testosterone is only a male hormone.

Learn how to raise your levels with TRT in two different ways: With TRT and by using natural methods.

How to raise your testosterone levels at “Greenberg Health” with testosterone replacement therapy

Patient responsibilities pre-therapy are:

  1. Call the toll free number for Greenberg Health
  2. Speak with a clinical advisor and share your symptoms, goals for therapy and ask questions about the process, testing and what kinds of results to expect. Feel free to inquire about TRT and to fully understand it before hanging up the phone.
  3. If you decide to continue with therapy, you will proceed with testing. This will include getting a blood test done, a physical exam done and sharing your medical history online. A clinical advisor from Greenberg Health will set up this appointment for you with a local clinic in your home town.

At this point, you will wait for your test results to see if you are dealing with low T

  1. If you are diagnosed by the licensed doctor at Greenberg Health with low T, that physician will write you a prescription for injections or a cream. They will also create a fully individualized treatment plan for you to follow and medically supervise your treatment.
  2. You must make a commitment to following your doctor’s instructions.
  3. You will learn how to self administer your injections from your clinical advisor and there are videos he or she can provide to you online that will show you graphically with detail how to prepare and deliver your injections safely in a sterile way.
  4. As you follow your treatment plan, you will start to feel better every day.
  5. You will begin to practice positive lifestyle habits.

How to raise your testosterone levels naturally At Greenberg Health

Patients will need to learn to implement the following healthy lifestyle habits into their daily routine in order to raise their testosterone levels naturally.
This means committing to healthful living every day.

  1. Eat properly. Make sure to consume the right kinds of foods. These include those that are high in protein and the right kinds of fats. Staying away from refined sugars (especially fructose) is very important.
  2. Make sure to get plenty of activity and exercise. Even though you may be feeling lethargic or not have much energy or stamina, push yourself to work out. This will increase testosterone in the end. Doing short high intensity weight lifting will have more impact than longer workouts like aerobics. Work out larger muscle groups by lifting heavier weights with lower repetitions.
  3. Get plenty of sleep. Experts recommend getting at the very least, eight hours of sleep. This is the time when the body creates testosterone as it heals itself and repairs and restores all of the cells and tissues of the body.
  4. Stay away from consuming soy products. These tend to increase estrogen and decrease testosterone.
  5. Get enough of the recommended amount of zinc.
  6. Get enough of the recommended amount of vitamin D from the sun, while being careful of the harmful UV rays. You can use sunscreen to filter out the bad rays and absorb vitamin D. If getting vitamin D from is not possible, there are oral supplements that can be taken.
  7. Never smoke. Smoking is the most hazardous habit that not only decreases testosterone levels, but is also harmful to every single organ in the body.
  8. Keep alcohol consumption to a responsible amount.

When people ask about how to raise my testosterone level naturally, clinical advisors should share all of the above ways. They can also get more in depth with you about specifically what kinds of foods to consume and answer other questions you may have about your unique situation.

The best way how to raise testosterone naturally and with testosterone replacement therapy is to do them together. Staying on a healthy diet, sleep and exercise regimen while using your doctor prescribed injections is the best way to safely and quickly raise testosterone levels effectively for a great quality of life.