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What Are The Causes Of Low Testosterone

What are the causes of low testosterone

As the human body gets on in years, it inevitably begins to slow down in all its functioning. This includes its production of testosterone. Aging is what can cause low testosterone; at least it is one of the reasons for low T and there is treatment for this reason. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a proven kind of treatment to raise low testosterone levels and to put an end to the symptoms that go along with low T.

What are all the reasons that can be the cause of low testosterone? Here are six reasons that testosterone levels may be low.

  • Aging

Normal aging of the mind and body causes the testicles in men and the ovaries in women to slow in their production of testosterone.

  • Not eating well

What you put into your mouth is just as important for overall health as it is for keeping your testosterone levels up. If you are not taking in enough lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, omega 3 fatty acids and the right kinds of other fats, this can be very influential on the causes for low testosterone.

  • Not getting an appropriate amount of sleep

It is well known that at least eight hours of sleep is necessary for optimal health, if not more. This is also true for keeping testosterone levels high and in a good range. Sleep deprivation can definitely be one of the more popular low testosterone causes.

  • Not getting enough exercise

Strenuous exercising by lifting heavy weights at low repetitions has been known for increasing testosterone levels. If a person does not exercise, but is non-active, testosterone levels can decrease.

  • Stress

Besides creating an entire host of other problems, high stress causes low testosterone. People who have high tension at work or even at home can tend to lose their ability to produce enough testosterone for the body to work at optimal performance. For an example, both men and women may find that they lack energy, are irritable, have lowered immunity and experience a huge drop in their sexual desire when they are stressed out. Many men complain of not being about to achieve an erection when they are feeling stressed.

  • Smoking

Smoking is known to be one of the worst things that a person can do for his or her body. With that said, it can definitely be one of many causes for low testosterone. Smoking is toxic to every part of the body and that includes the organs that produce testosterone; the testicles and the ovaries.

What Can You Do To Avoid What Causes Low Testosterone: A Chart

We talked above about what causes low testosterone: Aging, not eating well, not getting an appropriate amount of sleep, not getting enough exercise, stress and smoking. We can now talk about what we can do to avoid low T.

What Can You Do To Avoid What Causes Low Testosterone


  • Aging

When it comes to the natural process of aging and experiencing lowered testosterone levels, the symptoms can sometimes be quite serious and overwhelming. There is nothing that we can do to stop the aging process; however, we can combat its symptoms. To increase and balance testosterone levels, patients can participate in safe and legal testosterone replacement therapy.

A clinic such as Greenberg Health can help patients to get diagnosed with low T through testing. They will have their licensed doctors analyze test results and prescribe the proper injectable medications at the correct dosages for their patients. They will then provide medical supervision and advisors will provide support throughout therapy in order to help clients get the best benefits possible.


  • Get the proper nutrition

Many different articles and research will show that different foods will help with boosting testosterone levels. Eating poorly can be one of the causes of low testosterone. So to keep levels high, here are some testosterone boosting foods: grapes, avocados, tuna, honey, shrimp, pumpkin seeds, garlic, pomegranate, eggs, milk, coconut, wheat bran, strawberries and cabbage.

There are more foods that can be added to this list, but we just wanted to get you started with some proven choices that can help to increase this vital hormone. In addition, getting more zinc and vitamin D in your diet and staying away from soy based food products can help stop the decrease of testosterone levels.


  • Sleep

Getting at least eight hours of restful sleep per night is imperative for good health overall. Some research says that out of all that we can do to raise our testosterone levels, sleep is the most important thing.

Studies have proven that during R.E.M. sleep, the endocrine system sends signals to the testicles to produce testosterone. It has been said by the experts that every extra hour of sleep can raise testosterone levels by 15 percent.


  • Exercise daily

Low repetitions of heavy weight lifting that works several muscle groups tends to raise testosterone levels. Exercise also creates weight loss. When a man is overweight, his testosterone tends to be lower. Having a faster metabolism and lower cholesterol levels can have an effect on the causes of low testosterone too. Exercising can reverse these issues.


  • Stress

Stress is unhealthy. Stress is a large cause for low testosterone. Learning to relax during the day can help limit the amount of testosterone lost. Learning relaxation techniques, going for walks away from the office, meditation, yoga or doing an activity you enjoy (playing sports, gardening, working on your car, etc.) can help reduce stress and create higher amounts of testosterone in the body.


  • Never smoke

What else can we say about the hazards of smoking? There is nothing positive about it and it can definitely be the cause of every health problem a person has; including being what can cause low testosterone.