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What Is Testosterone Therapy For Women

Testosterone Therapy for Women

An innovative therapy called testosterone therapy for women increases and balances out clinically proven low T in the body. With just the right prescription for bio-identical medications, this kind of therapy can give a woman back her quality of life.

Age depletes the testosterone hormone, as it will inevitable do in all women sometime after the age of 30. This can leave behind some pretty uncomfortable and unwanted symptoms. These hormones are so vital because they control how a person feels, thinks, behaves and looks. When they deplete, a woman can feel:

  • Lethargic
  • Weak
  • Depressed
  • Older looking
  • Unattractive
  • Have a lack of sexual desire
  • Gain weight
  • Have a loss of bone mineral density
  • Develop osteoporosis

… and so much more.

Many people may not know that women need just the right amount of testosterone in their body just as men need the right amount for them to feel well. When it diminishes with age, they can participate in testosterone replacement therapy for women (TRT) just like men do. What is this kind of therapy?

Doctor prescribed therapy can gently replace the missing hormones and a woman can actually feel better than she had been feeling in a long time. TRT is for both men and women.

Do Women Need Testosterone

All women need just the right amount of testosterone in their blood stream in order to feel and look their best. This is a medically proven fact and although most people believe that only men need this hormone, women do too.

Testosterone in women is created in the ovaries and sometimes in the adrenal glands as well. Once a woman reaches 30 years or so, this hormone will start to decline and they may feel the signs that age is taking hold.

All women need just the right amount of testosterone in their bodies. It will decrease with age, but can safely be replaced with testosterone replacement therapy for women with Greenberg Health.

What Are The Benefits Of Testosterone Therapy For Women

The list of the benefits of testosterone therapy for women is quite long. When therapy is done properly, women can be feeling strong and healthy well into their Golden years.

Let us take a look at the benefits that come from completing a TRT program with Greenberg Health:

Increased energy Nails that grow faster
Great vigor and vitality A healthier heart
A greater sexual desire and libido Lower cholesterol levels
Less vaginal dryness Less risk for stroke or heart attack
Easier time with sexual intercourse A healthier heart rate
Less infertility Lower triglyceride levels
Less hot flashes Less risk for diabetes
Less night sweats Stronger bone mineral density
Stronger orgasms Less risk for bone fractures
Stronger skin elasticity Less risk for bone breaks
Less noticeable facial wrinkles Less danger of developing osteoporosis
Less noticeable crow’s feet around the eyes Better sleep
Smoother and less haggard looking skin Less sleep disturbances
Less saggy looking skin Faster restoration of cells and tissues
Silkier looking hair Faster healing
A stronger immune system An easier time warding off sickness and disease
Better memory Less forgetfulness
A stronger ability to concentrate and focus Sharper and quicker thinking
Less body pain Less joint and muscle pain
Less anxiety Less depression
Less irritability Less mood swings
Less anger and agitation Higher self esteem
Higher self worth A better attitude towards the future

Get A Legal Prescription For Testosterone Therapy For Women

In order to practice safe and legal testosterone therapy for women, a woman must get a prescription for this kind of treatment from a licensed doctor. The steps are simple:

  1. Call our toll free phone number and speak to a clinical advisor on the phone. You will share your issues and get all of your questions answered.
  2. You will get sent to a clinic in your home city and get a blood test and physical exam. You will also share your medical history with us online. After studying the results from all of this information, this is how a doctor will know if you have low T and what medications and dosages will be best for you to eliminate your symptoms.
  3. If you have low T, you will get diagnosed and prescribed what you need.

This is how simple the steps are to getting a prescription for one of the most popular, safe and effective therapies that is offered by Greenberg Health. If you want to live a long and healthy life without feeling the aging symptoms that bring you down, find out if you have low T with us and practice testosterone replacement therapy for women.