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General Information

What Is Humatrope?

Humatrope or Somatropin (rDNA origin) is a subcutaneously injectable human growth hormone (HGH) medication created by the manufacturing company Eli Lilly. The medication is created in a very controlled laboratory environment by professionals who handle it with the utmost of care.

Consisting of a 191 amino acid sequence, Humatrope is a large protein molecule that is very sensitive to temperature, light and movement. It is identical to the growth hormone (GH) that is produced by the pituitary gland in the human body.

Humatrope must be created within the most controlled of environments due to its sensitive nature. Scientists must account for light, temperature and movement when they make this substance. During manufacturing and after, it must be handled with the utmost of care.

Humatrope can be correctly prescribed by a licensed doctor and used as an exact replica of what the body already produces. Since the body is not making enough GH, it will take in Humatrope by subcutaneous injection and balance out hormone levels nicely. However, this medication must be used correctly and done so with a doctor’s medical supervision.

The US government controls Humatrope distribution, sale and usage. If a person is caught misusing or abusing this medication, there can be some serious legal ramifications. In addition, a person can suffer from some severe medical problems if the medication is misused. It should never be bought or taken without a doctor’s prescription, a clinical advisor’s help and physician’s medical monitoring.


The HGH medication Humatrope is indicated for use by both males and females over 30 who have been professionally diagnosed with a GH deficiency. It is indicated to rid of the symptoms of low GH caused by aging.

Some of the most common symptoms that Humatrope can eliminate are lack of energy, lethargy, forgetfulness, irritability and mood swings, depression, anxiety, tension, body pain, joint pain, muscle pain, excess fat gain, the loss of lean muscle mass, lack of stamina, vigor and vitality, lack of sexual libido, difficulty with healing, weak skin elasticity, wrinkles and erectile dysfunction. We will discuss a thorough list of low GH symptoms later.

Forms Available:

Humatrope is available in vials with needles and syringes and three different pen types.

Eli Lilly makes Humatrope ® injection devicess to be used with either 6 mg (orange pen), 12 mg (yellow pen) or 24 mg (green pen) cartridges. Each pen is known for its ability to be able to adjust and set precise dosages. It is also known for its ability to hide the needle from view with a needle guard when injecting the medication.

Humatrope medication needs to be reconstituted or mixed within the cartridge. Your clinical advisor will show you exactly how to do this. He or she will also be available to help you with the usage of your pens when the time comes. You will always have all the support you need from us when using Humatrope medications.


There are truly remarkable benefits that can come from the proper use of Humatrope medication. When prescribed correctly for hormone replacement therapy with medical supervision, patients will notice physical, emotional, mental and sexual benefits. These most likely will be the changes that they were looking to get when they started therapy.

We have experienced a very high success rate with our patients who use Humatrope. Here are lists of the benefits that can be expected when on this medication:

Physical Benefits

  • Low to no energy
  • Lost vitality
  • No vigor
  • Lessened endurance and stamina
  • Lessened excitement for life
  • Loss of physical strength
  • Body pain
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Excess fat gain
  • Greater amounts of cellulite form
  • Slower metabolism
  • Loss of lean muscle mass
  • Loss of strong skin elasticity
  • Increase in facial wrinkles
  • Increase in crow’s feet around the eyes
  • Increase in facial blemishes
  • Thinning hair
  • Balding
  • Nails do not grow
  • The immune system weakens
  • Sickness occurs more often
  • Difficulty with healing
  • Slow healing
  • Higher cholesterol levels
  • Higher triglyceride levels
  • Higher risk for stroke or heart attack
  • Unhealthy heart rate
  • Increase in risk for diabetes
  • Weakened eyesight
  • Organs shrink
  • Sleep becomes difficult and disturbed
  • Insomnia
  • Weakened bone mineral density
  • Greater chance of bone fractures or breaks
  • More chance of developing osteoporosis

Emotional Benefits

  • Less depression
  • Less sadness
  • Less anxiety
  • Tension is relieved
  • Stress levels decrease
  • Less irritability
  • Less mood swings
  • An overall friendly demeanor
  • Less feelings of agitation and anger
  • Better ability to control anger outbursts
  • A better overall emotional stability
  • A better attitude towards the future
  • Higher self esteem
  • Higher self worth
  • Higher self confidence

Mental Benefits

  • Better memory
  • Less forgetfulness
  • Better ability to focus
  • Better ability to concentrate
  • Long term memory becomes better
  • Short term memory and recall becomes better
  • Feeling more connected
  • Less feelings of mental fogginess

Sexual Benefits

  • Increased sexual desire
  • The elimination of erectile dysfunction
  • Less hot flashes
  • Less night sweats
  • Less vaginal dryness
  • Increased sexual libido
  • Stronger and longer lasting erections
  • Stronger and longer lasting orgasms

There are many life changing benefits from using Humatrope medication. Our clinic is well known for helping patients to look and feel great with this medication. Our advisors will encourage patients to live a healthy lifestyle in order to quicken the effects of Humatrope. This means sleeping well, eating well, keeping stress levels to their lowest, exercising daily and never smoking. Alcoholic consumption should be held to a responsible minimum. When healthy living is paired with Humatrope injections, the outcome has proven to be remarkable.

Side Effects

Any possible Humatrope injection side effects when the right prescription is given from a licensed physician and medical supervision is given will be rare. However, from time to time an allergic reaction can occur, leaving a patient feeling some of the minor or major side effects from this medication.

In addition, if a person purchases tainted or fake medication from an unknown source or from overseas, there is a great possibility that negative side effects can occur. It is never recommended that a person buy any human growth hormone medications from an unqualified or unknown clinic or source.

Another way to avoid Humatrope side effects is for a patient to check their medication thoroughly before using it. This means to make sure that the solution in the vial (if taking it with needles and syringes) is completely clear after it is reconstituted. It should never contain any foreign particles or be murky or cloudy. Immediately dispose of medication if it does not look right.

If a patient is using a pen, he or she should make sure that the device has not been tampered with at all. If a pen looks like it has been opened, altered or damaged in any way, it should not be used.

Here is a list of the minor and major side effects that are rare, but possible when using Humatrope:

Minor Side Effects

  • Skin conditions such as a rash, hives, acne, jaundice, blemishes, redness or itching of the skin
  • Sexual difficulties such as erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual desire, prolonged erections, shrinking testicles, a deepened or lowered voice, breast enlargement in men, breast tenderness or swelling in men, hot flashes, night sweats
  • Thinning hair or balding
  • Headaches, toothaches
  • Issues in the mouth such as bad breath, fruity taste or smell to breath, ulcers in the mouth
  • Digestive issues such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, stomach cramping, an increase in thirst or an increase in hunger
  • Emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, tension or exacerbated stress
  • Difficulty sleeping, sleep disturbances or insomnia

Major Side Effects

  • Respiratory issues such as difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, chest pressure, chest pain, a slowed heart rate or heart palpitations
  • Dizziness                 
  • Numbness or a tingly feeling
  • Swelling of different body parts including hands, feet, legs, ankles, mouth, tongue, lips, gums or throat
  • Blood clots

If a patient notices anything unusual occurring while taking Humatrope, he or she is urged to get immediate attention. Even a seemingly small side effect can get more serious if left unattended. Patients can call their clinical advisor for minor side effects or they can visit the emergency room if side effects seem major. One should never take a chance with their health.

Our licensed doctors can very easily and quickly make an adjustment to a medication if the need arises. This is why we provide the very best in medical supervision. Additionally, our clinical advisors are in very close contact with our licensed doctors so that the best treatment can be given to each and every one of our patients.

How To Avoid Side Effects from Humatrope:

Here is a comprehensive list of different ways that HGH patients can help themselves to avoid getting negative side effects from Humatrope; the human growth hormone injectable medication:

  • Only work with a hormone replacement therapy clinic that:
    • Is well known
    • Is honorable and trustworthy
    • Has a successful track record with helping clients to safely reach their goals
    • Only works with licensed doctors in endocrinology (or a related medical field)
    • Only works with skilled and compassionate clinical advisors
    • Mandates the proper blood testing, medical exam and medical history to be completed by all patients
  • The doctors with whom you work must be able to properly diagnose, prescribe and provide ongoing medical supervision.
  • The doctors must be able to read test results to determine growth hormone deficiencies and then to make sure to correctly prescribe the right dosage.
  • The doctors will create individualized treatment plans.
  • All medications purchased must be authentic, name brand and come directly from us to you.
  • When received, patients must always check the medications for completely clear solution, no murkiness and no signs of foreign particles in the solution. If anything does not look right or the vial or pen looks like it may have been tampered with – do not use it!
  • Medications should never be purchased from overseas, from an untrusted source, from the online black market, from an unknown website or without a prescription from a trusted clinic.
  • Patients should always take their medications exactly as prescribed. They should follow their prescription and treatment plan exactly as written and reach out to their clinical advisor if they have any questions or if something during the process does not seem right.


Before Taking Humatrope

Before taking Humatrope, a patient must fully examine their medication. Make sure it is perfectly clear. There should never be particles in the solution or a murky look to the solution.

Before taking Humatrope, make sure that the vial or pen is completely intact. If either looks like it has been opened or tampered with, this is a sign to throw it away. Never take a chance in using a medication that could be tainted.

There is nothing special that a patient needs to do to prepare their body for therapy. The self injecting of medications can begin as soon as the medications are received by the patient. Patients just need to make sure that they follow their prescription exactly as it is written.

Dosage And Administration Of Humatrope

The dosages of Humatrope pens come as:

  • 6 mg
  • 12 mg
  • 24 mg

Patients will receive their pens shipped directly to their home or office by our clinic in the pen dosage that they were prescribed. This will vary for patients depending upon what they need.  They will then be able to begin therapy.

Humatrope injections will be delivered subcutaneously, which is just under the skin. There will be no benefit, only consequences to taking it any other way. This means that it should never be delivered directly into a vein and not intramuscularly either.  Patients are always encouraged to take their Humatrope exactly as it is prescribed. If questions or concerns come up during administration, clients are always encouraged to call us toll free for assistance.

How To Store Humatrope

Humatrope ® Somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection must be kept refrigerated at a temperature between 36° F to 46° F. It should stay in this temperature both before and after it is reconstituted, or mixed. Humatrope should never be frozen. It should never be put into direct sunlight or kept in warm temperatures.

Humatrope needs to be mixed before it is used. After it has been mixed, the liquid in the cartridges can only stay refrigerated for up to 28 days. The vials must be used within 14 days. After this time, the medication needs to be discarded.

Always check the medications for signs of tampering and never use if it does not look right. In addition, always check the expiration date before using the medication. The date should be stamped by the manufacturing company on the vial or on the cartridge. Discard it if it has reached the expiration date.  

Patients should always be sure to store their Humatrope medications and supplies in a safe place where they are out of reach of children or animals. A Sharps container should always be used to discard of anything used.  


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