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Types of Testosterone Injections You Can Find in the USA


Men looking to begin testosterone therapy often find themselves faced with a selection of testosterone injections that can impact the benefits of treatment. How do you know which of the different types of testosterone injections are best for you?

Here is a summary of the various testosterone injections:

  • Testosterone Cypionate – the most common, affordable, and best option for most males. Typical administration frequency is once every ten days to two weeks.
  • Testosterone Enanthate – the second most common, slightly more money than cypionate, and another superior option. Most men administer this once a week.
  • Testosterone Propionate – infrequently used due to higher cost, painful injections, and greater risk of negative effects. Requires administration every one to three days and should never be used for the long-term treatment of Low T.
  • Testosterone Undecanoate – the newest injectable on the scene, testosterone undecanoate is not highly recommended in the US due to potentially severe allergic reactions. Undecanoate is injected in a doctor’s office once every few months and is extremely expensive.

The best testosterone injections results come from testosterone cypionate and enanthate. Once the hormone specialist determines the treatment frequency and dosage, we will know which medication is best suited for your needs.

To get the testosterone injections effects you desire, discuss your expectations with your provider before you begin treatment.

Best Brands of Testosterone Injections

When looking at the difference between brands of testosterone injections, good or bad, you are going to find the internet full of choices. You have to be careful when buying hormones online because cheap quality and counterfeit products abound.

The best known brands of testosterone cypionate are Depo-Testosterone and Watson. If you are looking to get testosterone enanthate, choose between Delatestryl and Watson. For those of you who do not need designer brand names, our doctors at Greenberg Health offer US pharmacy compounded injections prepared to the same stringent requirements as brand name versions of testosterone cypionate and enanthate, but at lower costs.

Differences between the Brands of Testosterone Injections

The primary difference between the various brand types of testosterone injections is how quickly the testosterone enters and exits the bloodstream.

Delatestryl, Watson, and compounded testosterone enanthate enters the bloodstream quicker than testosterone cypionate, and have a half-life of 8 to 10 days depending on your metabolism. What that means is that it takes the body that many days to metabolize half of the testosterone enanthate after administration.

Watson, Depo-Testosterone, and pharmacy compounded testosterone cypionate have a 10 to 12-day half-life. Since testosterone propionate only has a half-life of around two days, it needs frequent injections that can increase side effect risks.

Are Testosterone Injections Safe?

Safety is an issue when looking at beginning any medical treatment. Are testosterone injections safe for men to use? When prescribed by a doctor for the treatment of Low T following blood testing and physical examination, testosterone provided by a licensed US pharmacy is one of the safest forms of hormone replacement therapy.

Are testosterone injections illegal when ordered online for use to build stronger muscles?

Yes, it is illegal to purchase testosterone without a prescription – even if a company is willing to sell it in that way. The buyer is still subject to US prosecution, and the medication may be confiscated by customs when it enters the country. Testosterone use is also illegal by sports and bodybuilding organizations. Finally, it is dangerous to the body to increase testosterone beyond its normal levels.

Are Testosterone Injections Covered by Insurance?

Although Obamacare, in theory, provides insurance to more people, that does not mean everyone has it. For those without insurance, testosterone cypionate injections are extremely affordable as you will likely need only two shots a month.

Is testosterone injection covered by insurance for those who have policies?

This is a question to pose to your insurance provider, as each plan has a different program for what is or is not covered.

What to Do If Testosterone Injections Not Working

Most men see exceptional changes from testosterone replacement therapy, but there are times when the concern that testosterone injections are not working arises. In those situations, the first thing we look at is the expectations for results. We want to make sure that you know what to expect and when. The next question is if you are following the instructions for use as prescribed. Some people change how much or how often they inject their testosterone without speaking to the doctor, and that can alter the results.

Finally, we want to discuss where you got your medication. If you purchased your testosterone injections online from a company overseas, you might have received a poor-quality, counterfeit, or watered-down product that will not work as you desire.

Just to make sure you know what to expect with testosterone injections, how quickly do they work, and when to see changes, know that you can expect to feel more energized and less moody within the first few weeks of treatment.

For additional information about testosterone injections, please contact Greenberg Health for a complimentary consultation.