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HGH – Human Growth Hormone

HGHBefore we go deep into the HGH, let’s have an idea of hormone. Hormone is a secretory substance of an endocrine gland which is transported into the bloodstream and ferried to different organs and tissues, thereby stimulating the metabolism of those tissues and organs. Hormone means Impetus in Greek. So, as per the significance of the word, Hormone acts likewise in the human and animal bodies. The impetus human body gets by the process called Paracrine Signalling what happens due to the diffusion and secretion of Endocrine hormone molecules and Exocrine hormones flowing to and fro the bloodstream and the cells, and thereby keeping the immune system working, moulding and controlling the changes of body organisms facing aging-factors, apoptosis, controlling the metabolic changes and regulating the release and reproduction of other hormones in the body amounting to the homeostasis mechanisms or controlling the reproductive cycle and the like.

Human Growth Hormone – An Outline Story :

HGH is an acronym for Human Growth Hormone. It is a peptide hormone and is produced from the lateral or anterior wings of the pituitary gland in the brain. The Growth Hormone is responsible for causing growth and cell reproduction and regeneration in human body. The genetically engineered HGH has been proved to be an effective stimulant for protein secretion while the natural secretion of Growth Hormone gets stunted during aging. HGH in case of being genetically engineered, is considered an upshot of the recombinant DNA technology and has duly got the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States for the treatment of both sexes of humankind. The employment of Human Growth Hormone treatment has been scheduled for people of over 30 years of age on condition of suffering from the deficiencies of adult growth hormone (AGHD) and of those children suffering from the disorders of natural growth hormones. HGH has been found competent in reducing fat tissues, increasing muscle mass, decreasing level of LDL and increasing level of HDL, maximizing sexual urge and power, reverse-aging, increasing the acumen of patients, and eventually letting them to live upto their genetic potential and growing the immunity power and increasing the body stature.

As you age, the rate of secretion of the natural growth hormone from the pituitary gland decreases. The vigour and energy of youth seems to be lacking. Different ailments for aging find shelter in the human body because of the dearth of the secretion of HGH. During this stage of aging, people gain weight, grow sleep disorders, lose muscle mass and bone density. To counterfoil these menaces resulting from aging factors, the application of HGH has been found to be effective. At this point of discussion, it would be a glaring blooper unless the application and observation of Dr. Daniel Rudman as disclosed in the New England Journal of Medicine is mentioned. Dr. Rudman found during his observatory period that the application of HGH to men between the age group of 61 and 80 years of age had begun yielding effectively in reverse-aging and shedding adipose tissue.

A Brief of HGH Benefits:

HGH is a prescription medicine. Only FDA qualified physicians are deemed to take decision if a person is really qualified patient worth HGH Therapy. However, a qualified patient if undergoing HGH Therapy will possibly be benefited and facing improvements within 6 to 7 weeks from the start of using the contents of HGH Prescription in the following way :
  • Lose Weight.
  • Reduce Sleep disorders.
  • Reverse aging.
  • Dispel stresses and improve immunity power.
  • Improve Kidney functioning and eye-sight.
  • Stop graying and thinning of hair.
  • Improve muscle mass.
  • Increase Cardio functioning.
  • Develop recuperating rate from athletic injury.
  • Improve Skin quality.
  • Strength Bone Density.

HGH Application Pointers & Potential Health Hazards :

Growth HormoneFood and Drug Administration (FDA) points out a host of guidelines regarding the application of Human Growth Hormones. Only the FDA qualified physicians can prescribe HGH after the proper diagnosis as to the fact if the patients really qualify for the application of the HGH because improper using of HGH may result in contraindications.
  • Once qualified for the HGH Therapy, patients should follow only the prescribed amount of dosage of HGH or conversely Overdose may be a potential risk.
  • Intake of Multiple Vitamins like Vitamin-C and Vitamin-E along with HGH may be beneficial.
  • Try to have a Sound Sleep as Sleep does compel secretion of natural hormones which may prevent aging.
  • Continue Physical Exercises regularly, for a while if not possible, as Exercises also enhance the secretion of hormones.
  • Try to reduce Weight and keep observing during the period of HGH Therapy.
  • Try to Avoid junk food and Follow the dietary chart prepared by the FDA qualified physicians.
  • Do Avoid Smoking.
  • Do Drink daily plenty of water.
  • Avoid an exposure to the Sun as much as possible and protect the skin.

Why Hormones So Important?

The further we age, the less our body cells secrete hormones. And thus the effects of aging combined with ailments are manifested. Production of hormones has been diagnosed to be rapid upto the age of 21 or adolescence and very significantly between the age of 21 and 31, the production of natural hormones becomes lower by 14 per cent per decade. Interestingly, during the early hours of the deepest slumber, the secretion of hormones has been diagnosed because of the brief bursts called Pulses. Again, aging may come more staggeringly if one is generically rich with hormones or maintains high levels of hormones secretion by means of physical exercises. So, with aging comes obese, wrinkles, cardiovascular troubles, loss of muscle mass, weight gaining and other such ailments at the staggering reproduction of the hormones, the Nectar of Youth.

So, Try to keep up Hormones secretion. Stop aging!