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Testosterone Levels And Body Fat: Is There A Correlation?

Testosterone and Body Fat

Research has proven through many scientific studies that there is a direct correlation between testosterone levels and body fat. The testosterone hormone is a very vital factor in determining what one’s body composition will be like. When it depletes due to aging, body fat tends to increase. This is precisely why people tend to have to watch their weight as they get older.

As testosterone levels drop with age, metabolism slows down. Energy levels drop, endurance and stamina slow, body, muscle and joint pain kick in and a person may not exercise as much. This can also cause them to gain body fat, hence to gain weight. We can see how much low T can affect a person’s body chemistry and make up.

  • An increase in a man’s age after 30 leads to…
  • An increase in body fat as one of the common symptoms
  • A decrease in his testosterone levels. This leads to…

The Journal of Endocrinological Investigation did a study on men from 20 years old to 85 years old. The results were undoubtedly conclusive that loss of testosterone and body fat loss were related. The subjects who began the study were heavy with low amounts of lean muscle mass.

After testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), the participants were observed to gain lean muscle and lose fat mass. Simply put, most aging males will have to deal with a surge in fat mass (primarily around the belly) and a decrease in muscle. However, they do not have to suffer with this issue, including a mass of other issues if they participate in TRT, as this kind of treatment can reverse those problems.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy And Body Fat

Testosterone replacement therapy can without doubt decrease body fat. This has been demonstrated and even published in many a scientific journal. Studies are still being done to continue to prove the connection between low testosterone levels and body fat and how TRT can raise low T levels to where body fat decreases.  

The difficult truth to hear or read is that as men age many will begin a no win fight with keeping their weight down and keeping that abdominal fat from forming. They will find that no matter how hard they try with dieting and exercising, the belly fat will not go away. This is where testosterone replacement therapy and body fat come into play. TRT has been proven to increase testosterone levels that are depleted with growing older and create a much more attractive and healthy physique.

More attention than ever is being given to TRT as a way to elongate and give more quality to a person’s life who is dealing with being overweight or obese. Losing this weight because of increasing testosterone levels gives men a longer lifespan, better energy, stamina and vigor and a better overall self esteem. Losing weight can also lead to a decrease in the risk of developing diabetes, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

If you are overweight, it cannot hurt to have your testosterone levels checked. This is the only way that you can determine if low T is causing your aging symptoms that are bringing you down. Greenberg Health makes testing mandatory and will only work with those over 30. Patients must also understand that TRT is not a weight loss program alone. Losing body fat is a wonderful benefit from therapy, but there must be low T involved and other issues as well.

Compelling evidence through many clinical trials promotes the role of testosterone therapy as a means of creating fat loss. In other words, there is a direct and positive correlation between low testosterone and body fat.

A patient will also have to get a physical examination done and share a medical history in order to determine if they are otherwise healthy to qualify for a testosterone replacement therapy program. Greenberg Health follows everything required by law for a safe and legal therapeutic experience. This includes:

  • A free first phone consultation about our TRT program and your goals
  • Using only top notch testosterone medications
  • Working with licensed testosterone doctors
  • Working with trained, skilled and kind clinical advisors
  • Mandatory testing
  • Mandatory medical supervision
  • Diagnoses and prescriptions written by our licensed doctors