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What Is The Best Testosterone Deficiency Test

Testosterone deficiency test

The best testosterone deficiency test is a simple blood test just like one would get during a yearly routine physical examination at their doctor’s office or at a known lab. The difference will be what the qualified practitioner is looking for within the blood; testosterone levels.

What is involved in getting this blood test done?

You may be familiar with this process:

  • The practitioner has you lay your arm down on a flat surface as you are sitting down. Your palm will be facing up.
  • He or she will wrap a thick plastic rubber band around the upper part of your arm and tie it tightly to stop the blood flow. This will engorge the veins that are in the crease of your arm at the inside of your elbow area.
  • He or she will clean the area with an alcohol pad or an alcohol swab.
  • A sterilized needle will be gently inserted into one of the veins and blood will be drawn out. The blood will go through a tube and fill a syringe. This is usually when the rubber band is taken off of the arm.
  • When enough blood is taken, the needle will be gently removed from the vein and pressure will be put onto the injection site with a cotton ball.
  • A bandage is usually placed on the injection area over the cotton ball.

That is all that is involved in a testosterone deficiency blood test. It usually only takes a few minutes and the person is out of the lab in a short period of time. There is minimal if any pain involved. Most patients say that it feels like a little pin prick when the needle is inserted into the arm and that is all that they feel.

At Greenberg Health, our clinical advisors will make the appointment to get this blood test done for you for your convenience. They will usually set you up with a lab that is very close to your home, or at least within your home city.

How Much Does A Testosterone Deficiency Test Cost

There is no specific price tag put onto a blood test for testosterone deficiency when it is part of a testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) program with Greenberg Health or with most other clinics. The test is included in the overall price of therapy as a whole. We do not break down the cost of TRT in most cases. Our costs cover the following:

  • A first free phone consultation with one of our professional clinical advisors
  • Testosterone blood testing
  • A physical exam
  • A medical history
  • The reading of the results of the blood work, the physical exam and the medical history from our licensed doctors
  • An accurate diagnosis of low T from our doctors
  • An accurate prescription along with a tailor made treatment plan from our physicians
  • Medical supervision from our licensed physicians
  • Available help via telephone during business hours from our clinical advisors whenever needed. This includes moral support or technical support with preparing and self administering injections
  • Clinical advisors are also available if patients feel any negative side effects from their medications. This is a very rare occurrence, but just in case something out of the ordinary is felt, patients are encouraged to call the clinic and tell our advisors. They will be in touch with the doctors who can change or modify medication or the dosage the patient is taking of the medication
  • An education on healthy lifestyle living for a better life and help with the natural production of testosterone

What will usually create different costs for TRT for different patients, including the testosterone deficiency test, is the medication that is used. The differences will come with which medication is chosen by the doctor as the best for a particular patient, the dosage needed to create safe and effective change and how long the patient will need to be taking the medication. This is what will make TRT programs vary in price from one client to another.

Which Doctor Can Help Me With A TD Test

The only kind of doctor that should ever help you with your TD test is one that is an expert in the field of endocrinology or a specialist in a very closely related medical field. No other kind of physician should be reading testosterone deficiency test results, diagnosing low T, prescribing testosterone medications or medically supervising TRT.

Greenberg Health only uses highly qualified and licensed doctors in this realm of medicine. We are not saying that other kinds of doctors do not have the knowledge base for testosterone replacement therapy. However, we will only recommend using a doctor that has years of experience working with the hormones of the body and who have successfully helped patients increase and balance out their low T levels. Those are the kinds of physicians who work with us.

These doctors know what to specifically look for in blood test results. They know how hormones effect the body and they know how to prescribe correctly and how to adjust dosages if need be. To be the safest and to get the best results, we recommend using only the very best, top notch, licensed physicians for TRT in the country.