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HGH Therapy: What Is It, How to Start, and Why Do You Need It?

HGH Therapy

HGH therapy may be the best present you could ever give yourself, especially if you do not feel or look like the self you expected at this time of your life.

What is HGH hormone replacement therapy and why do you need it?

Your body has around 60 different hormones floating through the bloodstream at different times. HGH (also known as human growth hormone or somatotropin) is one of the most important for adults – not for linear growth but rather for maintaining the growth of cells and tissues throughout your life.

That is not all HGH does for your body. It is also essential for the following:

  • Immunity
  • Metabolism
  • Libido
  • Brain/cognitive functions
  • Heart health
  • Maintenance of internal organs
  • Bone strength
  • Muscle mass
  • Cellular regeneration

It is easy to see why maintaining a plentiful supply of HGH is essential at any age. The problem is that the body begins to decrease its production of human growth hormones by the time you reach your late twenties to early thirties. Over many years, this reduction can lead to changes in physiological functions, mental processing, and appearance. In other words – aging.

The role of HGH therapy is to fill in what is missing – essentially to make up for what the body no longer produces. HGH is the biologically identical version of somatotropin, and you administer it via a small injection just beneath the skin of your abdomen.

How do I get HGH therapy near me?

The doctors here at Greenberg Health will run diagnostic blood tests to determine if you suffer from adult growth hormone deficiency, and if so, to what extent. That is how we determine HGH medication dosage. One free phone call is all it takes to get started on the path to better health and a more youthful appearance.

The Role of HGH Therapy in the Male Body

HGH is just as crucial for men as testosterone. In fact, these two hormones are complimentary in many ways. You need both testosterone and HGH for a healthy libido and proper erectile functions.

Another reason why HGH therapy for men is crucial if you have growth hormone deficiency is the protection of your muscles and bones. Osteoporosis is a hidden condition for men – one infrequently discussed but nevertheless serious. HGH ensures that you have a continuous supply of new cells to avoid muscle and bone breakdown and support your body’s structural integrity. Fractures later in life can be debilitating for men with osteoporosis.

If you are concerned about mental decline, dementia, inability to concentrate for long periods, memory loss, or lack of drive, you may be suffering from a decline in growth hormone production. HGH hormone therapy sends crucial human growth hormone signals right to the brain’s receptor cells that need them. It will not be long before you notice better focus, quicker mental calculations, improved memory, and increased productivity.

Benefits of HGH Therapy for Women

Women and men experience many of the same benefits of human growth hormones. From sharper memory and brain functions to increased immunity, the positive changes are endless.

What is HGH therapy going to do for women that is different than what males experience?

The biggest difference is how HGH affects the sexual organs. Women do not have to worry about getting and maintaining a strong erection, but they do have to worry about the loss of vaginal lubrication that makes intercourse painful. By increasing HGH levels, you will support better vaginal secretions to help you enjoy sex more often, and with greater intensity. Oh, and speaking of intensity, you can expect to achieve more powerful orgasms.

Other benefits of HGH therapy for women include:

  • Loss of belly fat
  • Reduction or cessation of hot flashes and night sweats
  • Improved mood
  • Reversal of depressed feelings
  • Sharper eyesight
  • Firmer, tighter skin
  • Reduced appearance of cellulite and wrinkles
  • Improved hair growth and texture

These are only some of the ways that HGH therapy will improve your life – now and for years to come.

To learn more about getting a growth hormone deficiency diagnosis, HGH treatment options, and HGH therapy cost, please contact Greenberg Health for a free consultation. Wherever you live in the US, we can help restore HGH hormone balance to your body and life.