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The 10 Best Herbs for Low Testosterone Levels in Men and Women

Herbs for Low Testosterone Levels

Herbal supplements have never been more in demand than they are today, for everything from increasing memory to regrowing hair to boosting testosterone and other hormone levels.

While it may seem like a hoax to some people, choosing the right herbs for low testosterone levels can significantly increase testosterone production – not just in men, but also in women.

Some herbs help to improve sexual desire, performance, and satisfaction.

Both andropause and menopause are times when testosterone deficiency brings symptoms that can interfere with daily productivity, libido, and well-being. Utilizing natural remedies that include the addition of specific herbs can make quite a difference in your life.

The ten best herbs for low testosterone levels in men and women are listed in the chart below, along with their benefits:

10 Best Herbs for Low Testosterone Levels


Male Benefits

Female Benefits

Ashwagandha Treats sexual dysfunction and infertility, improves sperm concentration and motility Increases blood flow to female sexual organs, intensifies sexual pleasure
Avena Sativa Increase testosterone production Increase free testosterone, aphrodisiac, stimulates libido
Fenugreek Helps enzymes that convert cholesterol into testosterone Increases libido
Maca root Improves sperm production and mobility, increases testosterone Improves sexual experiences and satisfaction
Malaysian ginseng Stimulates testosterone production and increases libido Balances sex hormones
Muira Puama Aphrodisiac and increases testosterone Increases sexual desire and intensifies orgasms
Saw Palmetto Boosts sperm production and libido, prevents testosterone conversion into DHT Boosts estrogen for a healthy sex drive
Tongkat Ali Enhances sexual performance Increases testosterone levels, improves desire and sensitivity
Tribulus Terrestris Increases sperm count, raises testosterone levels within days Improves desire, arousal, lubrication, intensifies orgasms
Yohimbe Increases sexual excitement and erectile functions Stimulates libido and heightens orgasm intensity

All of these herbs increase testosterone naturally or help to improve the symptoms associated with low testosterone levels.

How to Determine Which Herbs to Use to Boost Testosterone

Before using any herbs for low testosterone, you should contact a hormone specialist such as the ones here at Greenberg Health to have your blood levels checked for low testosterone and other hormone deficiencies.

Taking the wrong herbs could have an adverse rather than beneficial impact on testosterone levels.

Knowing what herbs are good for low testosterone is just the start, but some should not be used in conjunction with others as that could lead to adverse reactions and interactions.

After looking at your blood test results, the doctor can recommend which herbs are best for you to use to boost your testosterone levels.

There are times when testosterone deficiency becomes so severe that even herbs and other natural remedies cannot help. That is the time to consider testosterone replacement therapy as a viable alternative. TRT has helped many men and women across the US restore balance to their critical hormone levels.

Choosing Your Testosterone Boosting Herbs

With the vast variety of herbal products for low testosterone flooding the market, you have to choose wisely when making any decision.

Herbs and herbal remedies do not fall under regulatory supervision, meaning companies can pretty much put whatever they want on and inside a package, leaving the public at risk of potentially dangerous substances. You have to do proper research before buying and using any herbs for low testosterone treatment. Opting for organic herbs whenever possible is also recommended.

Many of these natural remedies have research steeped in tradition – often going back centuries. It helps to know how they should be used, as some are better in a fresh state while others need to be dried, powdered, or even brewed as a cup of tea.

By knowing what herbs to take for low testosterone, you can improve many functions in your body and support a healthy libido at the same time.

To learn more about using herbs for low testosterone levels, or to inquire about testosterone replacement therapy, please contact Greenberg Health for a complimentary consultation.