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Testosterone Therapy for Chronic Fatigue

Testosterone Therapy for Chronic Fatigue

When you just cannot seem to get a handle on fatigue – when no amount of sleep leaves you feeling rested, that is the time to inquire about testosterone therapy for chronic fatigue.

Andropause is a very real condition that is the male version of menopause. It occurs when the body is deficient in testosterone and is also called hypogonadism. With it come a plethora of health and wellness issues, including chronic fatigue.

Also termed chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), this condition can drain all of the energy from one’s body and leave a person feeling tired, unable to focus, and even subject to weight gain.

Doctors specializing in hormone replacement use testosterone therapy as a way to counteract the effects of chronic fatigue.

Chronic Fatigue is often overlooked by general physicians as a sign of hormonal imbalance.

Low testosterone is too often undiagnosed. Most people do not know to ask about testosterone replacement therapy. Chronic fatigue is frequently overlooked by general physicians as a sign of hormonal decline or imbalance. Issues such as anemia, illness, or lack of exercise and poor diet may be blamed for a person’s symptoms of CFS.

At other times, a man or woman may receive antidepressants to try and combat the devastation that chronic fatigue can have on one’s life. When this treatment does not work, hopelessness and despair can make the situation worse. The answer may be as simple as testosterone replacement therapy.

Low Testosterone and Chronic Fatigue

Men start to experience a decline in testosterone production in their late twenties or early thirties. This decrease continues at about 1 to 2 percent a year. That is why the use of testosterone therapy for chronic fatigue is so important when symptoms arise. Women often experience Low T during menopause.

CFS can be debilitating. When a person does not sleep well at night, he or she will need to take in more food during the day to help keep up energy levels. Unfortunately, much of that food will convert into fat by a body that is desperately trying to rev up its energy stores. Lack of sleep associated with Low T can lead to the following symptoms along with chronic fatigue:

  • Foggy headedness
  • Weight gain
  • Poor focus
  • Impaired cognitive functions
  • Sleep apnea
  • Increased risk of physical injury or accident
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Mood changes
  • Depression
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Social isolation
  • Additional hormonal imbalances – estrogen dominance

When prescribed testosterone replacement therapy, chronic fatigue symptoms begin to reverse and disappear. The earlier in life a man or woman notices these changes; the sooner treatment can begin.

When prescribed testosterone therapy, Chronic Fatigue symptoms being to disappear.

Treating Chronic Fatigue with Testosterone Therapy

Using testosterone therapy for chronic fatigue will bring tremendous results for a person whose blood testosterone levels are lower than normal as shown in blood test results.

Instead of tossing and turning at night, within a few weeks you will be sleeping better.

As your metabolism receives a welcome boost, your body will become a fat burning machine. No – weight loss will not occur overnight – but it will come. Additionally, lean muscle mass will also start to improve and transform and strengthen your body.

As the excess pounds start to disappear, symptoms of sleep apnea will improve. You will find that you begin to wake up refreshed in the morning, with energy to spare at the end of the day.

Some of that energy may be used to rekindle the sparks in your love life. Endorphins released into the bloodstream during sex only help to improve emotional well-being.

As a result of treating chronic fatigue with testosterone therapy, you will feel energized, happier, and healthier. Your body will look better and perform the way you desire. Even memory and cognitive functions will improve.

Greenberg Health is a hormone replacement clinic that offers confidential consultations at no charge, local blood testing options, and affordable treatment methods for Low T and chronic fatigue.