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What Are The Potential Side Effects Of Testosterone Therapy: A List

Testosterone therapy side effects

When you work with a clinic such as Greenberg Health, you will most likely never experience negative side effects of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Why? The reason is because our doctors very carefully diagnose and prescribe injections to our patients. We give medical supervision and clinical advisors are in constant contact to make sure that treatment is going smoothly for our patients.

However, it is important to be educated and aware of the potential side effects of testosterone therapy just in case something does happen. This way you will know what is causing your issue and it will not be as alarming. You will then be able to get help quickly. This is why we put together a list of any side effects testosterone replacement therapy might cause if something were not right.

A List Of The Most Common Potential Side Effects Of Testosterone Therapy

A rash Nausea
Hives Vomiting
A lot of sudden acne or blemishes Indigestion
Discoloration of skin Stomach cramps
Difficulty breathing Dark colored urine or stool
Dizziness Blood in urine or stool
Shortness of breath Swelling of hands, feet, legs and/or ankles
Chest pain Swelling of mouth, gums, lips and/or tongue
Chest pressure Ejaculation problems
Headaches A decrease in the size of the man’s testicles
Blurred vision Swelling of breasts in men
Bad breath Painful breast tissue
Dry mouth Flatulence
Mouth ulcers Irritation, itching or redness at injection site
Bleeding gums Sleep disturbances
Fatigue Sleeplessness
Inability to focus Depression
Mood swings Anxiety
Irritability Paranoia
Emotional instability Euphoria
Slower or faster heartbeat Deepened voice
Numb feeling Male patterned balding in women

Why should you be aware of the possible side effect of testosterone replacement therapy?

Although problems are not likely to occur when partaking in TRT with our top notch staff at Greenberg Medical, we want all prospective patients to be aware of what some people have experienced. Knowing and being educated as to issues that are not “normal” during therapy can help save you from problems getting worse, being uncomfortable and having something more serious happen. Reasons that negative testosterone therapy side effects may occur are:

  1. The patient is having an allergic reaction to the medication
  2. The patient was diagnosed incorrectly and does not have low T
  3. The patient was put onto the wrong dosage of medication
  4. The patient is not following their treatment plan and prescription as written by their doctor
  5. The person is taking injections illegally and is not receiving medical supervision
  6. The person did not purchase real medications or they bought injections that contain bacterial residue from an unknown source

All of these are valid reasons as to why one would start experiencing unwanted testosterone replacement therapy side effects. How can you avoid trouble with TRT? Follow the directions listed below and never use illegal injections from an unknown supplier.

A Guide How To Avoid Possible Testosterone Therapy Side Effects

Understanding how to avoid possible testosterone therapy side effects is important when partaking in TRT. Here is a guide to help you understand how to stay safe and only receive positive benefits from this kind of remarkable therapy.

  • Only work with a clinic that is well known, reputable and has a successful track record in TRT.
  • The clinic used must have licensed physicians who read test results, diagnose and prescribe the correct injections. They also must provide full medical supervision.
  • Clinical expert advisors are knowledgeable, caring and understanding towards patient’s needs. They are there throughout therapy to help with any questions or concerns and even to help with the correct way to prepare and inject medications.
  • Patients must always follow their prescription exactly as prescribed.
  • Patients must never double up on injections thinking that benefits will occur more quickly because they will not. Taking injections more often than prescribed may only cause testosterone therapy side effects that will not be pleasant to endure.
  • Make sure the clinic you choose to use requires a first initial consultation via telephone, an in person blood test with a physical examination and a requirement to share a medical history online.
  • Never purchase testosterone injections from overseas, personal trainers, athletes from the gym, from the black market online or from any source that is not well known.
  • Never use a medication that looks cloudy or murky. Solutions should always be completely clear.
  • Never inject a testosterone medication directly into a vein. Injections are to the delivered intramuscularly.
  • Alternate injection sites on the body. Medications are usually self-administered into the buttocks, the deltoids or the thighs. The site where the medication is delivered on the body should be rotated every time a shot is administered.
  • If a negative side effect does occur, your clinical advisor should be made aware of the issue immediately. Never ignore a negative side effect that seems out of the ordinary.

Never feel uncomfortable or uneasy about contacting your clinical advisor at Greenberg Health. If you ever have questions or concerns throughout your therapeutic process, we are here for you. Advisors are available during all normal business hours to make sure that patients feel safe and comfortable while they are in treatment. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction and positive results from our treatment plans.

Staying committed to following your treatment plan and cooperating with our clinical advisors and doctors is your best way to ensure that you do not get any side effect of testosterone therapy that could cause problems for you. Our doctors are highly trained and licensed in endocrinology or a related medical field.

Our physicians have years of experience with helping people with low testosterone levels to increase the hormone in the system to eliminate symptoms that come with low T that is caused by aging. At the same time, they work on giving the correct prescription and medical monitoring to keep negative side effects of testosterone therapy away.