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What Are The Most Common Testosterone Replacement Therapy Results

Testosterone Therapy Results

The reason that more and more people are raving about testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) results is because they are real. When a patient has clinically diagnosed low T and they get their levels increased and balanced with Greenberg Health, these are the most common results they can expect to get:

Physical Results:

Increased energy levels A better ability to fight off infection and sickness
More vigor and vitality in their lives A better ability to heal
Increased stamina Stronger growing organs
Loss of excess body fat Faster regeneration of the body’s cells and tissues
A gaining of lean muscle mass Lower cholesterol levels
Stronger skin elasticity A lower risk for heart attack or stroke
Less wrinkles A healthier heart rate
Less visible crow’s feet Lower triglyceride levels
Less sagging and unsightly haggard looking skin A lower risk of developing diabetes
Less balding Stronger bone mineral density
Thicker growing hair Less bone fractures
Stronger growing nails Less bone breaks
Better sleep at night Less risk for developing osteoporosis
A stronger immune system Better vision

Sexual Results:

A stronger sexual libido A higher sperm count
More sexual desire Stronger and more satisfying orgasms
The elimination of erectile dysfunction (ED) Less hot flashes
The ability to get stronger and harder erections that last longer Diminished night sweats
Less vaginal dryness Less infertility

Emotional Results:

Less depression Less frequency of mood swings
Diminished anxiety Less agitation
A better self esteem Fewer anger outbursts
Higher self worth A stronger overall emotional stability
Less irritability  

Mental and Psychological Results:

A stronger memory A better understanding of the world around you
Less forgetfulness An easier ability to focus
A stronger mental acuity Better concentration
Less of a foggy feeling  

All of these results that are physical, emotional, sexual, mental and psychological are very real and life altering. People from all across the United States, from all walks of life have become patients of Greenberg Health. They are perfect testimonials to the efficacy and effectiveness of TRT.

How Can You Get The Best Testosterone Therapy Results

By following a doctor’s prescription exactly as written, a patient can get the best testosterone therapy results possible. Firstly, the patient needs to get a prescription for the correct testosterone injections. Some patients, both men and women will use a cream and not injections.

A person must have the following traits before they can be considered for testing for low T:

  • They are over 30 years old
  • They are not a professional athlete
  • They are not looking for a weight loss program
  • They are not looking to increase their sexual potency and ability to perform
  • They are not looking to simply increase their endurance, muscles and athletic performance

These are all wonderful benefits that come with a testosterone replacement therapy program protocol, but a person must be diagnosed with a clinical deficiency in their testosterone levels before they can get prescribed injections or cream. The reason this is necessary is because these medications are extremely potent and need medical supervision while being used.

Those who choose to use these medications without a prescription are going against the law and there could be serious consequences. If medications are not real or contain bacterial residue, a person using them can experience extremely negative side effects. They can also get fines from the US government, and even jail time for distributing, selling or using illegal testosterone injections.

How To Get Legal Testosterone Therapy Results

Here are the steps to get exactly what you need in order to reap in great results of a clinically proven kind of therapy; TRT.

  • Call Greenberg Health and speak with an expert clinical advisor about your symptoms, your goals for therapy and the testosterone replacement therapy results that you wish to gain.

If you find that you are comfortable with your advisor and have gotten all of your questions answered about testosterone replacement therapy in this first free phone consultation, you may want to continue onto the next step. That would be testing.

  • Testing consists of getting blood work drawn and physical examination from a qualified practitioner in a local clinic in your home city. Our clinical advisers will set this appointment up for your convenience. At the same time, you will fill out a medical history form online that will be securely sent to our clinic. You can do that step from any computer that is convenient for you.
  • Our doctors will evaluate test results and medical information in order to determine whether or not a patient is dealing with low T and is healthy enough to undergo testosterone replacement therapy.
  • If low T is found through blood work and the patient is an otherwise healthy adult, a prescription will be written for either Testosterone Cypionate or Testosterone Enanthate. These are the two most popular and most often use testosterone injections that have proven to be safe and effective when given at the right dosage.
  • You prescription will be send directly to our pharmacy, where your injections and supplies will be shipped directly and discreetly to your home or to your office if you wish.

It is imperative that clients follow directives and take their injections as ordered by their physician. Clinical advisers will always be available during normal business hours to answer questions or to help with any concerns that come up during therapy.

Advisors all help clients with the preparation of injections and with the delivery of injections too. The process of getting legal injections to experience testosterone therapy results is simple and easy. The first step is picking up the phone to call Greenberg Health. The rest will be taken care of by our team of experts that will help you through the entire process of TRT step by step.