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Bioidentical Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical testosterone therapy

Bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy (BTRT) dates back years. It started to become well known as an “alternative” kind of therapy, which slowly started to replace traditional medicine’s prescriptions of chemically filled pills and surgeries for those who learned about its efficacy and safety.

No longer do people have to use medicine that could result in awfully negative side effects to help with symptoms. Now 100 percent pure and safe injectable testosterone can be intramuscularly injected into the buttocks area to create quick and effective change without the side effects that chemicals can.

Negative side effects from injectable testosterone medications when prescribed for bioidentical testosterone therapy are very rare.

When a person’s testosterone levels deplete, which happens naturally as they age, they may start to feel ailments that can become so serious that their quality of life suffers. BTRT is a process by which testosterone is replaced in the system through 100 percent pure replicas of the body’s natural hormone. The injectable testosterone is molecularly the exact same as what the human body produces on its own.

Bioidentical testosterone therapy can help to decrease the possibility of disease and sickness and also helps to keep the body looking and feeling more youthful as it continues to age. Growing older will never stop, but feeling badly about it can be dismissed with BTRT.

What Is Bioidentical Testosterone Therapy?

Bioidentical testosterone therapy is a way of replacing the very important hormone testosterone that depletes with age. Using an exact replica of the hormone via intramuscular injection for men and with a cream for women, people can gain back their quality of life as their hormones balance.

The benefits of therapy are many and can truly add quality back to a person’s life when they have been suffering due to problems caused by a reduction in their testosterone levels.

Elimination of depression Less wrinkles
Less anxiety Less appearance of crow’s feet
A reduction in irritability, mood swings
and agitation
Less sagging skin
Bursting energy A younger, more youthful looking
Increased stamina and endurance Thicker growing hair
An increased sex drive Balding stops
Better sexual performance Stronger bone density
Elimination of erectile dysfunction Less broken bones and fractures
Longer and stronger erections Less risk for diseases such as heart
failure, stroke, diabetes and
Elimination of vaginal dryness Lower cholesterol levels
Less hot flashes Lower triglyceride levels
Decreased night sweats Growing organs
Stronger orgasms Better, longer and deeper, more restful
Stronger immunity Sharper mental cognition
Less sickness or infections Better concentration and focus
A better ability to heal from sickness or
Less forgetfulness
Faster metabolism Better memory
Loss of excess fat Gaining of lean muscle mass
Stronger skin elasticity  

It is also necessary to list the side effects of therapy so that people are aware that if problems from the medication do arise, they can get help to stop them. These side effects are extremely rare though, but again – be aware.

What are the possible side effects from BTRT?

Headaches Blood in stool
Nausea Difficulty with urination
Vomiting Depression
Stomach cramps Blurred vision
Dizziness Painful urination
Shortness of breath Skin color changes
Swelling of hands, feet, ankles mouth,
tongue, lips, face
A decrease in the size of the testicles
Chest pressure Chest pain
Problems with ejaculation Euphoria
A persistent erection Fast or pounding heart beat
Pain in jaw, shoulders or behind the
Bad breath Rash
Dry mouth Hives
Paranoia Irritation or redness at injection site or
where cream is applied
Fatigue Numbness
Tooth pain A tingly feeling
Breast pain and swelling in men Male patterned hair growth on women
(on chest or chin)
Bleeding gums Swelling of gums

If any of these negative side effects do occur, the patient is encouraged to immediately get help. Leaving side effects unattended by a physician could lead to more severe problems.

How to start bioidentical testosterone therapy is by picking up the phone and calling Greenberg Health. You can quickly be speaking to a very skilled and knowledgeable clinical advisor. You will:

  1. Share your symptoms with him or her
  2. Share your goals for therapy
  3. Ask all your questions about this kind of treatment
  4. Learn about the testing process to check for low T
  5. Learn all about what is involved in BTRT

You should feel very comfortable with your advisor and your education on this type of therapy before you begin the next step, which will be to get tested. Greenberg Health could lead you safely on a path towards better health and increased happiness in all aspects of your life.