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Is Testosterone Therapy Safe: A Chart

Is Testosterone Therapy Safe

Testosterone therapy is very safe if done with a reputable testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) clinic such as Greenberg Health. Is testosterone replacement therapy safe is something that many people wish to know before they get invested in this kind of treatment and that is smart.

What makes it safe? Any TRT clinic must offer and abide by the following elements (also mandated by US law) in order to consider their treatment to be without danger for their patients:

What Must A TRT Clinic Offer For Testosterone Replacement Therapy To Be Considered Safe?
  • The clinic must only use fully educated, trained and licensed physicians.
  • The clinic must have clinical advisors who are highly skilled and knowledgeable about TRT. They must also be kind, caring and compassionate towards clients who often have some pretty troublesome issues (hence why they want to balance their testosterone levels with medications).
  • The clinic must mandate testing including a blood test and a physical exam. They must require that every patient share their medical history and any current medical conditions with which they are dealing.
  • The clinic must use only top quality and 100 percent pure bio-identical testosterone medications. Men must only use injections and women will use a cream.
  • Doctors must diagnose patients based on test results as having a testosterone deficiency. It is only then when they can legally and safely write an accurate prescription.
  • Doctors must provide medical supervision throughout the entire TRT protocol.
  • Patients must be able to call clinical advisors during all business hours for assistance if they need help along the way during therapy.

If everything listed above is included in a TRT program from a clinic that is well known, then the answer to the question is testosterone therapy safe, will be yes. Leaving any of the above points out will lead to an incomplete program that may not be safe and will not follow the law as mandated by our government.

Keeping Safe When Partaking In Testosterone Therapy: A Chart

We talked above about how safe is testosterone replacement therapy when done with a reputable clinic. Now we are going to share a chart that explains what to avoid in order to make sure you stay safe if you are contemplating not using a clinic such as Greenberg Health for your TRT needs:

What To Avoid In Order For Testosterone Replacement Therapy To Be Considered Safe
  • Never use a clinic that is not known, reputable and that does not have a successful track record.
  • Never use a clinic that does not have a website that shares specific details about their program, what they have to offer, what testosterone therapy is and what kinds of medications they use. Be careful and read everything that you can about a clinic before investing in it.
  • Do your due diligence and look for a clinic that shares testimonials, reviews and possibly even blog entries from past clients. Get a possible referral from a trusted doctor.
  • Never use medications that are not considered to be top quality. For an example, the only medications that should ever be used for men in TRT are:
  1. Testosterone Cypionate
  2. Testosterone Enanthate
  3. Testosterone Propionate

The last medication is rarely used because it has a very short half life (meaning the medication leaves the body rather quickly) and injections have to be taken much more frequently than the other two medications.

  • Never use a medication that looks murky or cloudy. Solution in vials should be completely clear with no visible foreign particles in it. If bacterial residue is injected into the body, it can cause a lot of problems and negative side effects.
  • Never purchase and use testosterone medications if you have not been tested to have a testosterone deficiency. Your body may have negative side effects from too much hormone.
  • Never purchase medications from overseas, from the black online market, from personal trainers who are not trained in TRT, from people from your gym or anyone who is not a licensed doctor in endocrinology or a closely related medical field.

In all of those cases you will never know if you are getting real, authentic medications. Sometimes labels can be replicated and put onto vials of formulas that are not what you think you are buying. This can happen very easily when purchasing from unknown places online or from overseas. You will never know if you what you have is real.

In addition, if you do have a problem or the medication you buy is fake or fraudulent, you may not have any way to reach the suppliers and be out a lot of money. Even worse, you can hurt your health if you actually inject and use fake injections.

  • If medical supervision is not provided by a licensed physician, do not use testosterone injections or creams.
  • Do not use injections if you do not have access to calling clinical advisors for help with the preparation of medications and the delivery of them. In addition, you should always have the opportunity to call an advisor for questions during therapy.
  • Always go with your gut feeling. If something with a clinic does seem right, move on. The smartest advice is to always use a reputable clinic that is known for their positive success stories and their great customer service.

All of the above examples should be carefully considered when thinking about starting a testosterone replacement therapy program that is safe. If you do not want to risk having negative side effects from therapy, you should pay attention to what the law mandates and follow the advice given in our charts.

Greenberg Health makes it their number one priority to keep patients protected from harm and to make sure they know how safe is testosterone replacement therapy. When done with our doctors and clinical advisors, there is no doubt that you will be in the best hands possible.