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What Are The Benefits Of Testosterone Therapy: A List

Here is a comprehensive list of the most common benefits of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) that most patients will get when they work with Greenberg Health. Remember that not all people will see all these results because everyone is different, but these are the most commonly reported benefits patients reap when therapy is done with us:

What are the benefits of testosterone therapy?

Increase in energy levels Stronger skin elasticity
Boost in stamina Less noticeable facial wrinkles
Boost in endurance levels Less noticeable crow’s feet around the eyes
More vigor and vitality Less sagging and haggard looking skin
Stronger emotional stability A stronger sexual libido
Less anger and anger outbursts Elimination of erectile dysfunction
Less agitation Stronger orgasms
Lower instances of depression Less vaginal dryness
Lower instances of anxiety Less hot flashes
Less irritability and tension Less instances of night sweats
Less mood swings Stronger and longer lasting erections
A greater outlook on life and the future Lower cholesterol levels
Less bodily aches and pain Less heart issues and risk for heart attack
Less joint pain Less risk for strokes
Less muscle pain Lower triglyceride levels
Better sleep at night with less disturbances Less risk for developing diabetes
Sharper vision A stronger immune system
Better memory Less occurrences of sickness (colds or flu)
Better concentration and memory Healing faster
A clearer mind without that foggy feeling Faster restoration of cells and tissues
Growing organs Growing hair
Less balding Growing nails
Weight loss Stronger bone mineral density
Lean muscle mass growth Less risk for bone fractures, breaks or osteoporosis

When one follows his or her prescription and treatment plan exactly as the doctor has prescribed, they will see testosterone replacement therapy benefits rather quickly. As a matter of fact, most patients start to see results from treatment in the very first week. They will first start to feel their energy boosting and weight loss as well.

How Can You Get A Prescription For Testosterone Therapy

To get a prescription for testosterone therapy so that you can get the testosterone therapy benefits that our patients are afforded starts with a phone call to Greenberg Health. The phone call is free. The first consultation with our clinical advisors is free. During this call, you will discuss:

  • Your symptoms
  • What you wish to gain from testosterone replacement therapy
  • The answers to all of your questions regarding TRT
  • What is involved in the testing process

Here we will discuss what you will need to do to get tested, where to go and what you can expect.

Testing begins when your clinical advisor sets up an appointment for you to go to a local clinic in your city. This will be the only time that you will be required to leave your home for therapy. The qualified practitioners at the local clinic will get your blood work taken and give you a physical examination. That is all that is involved and it should not take a long time.

From any computer, you will need to fill out your medical history and send it into our clinic through our website. This will be a confidential and secured connection.

Once the results of the testing are received by our doctors and all of your medical information is with our clinic, the physicians in charge will analyze all the results and come up with a conclusion as to whether or not you have a testosterone deficiency, also what is called low T. This is when the doctor can give you a diagnosis and write your accurate prescription for just the right medication and dosage that is perfect for you.

Why Is A Prescription Necessary For Testosterone Therapy

Prescriptions are absolutely necessary in order to keep patients safe and well cared for as they get testosterone injections for testosterone therapy. Why? Along with a prescription comes a treatment plan and full medical supervision by the doctor in charge. This way all patients stay protected and free from negative side effects from the medications. If anything out of the ordinary does occur, patients can get immediate attention by getting medications or dosages changed.

Clinical advisors monitor TRT throughout a patient’s journey. They help patients with all aspect of therapy and help them to feel secure and that they are in safe hands as they are provided with the best customer service possible.

There is a ton of abuse that goes on right here in the United States with the purchase and usage of illegal testosterone injections. If people are not diagnosed with low T, they may seek injections from unknown websites, from overseas or from the online black market. This can be very risky and dangerous, causing many problems and issues for both the mind and the body.

When purchasing medications that are not from a reputable clinic, there is no guarantee that what you buy is real, authentic and safe. It may be real, but contain bacterial residue that can be very harmful. It is never advised to buy and use testosterone injections from anywhere but a well known clinic that offers medical monitoring by a licensed practitioner who has prescribed the medications.

The only way to increase testosterone levels and to get the benefits of testosterone therapy in a safe and legal way is to get tested for low T, get a prescription and then get put onto a treatment plan with medical supervision with a reputable clinic in the USA.

Many people wish to gain large amounts of muscle mass, exercise endurance, a large boost in their sexual performance and increased athletic performance. However, going about getting injections for these reasons without having a testosterone deficiency can be a big mistake. Many people who have taken low T medications illegally have had serious consequences that made them quite ill.

Keep on the right side of the law and practice TRT with a reputable clinic. This is the best way to stay safe and get the best benefits from testosterone therapy.