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How to Use HGH Injections: Mixing, Dosing, and Injecting Guide

How to Take

These instructions for how to use HGH injections are for standard vials of lyophilized powder. If you purchase one of the HGH injector pens, you will follow those mixing, dosing, and injecting directions.

Here are some answers to questions about HGH administration:

  • Can you tell me how often to take HGH injections? Most adults will administer one dosage of HGH daily.
  • Is there a specific time for when to take HGH injections? HGH should be injected at about the same time every day. HGH administration can be in the morning or evening. Most adults choose to administer the HGH shot before bed to allow the natural cycle of HGH functions that occur during sleep.
  • Is there a specific method for how to take HGH injections safely? Yes, your doctor will provide instructions to follow for the specific HGH injector style and brand you purchase.

How to Mix or Reconstitute HGH Powder

You will receive two vials – one containing freeze-dried HGH powder and the other the diluent. Please follow these HGH mixing instructions to prepare your human growth hormones for use:

  • Gather all supplies to a clean work surface and wash your hands
  • Uncap the diluent and HGH vials
  • Use a newly opened alcohol swab to wipe the tops of the two vials and air dry
  • Unwrap a new mixing syringe, remove and set aside the needle cap, and insert the needle tip into the diluent vial rubber stopper
  • Invert the diluent vial so that the fluid covers the needle and draw out the directed amount of liquid
  • Remove the needle from diluent vial and insert it into HGH vial
  • Point the needle towards the side of the vial and slowly empty the solution into the HGH powder, letting the liquid run down the vial side
  • Remove the needle, replace the cap, and discard in Sharps container
  • Gently swirl the vial allowing the powder to dissolve completely – never shake HGH

Allow your HGH solution to sit for a few minutes to ensure it fully dissolves. You may then proceed with how to use HGH injections.

How to Prepare Your Dosage of HGH

Your doctor provides a supply of insulin syringes for administering your HGH daily dosage. The tiny needles make the injection relatively painless.

Once your doctor determines your HGH dosage guide based on your body’s specific needs, you will prepare the injection as follows:

  • Unwrap a new insulin syringe (type used by diabetics) and put the needle cap to one side
  • Insert the needle tip into the sanitized HGH vial rubber stopper and invert the vial
  • Slowly withdraw the prescribed HGH dosage – tap the syringe to release any air bubbles back into the vial before removing the needle
  • Withdraw the needle from the rubber stopper and replace the cap

If you are over sixty years of age, your HGH dosage for beginners receiving treatment for growth hormone deficiency will be lower at the start. This provides an adjustment period for your body and reduces the risk of side effects.

Once you have prepared your HGH dosage, you can continue with how to use HGH injections to administer your shot.

Best Place to Inject HGH

The best place for the administration of HGH injections is the abdominal area. The HGH shot is typically given subcutaneously – right under the skin. That is why you will use such a small needle.

The two primary types of HGH administration are:

  1. Subcutaneous – abdomen
  2. Intramuscular – thigh

Intramuscular HGH injections are rare. Discuss your options with your hormone provider.

You will use an area slightly above and off to the side of the belly button. Alternate from one side to the other each day. Try not to use the same spot for your injections.

HGH Injecting Instructions

When learning how to use HGH injections, you will take a new alcohol swab to sterilize the injection site. Allow skin to air dry.

Please follow these instructions for HGH injections administration:

  • Pinch the skin around the prepared injection site
  • Insert the needle tip into the sanitized area
  • Slowly push in the syringe plunger until all medication enters the body
  • Remove the needle from the skin, replace the cap, and discard in the Sharps container
  • Store the HGH solution in the refrigerator until the next prescribed dose

For help with administering your HGH injections, or for answers to any other questions, please contact Greenberg Health for a free consultation.