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Learn How To Use Saizen Injections

How to Use Saizen Injections

Before beginning a hormone replacement therapy (HRT) protocol, a patient who works with Greenberg Health will fully learn how to use Saizen HGH (human growth hormone). Our advisors will give complete directions on how to prepare the injections and how to self administer them as well. We also offer online videos to help with even more details for Saizen injections instructions.

It is never recommended for someone using HRT medications to work outside of a reputable clinic or a private doctor’s care. Medical supervision is vital in order to have the safest experience as possible with these medications.

In addition, when working with a well known clinic, patients will have the opportunity to work with very trained, skilled and compassionate clinical advisors. These experts will be available via telephone for questions, concerns, moral support and technical support; that is, help with how to use Saizen Click Easy, One Click, Cool Click or even needles and syringes all throughout therapy.

Step By Step Instructions Of How To Use Saizen Injections

Once you have successfully gotten your prescription for Saizen injections from our licensed doctors, the medication will be shipped to you. When you get them, you will need to learn exactly how to prepare the shots and how to inject saizen HGH. You will need to learn how to do all this safely and accurately. We want you get the best benefits possible when taking Saizen and living a healthy lifestyle and we are going to share with you how to do that.

How To Use Saizen Injections: A Step By Step Guide:

  • When you first get your HGH kit delivered to you, take everything out and go over your inventory. Lay everything flat out in front of you on a sterile, flat surface. If you are using needles and syringes, you should have:
    • Medication vials
    • Bacteriostatic water vials
    • Needles
    • Syringes
    • Alcohol pads
    • Sharps container
    • A bandage
    • Cotton balls or gauze pads

If you are using pens, you will have those in your kit (instead of needles and syringes) along with other necessities. If you are using a Saizen injection device, the directions for usage will be different from using a needle and syringe. Here, we will be discussing how to use Saizen injections via needle and syringes.

  • Check your vials of Saizen and bacteriostatic water for any foreign looking particles. Make sure that the solutions are clear and never murky. If they have anything in them or do not look completely clear, do not use them.
  • Wash your hands completely with soap and warm water. Everything you do from this point on must be done in a sterile manner. You always want to avoid infection by keeping any bacteria from getting into vials, onto your needles or on your Saizen injection site.
  • Open the cap of your Saizen vial. Leave the rubber stopper in place.
  • Open one of your alcohol pads and rub the Saizen vial rubber stopper from left to right in one sweeping motion. This is done to sterilize the stopper before putting the needle in it to draw out the fluid.
  • Do the exact same thing with the vial containing the bacteriostatic water. Take the vial cap off and use another alcohol pad to wipe the rubber stopper on that vial. Throw all alcohol pads away.
  • Open the package containing the needle.
  • Twist the needle onto the syringe completely until it is tight. Take the cap off of the needle, but do not discard it. Instead, put it off to the side.
  • Hold the plunger on the syringe and pull it all the way back until you fill it with just as much air as the prescription for your medication tells you to use.
  • Put the needle into the vial of bacteriostatic water by pushing it through its rubber stopper and push all the air into the vial. Then put the vial upside down and pull back on the plunger again. This time you will be drawing in all of the solution until you get it all out of the vial and into the syringe. When done, you will take the needle out of the vial.
  • Push the same needle into the vial of Saizen. Tilt the bottle on a 45 degree angle and push on the plunger to release the sterile solution into the vial. You must allow it to drip down the side of the vial into the powder. Do not push it straight in the vial. This step should be done very gently.
  • Once all the water is in the vial, pull the needle out, put the cap back on it and twist it off the syringe. Discard it in the sharps container.
  • Take the vial that now contains the Saizen medication and the bacteriostatic water and very gently roll it between your fingers. The goal here is to take your time and completely mix the solution so that all of the powder is dissolved in the water. It should look clear when it is ready for usage. Put the vial aside for a moment while you start the next step.
  • Open another needle and twist it onto the same syringe. Take the cap off. Put that cap to the side.
  • Take the needle and push it into the rubber stopper on the mixed medication vial. Pull back the plunger until your prescribed dosage of medication is in the syringe. Make sure you get the exact amount that your doctor wants you to use. Put the cap on the needle and put it off to the side while you prepare your injection site for delivery of the medication.

Now you will decide Saizen where to inject. Most patients will use the area on their belly about one to two inches from their belly button. This is where they can grab a nice amount of skin easily.

What Is The Step By Step Process Of Injecting Saizen Into The Body

Let us teach you Saizen how to use for injection. You will be injecting the Saizen medication right under the skin. This is called using it subcutaneously. It will never go into a muscle or vein.

How To Use Saizen Injections: A Step By Step Guide:

Look at your syringe and make sure that you have just enough medication in it. These are the steps for Saizen HGH how to use for injection:

  1. Open a bandage. You will pull off one side of the material that covers the sticky part and put the bandage on your arm. This is done so that when you are done with your injection, you can get it quickly to cover your injection site.
  2. Open an alcohol pad and wipe the area you chose as the injection site in a circular motion. You will be moving any bacteria away from the area. When you are done, throw the alcohol pad away. 
  3. Pick up your needle, uncap it and grab the fold of skin with the other hand. As you pinch the area, hold the needle and syringe like a pencil.
  4. At a 45 – 90 degree angle, push it the needle gently into the skin. Let go of the fold of skin once the needle is all the way in the body.
  5. You want to make sure that no blood goes into the syringe, so you will pull back the plunger a little to make sure no blood shows. If it does, you will remove the needle and start again. If not, you are ready to push the plunger slowly, delivering the medication into the body until the syringe is empty.
  6. Once empty, pull the needle out of the body and immediately cover the area with a cotton ball or a gauze pad and then the bandage that you put on your arm.

Cover your needle with the cap and throw it away with the syringe in the sharps container. Clean the area of any wrappers or anything else medication related. You do not want anyone coming into contact with your medication and supplies. You are now done for the day.

Our clinical advisors are available via phone to help you with your entire process of HRT. If you are experiencing Saizen use in infertility or are experiencing Saizen used in IVF, weight loss, bone loss, loss of sexual desire, bodily aches and pains, lethargy, depression and many other symptoms that go along with a growth hormone depletion due to aging, the process of using Saizen injections will still be the same.