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Why Is It Important To Know How To Use Omnitrope Injections Correctly

How to Use Omnitrope Injections

Before any patient of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) begins their treatment, they will learn exactly how to mix and inject Omnitrope the safe and sterile way. It is vital to know how to use Omnitrope injections correctly to minimize the possibility of experiencing negative side effects or having other issues with therapy.

Here at Greenberg Health, we know the importance of being very accurate with one’s Omnitrope daily dose and taking it correctly. Our professionals are here to make sure that all of our patients receive the best customer service to receive the best results from using human growth hormone (HGH) injections. We will be talking about:

  • How to get your Omnitrope recommended dosage
  • How to inject Omnitrope with needles and syringes
  • How to inject Omnitrope pen
  • Who will qualify for HRT

All patients of HRT are required to get the proper testing completed before they can get a prescription for the right Omnitrope somatropin dosage. This means that they will have to get tested. The right clinic will have their expert clinical advisors set this appointment up for the patient in a local clinic in their home city. They will get a blood test done and have a physical exam completed. They will also fill out a medical history form online.

This is how our licensed doctors will know if the prospective patient has a growth hormone deficiency and if their health is strong enough to take on HRT. If so, they will get diagnosed with low GH and get a prescription for the right Omnitrope Sandoz dosage.

Step By Step Process of How To Get Your Omnitrope Prescription

Here are the steps to get your recommended Omnitrope dosage with an accurate prescription:

  • Call Greenberg Health to speak with one of our professionals. You will meet a very understanding and highly skilled clinical advisor who will have all the answers to your HRT questions. This will include, how do I make sure to get the right Omnitrope dosage injection? What is involved in HRT? How do I get a prescription? Will I receive medical supervision?

Your advisor will ask questions about your symptoms, your goals and your health as well. You will leave this conversation needing to make the choice if you want to proceed with therapy. Most people do.

  • You will get testing completed if you want to continue with HRT. This will consist of a blood test and a physical exam. You will go to a nearby clinic in your home city and our advisor will set the appointment up for you. This makes it convenient for our patients and they appreciate how quick and easy the testing process is to get completed.
  • You will fill out a medical history from a form that you can find on our website. Once you push the send button on your screen, your information will be sent to us through a secured connection. We ask that you be completely open and honest with your answers, as that is how we can best help you safely.
  • All your medical results will get back to our licensed doctors at our clinic where they will be analyzed to see if you have a growth hormone deficiency and if your health is good enough for HRT.
  • If a doctor finds out that you have low GH levels, you will get a prescription for Omnitrope 6.7 mg dosage or perhaps another dosage depending on where they find you are on the Omnitrope dosage guide for adults. The amount of medication you will take will be perfectly chosen for you based on what you need. In addition, you will get a treatment plan that is tailor made for you.

These are the simple steps to getting an Omnitrope dosage for adults in a prescription that is right for you. You will need to learn how to use Omnitrope injections safely. This is what we will discuss next.

A Step By Step Process of How To Inject Omnitrope HGH

These are the steps that one will follow when taking their exact dosage of Omnitrope with needles and syringes. We will also share a bit about taking your medications via Omnitrope pens.

How To Take Your Omnitrope HGH Dosage Correctly


  • Lay out all your supplies in front of you on a flat, non-slippery and sterile surface.


  • You will take the caps of the vials off (leaving the rubber stoppers) of the Omnitrope medicine and the bacteriostatic water. Each will be wiped from one side to the other with an alcohol pad. This is done to remove any bacteria from the tops.


  • Prepare the needle: The needle and syringe will be removed from the wrapping. The needle will be twisted onto the top of the syringe. The cap will be removed and placed to the side.


  • Push the needle into the vial of bacteriostatic water and pull back the plunger until air is in the needle. You will pull as much air into the needle as medication that you will use. You will now draw out all the liquid in the vial. When complete, remove the needle.


  • Push the needle into the vial of Omnitrope medication and you will be pushing all the water into the vial. The vial will be tilted onto a 45 degree angle and the solution should dribble down the side of the bottle into the white powder. Do this gently. When all the bacteriostatic water is in the medication vial, pull the needle out of the vial. You will cap it, twist it off the syringe and dispose of it in the sharps container.

You will now roll the vial gently between your fingers to mix the solution completely. It should appear clear and free from any murky look or foreign particles. If it does not look like this, do not use it.


  • You will put another sterile needle onto the syringe, twist it on and keep it capped until you are ready to use it.


  • Finding your injections site: You will now figure out where you are going to subcutaneously deliver your prescribed Omnitrope dose. Most people choose the area one to two inches from the belly button on the abdomen.


  • Open an alcohol pad and clean the area from the center to outside in a circular motion. Throw away the alcohol pad.


  • Get your needle and syringe that has the reconstituted medication in it and you are ready to deliver your Omnitrope dosage.


  • Pinch the skin with one of your hands and gently insert the needle into the skin with the other hand. Push the plunger in using your thumb until all the medication is out of the syringe and in your body. Pull the needle out and cover the injection site with a cotton ball, gauze pad and a then a bandage.

There are separate directions for an Omnitrope pen 5 dosage or pen 10 dosage, but that will depend upon the kind of pen you will be using.  For a more detailed set of instructions, you can ask questions to your clinical advisor. In addition, there are online videos that demonstrate step by step instructions of exactly how to take your Omnitrope pen dosage or your Omnitrope dosage with a needle and syringe as described above.

Your advisor can also answer questions all throughout therapy for you. You may want to know about what to do if you have an Omnitrope missed dose or you may have questions about the Omnitrope dosage guide. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service to all of our patients.

Just remember that HRT is for those adults who are over 30 and who have a bona fide growth hormone deficiency. A doctor will not prescribe an Omnitrope dosage for fat loss only or for more energy, a better sexual drive, better memory, a stronger immune system, better memory, less aches and pains, help with anxiety or depression or for greater muscle mass. These are all great benefits of HRT, but Greenberg Health will only prescribe a hormone replacement therapy program for patients with low GH due to aging.