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How to Take HGH Injections

How To Take HGH Injections Once you are prescribed human growth hormone therapy by your doctor, you will receive complete instructions on how to take HGH injections. In part, the information you receive will be unique to the brand of HGH and the injector type you decide to purchase. Although the HGH medication is essentially the same, the injector style dictates how to proceed with the injection process. Because human growth hormone is a subcutaneous shot, the best way to take HGH injections for most people is via the abdomen. You have a large treatment area that makes it possible to avoid using the same spot for the injection. How often to take HGH injections is up to doctor determination. Most people will administer HGH once a day – typically in the evening before bed. It is imperative to wait three hours after eating so that food does not interfere with the effects of HGH in the body. For how to take HGH safely, you will want to familiarize yourself with the instructions for use provided with your medication. Most pharmaceutical companies offer online videos demonstrating the preparation and injection process. Our medical advisors here at Greenberg Health are also available over the phone to walk you through the process. If you have any questions about how to take HGH shots, please do not hesitate to ask. Here are some essential reminders for how to take HGH injections safely:
  • Always check the expiration date on your vial, cartridge, or pen before each use
  • Examine the medication before each shot to ensure that the HGH solution has not changed color, become cloudy, or contain particles
  • Keep all HGH medications out of reach from children and away from pets
  • Dispose used needles and syringes in a Sharps or puncture-resistant container
  • Take only the amount of HGH prescribed – do not change the dosage without doctor authorization
  • Prepare your injection on a clean surface
  • Wash your hands with antibacterial soap and water before preparing and administering your HGH injection, and dry them with a clean towel
Follow all instructions for how to take HGH injections for the best results.

How to Prepare HGH in Vials for Use

Many people decide to buy HGH in economical vials that they use with insulin-sized syringes. The tiny needles are perfect for injecting HGH below the skin of the abdomen directly into the fatty layer. In this section on how to use HGH injections, we focus on the preparation of HGH vials. The steps below highlight how to mix and take HGH – starting with the preparation of the lyophilized HGH powder. Before use, HGH in this form requires reconstitution with a diluent. Each brand of HGH offered in this freeze-dried format will come with its designated diluent. Do not use any other solution or water to mix the HGH. Here are the steps for preparing HGH in vials:
  • Remove and discard the caps from the HGH and diluent vials
  • Use one fresh alcohol swab to clean the tops of both vials
  • Using a diluent syringe and needle (different from the ones used for injections), uncap the needle, setting the needle cover aside
  • Pull the plunger back to fill the syringe with air equal to the amount of diluent you will withdraw from the vial
  • Then, insert the needle into the center of the clean stopper of the diluent vial and push the plunger in, sending the air into the diluent vial
  • Invert the vial so that the solution covers the needle tip at all times
  • Pull back the plunger, filling the syringe with the prescribed amount of liquid
  • Check for air bubbles in the syringe, tapping the syringe to send them to the needle so they can be pushed back into the vial
  • Once the prescribed amount of diluent is in the syringe, with no air bubbles present, invert the vial back upright, remove the needle from the vial and insert it into the vial containing the HGH powder
  • Aim the tip of the needle towards the vial wall (do not point it straight down) and slowly push in the plunger – allowing the liquid to slide down the wall of the vial
  • Once all the liquid is in the vial, remove the needle from the stopper, replace the needle cover, and discard in the Sharps container
  • Gently swirl the vial until the solution is completely mixed – do not shake the vial
  • Write the mixing date on the vial and discard any remaining diluent
  • When not in use, keep the HGH vials in the refrigerator at all times
You are now ready to learn how to take HGH injections. If you purchase Saizen vials with the click.easy reconstitution device, you will receive complete instructions for how to prepare the medication with the cartridges of diluent. Zomacton vials come with prefilled diluent syringes ready to use to reconstitute the HGH powder.

How to Prepare HGH Injector Pens for Use

The steps for how to use HGH injector pens differ considerably. While you will receive complete preparation instructions with your medication, we want to highlight some of the differences here. The preparation of HGH pens depends on the brand of pen you select. Although the instructions for how to take HGH injections provided in the next section are relatively similar, getting to that point is a bit different as some pens are all-in-one, self-contained units while others have replaceable cartridges. Most come in a lyophilized state, in need of reconstitution before use. Some are already premixed. Here are the differences regarding the preparation of the various brands of HGH injector pens:
  • Genotropin Pens: The unique two-chamber cartridges in these reusable pens eliminate the need for a separate diluent. One chamber houses the HGH powder, the other the diluent, and they mix when ready for use.
  • Genotropin MiniQuick Syringes: As with the pens above, each single-use syringe contains two chambers prefilled with the lyophilized HGH and diluent. You can mix the solution right before the injection or up to 24 hours in advance.
  • HumatroPen Pens: Each replaceable Humatrope cartridge comes with a cartridge kit for mixing. A diluent syringe attaches to the cartridge to facilitate reconstitution before the cartridge inserts into the HumatroPen device.
  • Norditropin FlexPro Pens: These all-in-one pens come prefilled with reconstituted HGH. There is no need for mixing, and a new pen is used when the old one is empty.
  • Omnitrope Pens: As with Norditropin FlexPro pens, Omnitrope pens are also premixed. The primary difference is that the diluted HGH comes in replaceable cartridges.
  • Saizen one.click Pen: Saizen cartridges are reconstituted using a diluent cartridge and Saizen HGH vial in the click.easy reconstitution device. The reconstituted medication goes into the cartridge, which can then be used in the one.click pen.
  • Zomacton Zoma-Jet 10: The Zoma-Jet 10 provides a 10 mg vial of lyophilized HGH powder and a prefilled diluent syringe. A vial adapter attaches to the vial for mixing of the solution and connecting to the Zoma-Jet 10 pen.
In the next section, we explain how to take an HGH dosage from the vials and pens.

How to Give Yourself an HGH injection at Home

Whichever injector method you choose, you will most likely administer HGH in the evening to a spot on your abdomen. Stay at least one inch away from the belly button, rotating sides each night. If you are using a vial, you will receive a supply of insulin syringes for your injections. When using an injector pen, you will receive enough needles for your treatment period. The needles are very small, and the brand/type will depend on the HGH brand and injector you select. Before each injection, clean the site where you will administer the shot with a fresh alcohol wipe and let it air dry. Remember to verify the expiration date and check that the HGH solution is clear and free of particles before each use. Instructions for how to take HGH injections using a vial and syringe are as follows:
  • Wipe the vial top with a new alcohol swab and let air dry
  • Uncap the syringe needle, set the cap aside, and insert the needle tip into the rubber stopper
  • Invert the vial, so the solution covers the needle tip and pull back the plunger, filling the syringe slightly beyond the prescribed dosage
  • Check for air bubbles, tap the side of the syringe moving the bubbles toward the needle and gently pushing the plunger in until the bubbles exit the syringe
  • Ensure the exact dosage is in the syringe before removing the needle from the vial
  • Pinch a fold of skin around the sterilized injection site and insert the needle into the skin at a 90° angle
  • Release the pinch, and while holding the syringe, slowly push in the plunger until all the medication enters the body
  • Remove the needle, replace the cap, and dispose of the used syringe in the Sharps container
Instructions for how to use HGH injections in pen format differ slightly depending on the brand. In most cases, you will dial the dosage as directed, and follow the same instructions for preparing the skin and injecting the medication. Ultimately, the best way to take HGH injections is based on the HGH brand and instructions provided by your doctor. If you have any questions about HGH injection administration or treatment, please contact Greenberg Health to speak with one of our medical advisors.