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How To Mix And Inject HGH Medication With A Needle And Syringe

How to Inject HGH

It is important to learn exactly how to mix and inject HGH (human growth hormone) medication with a needle and syringe. One should learn how to do this from a reputable source for a safe hormone replacement therapy (HRT) experience. Following the proper steps is imperative for avoiding problems and negative side effects.

HGH medication will be injected subcutaneously, which means just under the skin. We do not teach how to inject HGH intramuscular because this is not the correct way to use this kind of medication when you work with our clinic. In the case of using human growth hormone to raise GH levels due to aging, the needle will be placed just under the skin to deliver the medication; never into a muscle or a vein.

We will now share the steps of how to mix your HGH medication:

  • 1. In the HGH kit that is shipped directly and discreetly to your address, you will receive the following items:
    • vials of medication
    • vials of bacteriostatic water
    • needles
    • syringes
    • alcohol pads
    • bandages
    • a sharps container
  • 2. Wash your hands with warm water and soap.
  • 3. Place all of the items that come in your HGH kit in front of you on a sterile, clean and flat surface.
  • 4. Pick up the vial of bacteriostatic water and pull off the cap. A rubber stopper will be revealed.
  • 5. Open up one of the alcohol pads and the clean the top of the rubber stopper. Throw away the alcohol pad.
  • 6. Pick up the vial of medication and pull off the cap, also revealing a rubber stopper.
  • 7. Open up one of the alcohol pads and clean the top of the rubber stopper of the medication vial. Throw away the alcohol pad.
  • 8. Open up one of your needles, remove the cap and be careful not to touch the needle itself with your hand or any other item or surface. Push the needle into the rubber stopper of the vial containing the bacteriostatic water. Pull the plunger back to insert approximately 1 mL of liquid.
  • 9. Remove the needle from the vial of bacteriostatic water and put it into the rubber stopper of the medication vial. This vial will contain lyophilized, white colored powder, which is how your medication will come.
  • 10. Tilt the vial of medication onto a 30 degree to 45 degree angle and very slowly push the plunger and allow the 1 mL of bacteriostatic water to slowly drip down the side of the vial. It is important to allow it to gently land into the lyophilized powder.
  • 11. Once all of the liquid is in the medication vial, pull out the needle and throw it away in your sharps container.
  • 12. With your fingers, you will roll the vial of medication and bacteriostatic water between your two hands extremely slowly and gently. You will do this for about 10 to 15 seconds. Never shake this bioidentical medication rigorously or you will destroy it. Human growth hormone is very sensitive to motion, light and temperature. Another way to dissolve the sterile water into the medication is to place the vial into the refrigerator for about 15 to 20 minutes.

You are done, reconstituting (or mixing) your medication and we will now share the steps of how to inject HGH in the stomach:

  1. Open a needle from its sterile packaging and remove its cap.
  2. Put the needle gently through the rubber stopper in the medication vial and pull back the plunger to get a little bit more of your prescribed dosage into the needle. Then, push the plunger to allow the extra medication to go back into the vial. This is done because (1) It is important to get exactly the right amount of medication into the needle and (2) You want to make sure there is no air in the needle. Do this part very carefully and accurately.
  3. Open up one of your alcohol pads.
  4. Choose the area approximately two inches to either the right side or the left side of your belly button. In a circular motion, wipe the area with the alcohol pad outwardly, removing any bacteria that is on the skin.
  5. Open a bandage and stick it to a part of your body that is easily accessible. You will use this bandage later after your injection is completed.
  6. You will now push the needle into the skin. You will push it all the way in until it cannot go any further. This is how deep to inject the HGH needle.
  7. Press the plunger slowly, which will push the medication into the skin. Continue pushing until it cannot go any further. Gently remove the needle from the skin and throw it away.
  8. Pull the bandage off of your skin where you placed it and cover the injection site.

When you are learning how to inject the HGH pen, there will be different directions for different pens. There are several kinds of pens for Genotropin, Norditropin, Saizen, Omnitrope and Humatrope. All these pens will have varying instructions for usage. Your clinical advisor will be able to help you along with an instruction booklet.

Where To Inject HGH Medication With A Needle And Syringe

There are several spots on the body where you can safely inject your HGH medication with a needle and syringe. You must learn how and where to inject HGH safely. The most common place to deliver your injection is on the stomach approximately two inches to either side of your belly button. You will never inject a needle in the same place two times in a row. You must rotate areas in order to avoid redness, irritation, itching or infection.

Your clinical advisor can show you how to inject HGH in the shoulder and how to inject HGH in the chest. These are not common areas of the body for injection; however, some people may choose these places for one reason or another. As long as the needle is injected subcutaneously with human growth hormone medication, any part of the body will work.

How Often Should You Inject HGH Medication

How many times a week to inject HGH is something that only your doctor can tell you. When the doctor has all your medical information from your blood testing, your physical examination and medical history form, he or she will create an individualized prescription and treatment plan for you.

From the prescription and treatment plan, you will know how much and how many times a week you will need to inject your human growth hormone medication. Each person will be different according to their tailor made plan.