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HGH Injections: How to Take Your Daily Shots

HGH Injections How to Take

HGH therapy is one of the best types of hormone replacement for adults deficient in the chemical known as somatotropin (growth hormone, GH). Human growth hormone injections provide a bioidentical supplementation when the body no longer produces enough of this essential hormone. In our HGH injections, how to take guide, we provide a detailed look at administering this medication.

Before we get into the step by step process of preparing and injecting HGH, we want to answer some frequently asked questions:

How long do HGH injections take to work?

HGH goes to work right away at the cellular level. It starts improving lipid profile, insulin sensitivity, and inflammation markers immediately, although the results of these actions may take a few months to become noticeable. Within two to three weeks, most people report noticing improved sleep, mood, energy, and sense of humor. Other benefits continue with each passing month.

How can I learn how to take HGH injections safely at home?

Most of the pharmaceutical companies that produce HGH injections provide online links to their usage videos. Aside from written instructions, our medical advisors are also available by phone to take you step by step through your first injections.

If I switch my brand of HGH injections, how to use directions change, don’t they?

Your how to take HGH injections directions may change. For example, if you were using HGH in a vial, and are now switching to an injector pen, the preparation and set up steps will likely be different from what you did before. However, HGH medication is essentially the same, so your body should not notice any change.

Our HGH injections how to take guide will help simplify the process of administering HGH therapy at home.

Best Time of Day to Inject HGH

One of the most common HGH injections how to take questions is about the best time of day for administering the treatment. The timing of your HGH administration can have a significant impact on how your body utilizes the medication.

Your pituitary gland secretes the majority of the daily allotment of HGH while you sleep, specifically deep, slow-wave phases. That is also when the cells, metabolism, and brain use HGH to carry out tissue repair, fat burning, and cognitive processing and storage of the day’s memories.

For that reason, the best timing for HGH injections, when to take them, is at night, before bed. You also want to ensure that you wait three hours or more after eating before administering HGH so as not to interfere with insulin functions for glucose uptake by the cells.

Best Location to Inject HGH

Next up in our HGH injections, how to take guide, is the location of the daily shots. We are often asked are HGH injections intramuscular, and the answer is no, do not inject HGH into your muscles. Unlike testosterone shots, which are administered into one of the large muscles (buttocks or thigh), HGH is a subcutaneous injection. That means it goes right under the skin.

When explaining how to give HGH injections, our medical advisors will tell you to look at your abdomen and select an area to the side of the belly button, at least one to two inches over. You can move up or down, alternating sides each day to minimize irritation.

The tiny needles used are similar to the ones that deliver insulin for diabetes treatment. Most people report feeling no pain at all, as the needle goes only a small way in, under the skin and into the fatty layer beneath.

How Much HGH to Inject

When it comes to how much to take, HGH injections are not as simple as other medications. Although there is an HGH dosing guide that doctors can use as a basis for formulating their treatment protocol, human growth hormone therapy is personalized to the needs of the individual.

The doctor will use the HGH injection dosage chart as a guideline, taking into account how much a person weighs, his or her age, and the level of growth hormone deficiency. Women tend to need higher doses of HGH than men.

Is it true there is an HGH injection dosage for weight loss?

No, HGH is not a weight-loss drug or diet. Now, that does not mean you will not see a drop in belly fat with HGH. Since human growth hormone stimulates metabolism and lipolysis, fat burning does take place. Just remember that at the same time, lean muscle mass improves, which will offset some of the pound loss. The doctor will not prescribe HGH for weight loss, only for growth hormone deficiency.

How to Prepare HGH Injections

As we start on the preparation portion of this HGH injections how to take guide, keep these safety practices in mind:

  • Prepare your daily HGH shot on a clean counter or work surface
  • Wash your hands with antibacterial soap and water, using a clean towel for drying
  • Check the expiration date of the HGH and examine it for color changes, cloudy appearance, or particles before each shot – never use it if there are any issues
  • Store HGH as directed based on the product you purchase – keeping it out of reach of children and pets
  • Administer no more than your HGH injections daily dosage as prescribed by your doctor

Preparation of your HGH shots:

  • Vials

    When using economical HGH vials, you will also receive a second vial with the diluent. After removing the caps from both vials, wipe the rubber stoppers with a fresh alcohol swab. Unwrap a new diluent syringe, remove the needle cap (setting it aside), and fill the syringe (pull back the plunger) with the same amount of air as the diluent you will withdraw. Then, stick the needle in the diluent vial rubber stopper, push in the air, invert the vial, and withdraw the solution. Remove any air bubbles from the syringe by tapping the side and pushing them back into the vial.

    Next, pull the needle out of the diluent vial and insert it into the rubber stopper of the HGH medication. Point the needle tip toward the side of the vial so that the liquid slowly flows down the glass and not directly into the HGH powder. Once the syringe is empty, remove the needle, replace the cap, and discard of the entire unit in the Sharps container. Gently rotate the HGH vial between your fingers – NEVER shake HGH. Write the date of mixing on the vial and discard the remaining diluent. Your HGH is ready for use when all the crystals have disappeared, and it is completely liquid and clear.

  • Pens
    There are many different pen types on the market. Here is a synopsis of the various preparation methods:
    • HumatroPen Pens:
      Replaceable cartridges use a prefilled diluent syringe to mix the HGH solution before inserting it into the pen.
    • Omnitrope Pens:
      The replaceable cartridges of the Omnitrope pens are premixed and ready for use upon insertion into the injector device.
    • Genotropin Pen:
      These reusable pens feature two-chamber cartridges. One chamber holds the freeze-dried HGH powder, the other the diluent. The solution mixes inside the pen.
    • Norditropin FlexPro Pens:
      As with Omnitrope, Norditropin also comes premixed. The difference is that the FlexPro pens are an all-in-one unit that does not use replaceable cartridges. When one pen is empty, a new one is used.
    • Zomacton Zoma-Jet 10:
      A prefilled diluent syringe uses a vial adaptor to mix the HGH solution in the vial. The adaptor also connects the reconstituted vial to the Zoma-Jet 10 pen for use.
    • Saizen one.click Pen:
      A diluent cartridge accompanies each Saizen vial. Once reconstituted in the click.easy device, the medication transfers into the cartridge for insertion in the one.click pen.
  • Disposable, Prefilled Syringes
    Genotropin provides MiniQuick prefilled syringes in ten different strengths. Each syringe contains two chambers, one housing the diluent and the other the HGH powder. The medication mixes in the syringe right before use.

How to Administer HGH Injections

To administer your injection, HGH dosage preparation depends on the brand and injector style selected. Most of the pens have some form of dial knob or button you will use to set your dosage.

With the HGH vials, you will use an insulin syringe and needle to withdraw the medication. As with preparing the syringe of diluent, you will wipe the rubber stopper with an alcohol swab, set the needle cap aside, and insert the needle into the rubber stopper. Invert the vial to cover the needle tip with the HGH solution and fill slightly beyond the dosage amount to account for removing air bubbles, as previously mentioned. Once you have your prescribed HGH dosage in the syringe, you are ready for your injection.

The steps for administering HGH injections are as follows:

  • Prepare the injection site by cleaning the area of skin with a fresh alcohol wipe, letting it air dry
  • Pinch a fold of skin around the injection site between your fingers and insert the needle at a 90° angle
  • For syringes, gently push in the plunger until all the medication leaves the syringe and enters the body, then remove the needle from the skin
  • For injector pens, push in the button as directed, wait a few seconds, and then remove the needle from the skin
  • Replace the needle cap and dispose of the needle (and syringe for vial method) in the Sharps container

For additional information about our HGH injections how to take guide or about HGH therapy in general, please contact Greenberg Health for a free consultation.