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How Do You Use Omnitrope Medication

Omnitrope How to Use

Omnitrope how to use: Learning about using this medication in the forms of needles and syringes and how to use the omnitrope pen specifically for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is important. These are two different methods that are both very safe, easy and effective when done properly and with medical supervision. You and your doctor will decide which is the best method for you depending upon your needs, desires and other factors.

No matter which method you choose to deliver your Omnitrope medication into your body, you must always make sure to follow the directions given to you. The staff at Greenberg Health is available to assist you if needed. Additionally, we always suggest that you call us with questions versus guessing at anything involving preparing or administering your medication. This is how you will stay safe and protected from any possible negative side effects. Take the time to learn how to use needles and syringes and also to learn how to use Omnitrope pen 5 and you should have great results from HRT.

Listening to your advisor and following your prescription and individually created treatment plan is the best way to get the most positive benefits. Getting a one on one education about Omnitrope how to use is how you should begin therapy.

Most of your questions about HRT can be answered in that first initial consultation via telephone with one of our clinical advisors. Other questions can be answered as therapy progresses. One should never participate in HRT without being a part of a medical program that has everything in place to set the patient up for the greatest success.

Let us learn how to use Omnitrope.

What Is The Step By Step Process Of Using Omnitrope Injections

What are the steps for Omnitrope use in adults by delivering medication via needles and syringes?

Step By Step Guide For Injectable Omnitrope Use In Adults


  • The first step is to take an inventory of everything that Greenberg Health has shipped to you in your hormone replacement therapy kit. Lay everything out in front of you on a clean, sterile surface. You should have:
  • An Omnitrope medication vial
  • A bacteriostatic water vial
  • Needles
  • Syringes
  • Alcohol wipes

Make sure to have a sharps container for waste disposal and a bandage ready to cover your injection site after the delivery of the medication.


  • Wash your hands.


  • Remove the caps from the vials of medication and the bacteriostatic water. This will reveal rubber stoppers on the tops of the vials.


  • Open one alcohol pad and wipe the rubber stopper on one of the vials from one side to the other. Throw the alcohol pad away.

Repeat this exact same step for the other vial.


  • Open one of the needles. You will now work with the vial of bacteriostatic water. The needle tip should be screwed on tightly before you remove the cap. Insert the needle into the rubber stopper and pull the plunger on the syringe all the way back. Draw all the water into the syringe from the vial, making sure to get it all out.  


  • You will now inject the sterile water into the vial of Omnitrope. Push the needle into the rubber stopper on the vial of medication. Position the Omnitrope vial on a tilt. Push the bacteriostatic water into the vial allowing it to run down the side wall. Do not squirt the bacteriostatic water directly into the Omnitrope medication. You want to release it into the vial very gently.


  • After all the water is in the vial, pull the needle out and replace the cap. Twist the needle off and dispose of it into your sharps disposable container.


  • Roll the vial in a very gently manner between your fingers. Never shake it. You want to gently mix the powder and water together. The powder will need to be completely dissolved.


  • Look at the mixture very closely to make sure that it is completely clear. You want to ensure that there are no foreign looking particles in it. It should also be clear and not murky.


  • You are now ready to learn about Omnitrope how to use as an injection.


  • Open your other needle and take off the cap.


  • Insert the needle into the rubber stopper of the mixed vial of medication. You will draw back to the dosage that has been specifically prescribed for you. No more and no less. This is a very important step. You want to make sure to use the right amount of medication or you will not see the results that you want. When you are done getting just the right amount of fluid, pull the needle out of the vial.


  • Find an area on your body to inject the medication. This will usually be in your belly area. (Each injection will require a different spot on your body. This will decrease the risk of irritation, redness, itching or swelling.) You will take a piece of skin between your fingers and pinch it. You will use a fatty area. A guideline is to make the injection site about two inches from the belly button.


  • Open an alcohol pad and wipe the area for injection. The purpose is to remove any possible bacteria that might be on the skin. Move the pad from the inside to the outside in a circular motion. This is done to move bacteria away from the injection site.


  • Gently insert the needle into the skin on a 45 degree angle. Once the needle is in the skin, you can remove your hand from holding the area and push the plunger until all of the liquid is in the skin. Remove the needle and put a bandage on the area if you wish. Dispose of the needle in the sharps container.

This is the traditional way of injecting Omnitrope into the body. There are videos that we can share with you online that graphically describe what we have outlined for you. The process is simple to do. It can be done in a matter of minutes, once you are comfortable with the protocol. We are also here to help you via phone if you need our assistance.

There are also steps for how to use the Omnitrope pen. These will be different because these pens are basically all in one apparatuses that make injections easy and quick. Our advisors are also here to help you with this process.