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An Administer Guide For Genotropin From Greenberg Health

Genotropin how to use

Any reputable clinic, including Greenberg Health will share an administration guide with their patients to make the self administration process of injections easy, clean, sterile and quick. Here, we will talk about:

  • Preparing to inject your Genotropin injection
  • Preparing the needle for injection
  • Attaching the needle
  • Mixing the dosage correctly
  • Selecting the injection site on the body
  • Preparing for your injection delivery
  • Actually self administering the dosage of Genotropin into the body
  • How to finish up the process

Our clinic also provides online videos that graphically describe and demonstrate exactly how to prepare and inject our medications. This way, the process is completely clear and it can give patients the confidence they need to self administer with certainty and self assurance. In addition, clinical advisors are always available over the phone to assist when needed.

How To Prepare And Self Administer Genotropin Injections

Preparing to self administer injections begins by organizing a sterile surrounding in which to use the Genotropin MiniQuick pen (for example) for delivering medication into the body. This pen can be stored for up to three months without refrigeration, but after that, it should not be used unless it is put into a refrigerator.

  • Preparing the needle for injection

Experts train patients to wipe the top of the rubber stopper on the device off with an alcohol pad or swab. Next, there is a seal on the back of the needle that needs to be peeled off. The inner and outer needle covers should remain on the device.

  • Attaching the needle for injection

Attaching the needle is simple as all that needs to be done is the needle should be pushed straight down and then turned to the right side until it will not go any farther.

  • Mixing the dosage

When mixing the dosage, patients need to remember that the medicine is very sensitive to movement. It should not be shaken. The pen should be held in an upright position and the plunger will be turned as far as it can go to mix the medication until the solution looks completely clear. The pen may be moved from side to side very gently, but again, never shaken.

It is very important to know that if the solution never becomes completely clear, but looks murky or as if there are particles in it, it should not be used.

  • Selecting the proper injection site on the body

Experts suggest that a different part of the body should be chosen for delivery of the injection each day. It is wise not to use the same injections site for days in a row. The reason not to use the same area twice is to avoid soreness, bruising or lumpiness. The delivery areas are:

  1. The abdomen
  2. The upper thighs
  3. The buttocks
  • Preparing for the injection

Patients have the option to use a needle guard or not. The guard hides the needle from view for those who are not entirely comfortable with needles.

From the device, the outer needle cover should be removed and then the inner needle cover gets removed. They should be put to the side. If the guard is going to be used, it will be snapped into place on the device before the inner needle is taken off.

Once the patient decides where he or she is going to inject the needle (thigh, buttock or abdomen) they should wipe the area with an alcohol pad. This will sterilize the area. They will take a fold of skin and pinch it with their thumb and pointer finger. The needle will then be held straight up pushed very gently into the site.

The plunger part of the pen will then be pushed into the rod fully. After waiting for five seconds, the needle should be removed by pulling it straight out.

  • Finishing up: What to do after the injection

When the injection is completed and the needle is removed, the outer cap should be carefully put back onto the pen. If a needle guard was being used, that should be removed and stored first. Greenberg Health will provide patients will a safe place to dispose of the Genotropin MiniQuick.

These medications and devices should always be kept away from children and out of the reach of pets.