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Genotropin: How to Use HGH Injections for Adults

Genotropin how to use

HGH therapy is a treatment administered at home by the individual or another family member. It is so easy to do that many children give themselves nightly shots to help them grow. For adults dealing with the symptoms of growth hormone deficiency, Genotropin makes self-administration a simple task. In our Genotropin, how to use guide below, we explain the differences between the Genotropin Pens, MiniQuick, and Mixer.

Whichever option you select with the help and guidance of one of our experienced and knowledgeable medical advisors, you will receive complete written instructions for how to use Genotropin. There are also online videos you can watch that demonstrate the entire preparation and administration process.

Your prescribing doctor will predetermine your Pfizer Genotropin dosage. HGH therapy is customized to the needs of the individual. There is no set dosage as if you were taking an aspirin or cough medicine. The balancing of a person’s hormone levels is based on numerous factors, including the level of deficiency, body composition, health, age, and gender.

In addition to the provided how to use Genotropin injections instructions, your HGH kit will also contain all necessary supplies, including:

  • Needles
  • Syringes
  • HGH medication
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Sharps container for needle disposal

No matter which Genotropin method you use, always remember to wash your hands with antibacterial soap and water and dry with a clean towel before every use. Please read the safety information at the bottom of this page before proceeding with your shot.

Our Genotropin how to use guide provides you with everything you need for your nightly HGH injections.

Genotropin Pen 5 and 12 mg Instructions

The Genotropin Pen by Pfizer comes in both 5 and 12 mg strengths. The pens are reusable and feature replaceable two-chamber cartridges. One chamber contains the lyophilized (freeze-dried) HGH powder, the other the diluent. The solution mixes inside the Genotropin cartridge when ready for use.

Do not use Genotropin pen 12 mg cartridges in the 5 mg pen or the other way around. Always ensure you are using a 5 mg cartridge in a 5 mg pen, and a 12 mg cartridge in a 12 mg pen before insertion. A needle guard is also available to keep the needle hidden from view.

Here is the Genotropin pen how to use instruction guide:

  • With clean hands, pull the front cap off the pen unit and unscrew the front metal part of the pen from the plastic body
  • Remove the foil from a new 29, 30, or 31 gauge needle, then push and screw it on the front metal part, keeping the needle cover in place
  • Insert the corresponding cartridge, metal cap first, into the front metal part of the pen, holding the unit upright and push the Genotropin cartridge firmly into place
  • Press in the red release button on the pen unit until the injection button pops up
  • Turn the injection button opposite of the direction of the arrows as far as possible to draw back the plunger rod – the rod should no longer be visible through the window
  • With the needle firmly attached to the front metal part, and the cartridge secure, gently screw the two pieces of the pen back together – the medication in the two chambers will mix during this time
  • Do not shake the solution – gently rotate the pen from side to side to dissolve the HGH powder
  • Once the solution is clear, remove the outer and inner needle caps, setting the outer cap aside and discarding the inner cap
  • Release trapped air by turning the injection button to line up the white mark with the plastic body’s black mark, then point the needle up and gently tap the front metal part of the pen to send any air bubbles to the top
  • Push in the injection button fully so that a drop of liquid appears at the tip of the needle (if you do not see a drop of liquid, press the red release button, turn the injection button in the direction of the arrows one click and repeat the process to move the air bubbles to the needle tip and pushing in the injection button)
  • If desired, the needle guard can attach to the pen over the needle

You are now ready to proceed with the administration part of this Genotropin how to use guide:

  • Once again, press the red release button which resets the pen – the button pops up, and the dose window shows “0.0”
  • Following the direction of the arrows, turn the injection button to set your prescribed dosage – if you pass your mark, you can turn the button backward
  • Pinch a fold around the prepared skin (see final section below) and insert the needle entirely in at a 90° angle
  • Push and hold in the injection button until it clicks and then wait 5 seconds before withdrawing the needle from the skin
  • Remove the needle guard (if using), replace the outer needle cover and remove it from the pen, discarding in the Sharps container
  • Replace the pen front cap and store in the refrigerator in the protective case

Genotropin Mixer Instructions

The Genotropin Mixer is a unit that allows for the use of standard insulin syringes and needles with the cartridges, rather than the pen. The Mixer reconstitutes the HGH powder and solution inside the two-chamber cartridge.

For how to mix Genotropin in the Mixer unit, follow these instructions:

  • Unscrew the plunger rod (dark green) from the holder (light green)
  • Place a new Genotropin cartridge metal/rubber tip facing towards the holder’s open end into the Mixer (it will stick out of the opening at the front)
  • Screw the two parts of the Mixer back together – the medication mixes during this process
  • Never shake Genotropin – tilt the Mixer from side to side gently to dissolve the HGH powder
  • Use a fresh alcohol swab to disinfect the metal/rubber tip
  • Take a pressure-release needle and remove the cap, point the cartridge up, and use the needle to pierce the rubber tip to release excess pressure
  • Remove the needle from the cartridge, replace the cap, and dispose of it in the Sharps container
  • Use another alcohol swab to wipe the tip of the cartridge before preparing each injection
  • Take a new insulin syringe, remove the needle guard, and insert it up into the Genotropin cartridge inside the Mixer while holding the Mixer pointed down and the needle pointed up
  • Pull back on the plunger rod of the syringe to fill to the prescribed dosage (go slightly past that point so that you can remove air bubbles by tapping the syringe and removing them while ensuring the accurate dosage
  • Remove the needle from the cartridge, pinch a fold around the prepared skin (see final section below) and insert the needle entirely in at a 90° angle
  • Push in the plunger all the way to ensure that all medication enters the body, wait a few seconds, then remove the needle, replace the cap, and dispose of the entire syringe unit in the Sharps container
  • Store the Genotropin mixer in the refrigerator

Genotropin MiniQuick Instructions

Unlike with the Genotropin Pens or Mixer, there is no need to set a Genotropin dosage when using the MiniQuick. The Genotropin MiniQuick is a prefilled, single-dose, disposable syringe. Since it comes in ten different strengths, the doctor will prescribe the one that is right for you. Each syringe features Genotropin’s unique two-chamber design, allowing the medication to mix when you are ready for your injection.

Genotropin how to use instructions for the MiniQuick syringes are below:

  • Remove a MiniQuick syringe from its package and wipe the rubber stopper with a fresh alcohol swab
  • Remove the seal from the back of a new injection needle, keeping the two needle covers in place and attach the needle onto the MiniQuick syringe by pushing it down then turning it all the way clockwise
  • The needle should be firmly and squarely in place – not at an angle
  • Point the needle up and turn the plunger rod all the way clockwise until it stops to mix the solution
  • Do not shake the syringe – you can gently tip it from side to side to help dissolve the HGH powder
  • Remove the outer and inner needle covers, setting the outer cover aside and discarding the inner cover
  • Pinch a fold around the prepared skin (see final section below) and insert the needle entirely in at a 90° angle
  • Push in the plunger all the way to ensure that all medication enters the body, wait a few seconds, then remove the needle, replace the cap, and dispose of the entire syringe unit in the Sharps container

A needle guard is optional for those who desire. There is no need to worry about removing air bubbles from the Genotropin MiniQuick. A benefit of the Genotropin MiniQuick is that it is room-temperature stable for up to 3 months. Once mixed, each syringe must be used within 24 hours after reconstitution as long as it is refrigerated.

Genotropin Use Safety Information

Before Genotropin administration or preparation, always carry out the following steps:

  • Wash your hands with antibacterial soap and water and dry with a clean towel
  • Examine the solution in the cartridge to ensure it is free of particles and not discolored or cloudy before each use
  • Check the expiration date before every injection
  • Prepare the injection site by wiping with an alcohol swab and letting air dry before removing the cap from the needle – unless directed otherwise; the injection site will be the abdomen, staying one inch or more away from the bellybutton
  • The air bubble preparation needs only be performed when inserting a new cartridge in the pen unit – not before every shot

These Genotropin uses instructions were designed to simplify your injection procedure. If you have any questions about our Genotropin how to use guide, or would like further information about HGH therapy, please contact Greenberg Health for a free consultation.