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Injecting Humatrope: Instructions From Greenberg Health

Humatrope how to use

When Humatrope medication is used for injection to raise depleted human growth hormone (HGH) levels in the body, the HumatroPen ® 12 mg is what is most often prescribed. At times, doctors will prescribe the 6 mg cartridge or the 24 mg cartridge and there will be different instructions for these.

Here we will discuss the Humatrope 12 mg cartridge and there are specific instructions on how to use it so that the correct amount of medication is injected. This is how a patient will get the best benefits from the medication. Here are some important instructions for easy understanding of how to use the pen correctly.

Later we will go into great detail on the step by step process necessary for correct, safe, sterile and successful injections of the medication.

Injecting Humatrope: Beginning Instructions From Greenberg Health
  • Never use the pen if it seems to be broken or damaged
  • Never use the pen if the expiration date has passed
  • Never share pens with others
  • Never try to put the contents of the pen’s cartridge into a syringe
  • Only use the pen and the needle that is prescribed by your doctor
  • Always use a new needle for each injection – Never use needles for more than one injection
  • Dispose of each needle properly after each use
  • Only use a damp cloth to clean the pen – Never use alcohol pads, oils or immerse the pen in water
  • Store the pen and the attached cartridge (the needle should not be attached) in the supplied storage case in the refrigerator. Never freeze it. Storage should be at temperatures of 36 to 46 degrees F
  • Before injection, the pen should be in room temperature conditions for at least 10 minutes to avoid pain from cold during injection, but the pen should not be out of refrigeration for longer than 30 minutes
  • The Humatrope 12 mg pen can be used up to three years before needing to be replaced

Six Step Guide On How To Properly Use Humatrope Injections

Follow this six step guide from Greenberg Health on how to properly use Humatrope injections in order to get the best results possible as safely as possible. 

  • Step one: Cartridge Setup

It is important to remember that this cartridge setup will only be done one single time. Firstly, check the cartridge to make sure that the fluid inside is completely clear. There should not be any cloudiness or visible particles in it. If it is not completely clear, do not use it.

Check the expiration date. Humatrope injections should never be used after the expiration date has passed. They should also never be used if the pen looks damaged or broken in any way.

Pull the cap off of the pen and confirm that what you are using clearly states that it is a 12 mg pen (if this is what was prescribed to you). The number on the pen must match the cartridge strength that is marked on the cartridge label. You can find this information on the injection button and on the front housing of the pen. It will be clearly marked.

  • Step two: Attach the cartridge

There will be a white tip on the reconstituted cartridge. This will be used to push the screw back. When doing this, you will be screwing the 12 mg pen body onto the cartridge. Do this until it feels secure. The cartridge must be completely attached. If this is not done correctly, you may not get the right dosage of medicine.

  • Step three: Attach the needle

There will be a paper tab that needs to be removed from the end of the outer cap. Leave the outer and inner caps in place though. The needle will be pushed straight down onto the cartridge and screwed on in a clockwise direction until it is secure.

The outer cap can now be pulled off and then the inner cap can be removed as well. The inner cap will be discarded, but the outer cap will be saved to remove the needle once the injection is done.

  • Step four: Remove air from new cartridge

To remove the air from the cartridge that you have just put together, you will dial it to 2.50 mg. Then, point the needle straight upwards and push the injection button down and hold it for a count of five seconds. Dial the cartridge to 0.10 mg and repeat the same steps until there is a stream of liquid coming from the needle.

It is important to remove air bubbles, as these can form after mixing of the medication (reconstitution). You will do this step only the first time using the pen. If you perform these steps and there is no stream of liquid, do not use the device.

  • Step five: Dial and inject the dose

Your doctor will give you a prescription for the exact dosage that he or she thinks will be the best for your purposes. This will be clearly stated in your treatment plan.

Turn the knob on the device to the prescribed dosage. Be accurate. Pinch a piece of skin from the abdomen with your pointer finger and your thumb. With the other hand holding the Humatrope device and needle to the skin, put your thumb on the injection button and slowly, but firmly push that button until it stops moving.

You will hold the button down for a count of five seconds and then remove the needle from the skin. When you take the needle out, look at the dose window and you should see it read 0.00. This will be your confirmation that the full dosage was received.

  • Step six: Store pen and cartridge for next use

Once the dosage of medication is completed and the needle is removed from the skin, you will put the outer cap carefully back onto the device. Next, remove the needle (which will be capped) by turning it counter clockwise (it was turned clockwise to put it on). Once the needle is off the device, it should be thrown away in a safe container. It will not be used again. Lastly, put the pen cap back onto the device and store the pen in the refrigerator until its next usage.

These steps are quite easy to follow, but there is also always help on the pamphlet that comes with the device. In addition, clinical advisors from Greenberg Health are always available during business hours via telephone for assistance. They will even stay on the phone with a patient to help with that first injection.