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What Are The Benefits Of Estrogen Replacement Therapy: A List

Estrogen Therapy Benefits

The benefits of estrogen therapy are changing lives for the better in scores of patients all across the United States. What are these benefits that they are getting? Here is a comprehensive list of the results of completely balanced hormonal levels through hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with estrogen therapy:

Estrogen Therapy Benefits


Improved bone mineral density

Stronger skin elasticity

Stronger bones leading to less fractures

Less noticeable wrinkles

Bones will not break as easily

Less obvious sagging skin

Decreased risk for osteoporosis

Less haggard looking skin

More increased sexual appetite

Less noticeable appearance of crow’s feet

Stronger sexual libido

Nails grow faster, longer and stronger

Less vaginal dryness

Excess fat seems to melt away

Sexual intercourse that is more comfortable

Muscle seems more pronounced

Less sweats at night

Hair that was thinning will grow in thicker

Less hot flashes

Balding patterns will cease

The overall symptoms of menopause seem to lighten

Better memory

Longer and stronger orgasms

Better ability to concentrate

Less depression and anxiety

Better ability to focus

Less nervousness and tension

Less forgetfulness

Less irritability

Overall better mental cognition

Less agitation

Less of a foggy feeling

Lower cholesterol levels

Less chance of developing heart issues

Lower triglyceride levels

Less chance of developing diabetes

A healthier heart rate

Stronger immune system

Faster healing

Less chance of developing colds and the flu

More stamina

More endurance

More vigor

More vitality

Better sleeping patterns

Less sleep disturbances

Cells and tissues will replenish and restore

Less body, joint and muscle pain

These are the most popular estrogen hormone therapy benefits and they are changing lives in great ways. By working with a reputable clinic, you can gain the greatest results by balancing your hormone levels with the right medications at the right dosages. The keys to success are:

  • to follow your prescription
  • to keep in touch with your clinical advisor for regular checks
  • to make sure to keep up on your mandated medical supervision

Our clinic offers all of the above. We mandate testing to determine that a hormone deficiency is present and that a patient will have a great chance of gaining estrogen therapy benefits from being put onto an individualized treatment plan. We only work with licensed doctors and well trained clinical advisors. We have an open phone line for our clients to call when needing advice, assistance or for any questions.

How Can You Get A Prescription For Estrogen Hormone Therapy

There are mandated steps to follow in order to get a legal and safe prescription for the medication needed to create estrogen replacement therapy benefits. What are these steps?

  • Call us toll free and speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate clinical advisors.

Our advisors are trained in every aspect of HRT and the estrogen therapy benefits that come with proper treatment. They will answer all of your questions regarding your symptoms, your goals for therapy and how estrogen therapy works. Our advisors are very open and honest with our clients. We want you to be completely educated as to what treatment is all about so that you can commit wisely and confidently to the process that will make you feel like you are in your 20’s again.

  • If you decide that HRT is right for you, you will be sent to a local clinic in your area for blood testing and a physical examination. You will also share your medical history with us online.

We work with clinics all over the country that provide the correct blood testing and physical exams for our patients. The center you visit should be very close to your home and they will professionally give you the required assistance you will need to continue on towards getting a prescription for balancing your hormone levels.

Our advisors will set up your appointments for you, so you will not be inconvenienced with that. Once your testing and exam are complete, the results will be sent back to our clinic for full and comprehensive review.

  • Our licensed and professional doctors will analyze all of your results and see if you have low estrogen levels.

During the analysis of your test results, our doctors will see if you are (a) estrogen deficient and (b) a good candidate for HRT. This means that they will see if your health is good enough to reap estrogen therapy benefits. Our physicians know what to look for in your information and blood work to give you a green light to continue on with therapy.

  • If you are hormone deficient, you will get a prescription and a treatment plan that is created especially for you and your needs.

Our doctors will take their time in creating just what you will need in order for you to get the best estrogen replacement therapy benefits. They will then send the prescription directly to our pharmacy and your medications will be shipped directly to your home or office. This will be done quickly and discreetly.

The steps towards estrogen therapy benefits are that simple. When you trust in us, our process, our staff and our medications, you will be well on your way towards feeling like a new and healthier than ever person.