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Progesterone Therapy Benefits

Progesterone Therapy benefits

Progesterone therapy benefits are plentiful and can change a patient’s life in the most remarkable ways. Let us look at what these positive results from correctly prescribed injections can be:

Here are Progesterone replacement therapy benefits as experienced by our patients at Greenberg Health:

  • Increased energy levels

One of the most complained about symptoms from lost hormones due to aging is lack of energy. When therapy begins, one of the first benefits felt from taking properly prescribed injections and living a healthy lifestyle is a burst in energy levels. A patient will feel more alive, vital and full of vitality. He or she will have more stamina and endurance.

Exercise becomes easier when the person is not feeling lethargic and tired anymore. The patient is more apt to desire participating in activities with their social network. They will no longer withdraw and stay in bed or on the couch.

Increased energy is one of the most popular and sought after progesterone hormone replacement therapy benefits. Since an increase in energy happens almost right away when therapy starts, patients must remember to stay committed to their individually created treatment plan and follow their doctor’s instructions for therapy religiously.

  • A more youthful looking appearance

One of the progesterone hormone therapy benefits that patients are thankful for is how increasing and balancing their hormones gives them a more youthful looking appearance and a more attractive physique. Treatment helps patients to lose weight by quickening their metabolism. There will be a decrease in the appearance of unsightly cellulite too. They will also gain lean muscle mass, decrease the appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet on their faces by strengthening skin elasticity and they will see hair and nail growth and less balding.

Our clients gain self esteem, self confidence and self worth when they feel better about how they look. When they lose unwanted weight, this also gives them more energy and they feel better overall.

  • Less chance of developing disease

Stopping sickness like colds and the flu and elongation of one’s lifespan by avoiding some pretty serious diseases are some of the benefits of progesterone hormone replacement therapy. Treatment has proven to strengthen the immune system as well as lowering cholesterol levels, lowering triglyceride levels and strengthening bone mineral density. These benefits will lead to a much lessened risk of developing cardiovascular issues such as heart attacks and stroke. They will also lessen the danger of bone breaks and fractures and ultimately the disease osteoporosis.

  • A better sexual life

One of the progesterone therapy benefits that people wish to gain is having a better sexual life. This helps to increase the strength of personal relationships and adds enjoyment to life. The correct injections can help with an increased sexual libido and desire for more intimate relations. It can also eliminate erectile dysfunction, create longer and stronger erections, stronger orgasms, decrease vaginal dryness, decrease hot flashes and lessen the amount of night sweats.

Progesterone therapy helps to regulate the menstrual cycle. It also help to alleviate and minimize many of the symptoms of menopause.

  • Better mental and emotional state of mind

Some more of the benefits of progesterone therapy are the lessening of depression, anxiety, irritability, mood swings and anger outbursts. The correct medications at the right dosage also help to increase memory and help with concentration and focus. The patient will have less of that foggy feeling and be more present.

Some other progesterone therapy benefits are more acute vision, better sleeping patterns with less sleep disturbances, organs that grow, faster healing from injuries or wounds, better ability to recover after workouts and quicker replacement and restoration of cells and tissues.

As patients stay closely in touch with their clinical advisor and keep up with therapy as prescribed, benefits will continue to increase each month during treatment. Advisors are available for questions or concerns and to share the remarkable results that will occur as a patient follows their uniquely created treatment plan.

Do You Need A Prescription To Get Progesterone Therapy Benefits

All patients who wish to participate in progesterone therapy must get a proper diagnosis and a prescription in order to buy legal progesterone injections. Doctors must ensure that any prospective client has a bona fide progesterone deficiency and is in an otherwise healthy condition to partake in treatment.

There are strict laws that are put into place by the United States government in order to protect patients and clinics when dealing with progesterone or other hormone injections. Since progesterone is usually not taken alone for restoring hormonal deficiencies due to aging, licensed doctors must be very detailed in analyzing test results from blood sampling, physical exams and medical history forms in order to create a correct prescription and treatment plan.

How Do Patients Ensure Progesterone Therapy Benefits Occur

Perhaps one can never ensure anything when it comes to medicine; however, Greenberg health is dedicated to helping patients to get remarkable results when in our care. Our doctors here at Greenberg Health are fully licensed and trained in the field of endocrinology or in a very closely related field of medicine. They understand the hormones of the body and how to read test results. In addition, they will provide full medical supervision during the entire course of therapy in order to ensure the absence of negative side effects.

If an allergic reaction or any side effects do occur, patients are encouraged to call their clinical advisor right away. The advisor will be in touch with the doctor immediately during normal business hours. Doctors can change dosages or even medications if and when it becomes necessary. A patient is never alone when he or she is working with Greenberg Health. Our number one goal is your safety and for you to reap the greatest progesterone therapy benefits possible.

Progesterone therapy benefits are much more common than any negative side effects. In fact, negative responses are extremely rare when a patient and our staff stay closely connected and committed to the well being of the client. It is imperative to only work with a clinic that requires testing, has clinical advisers readily available, works with licensed doctors who provide medical supervision and only prescribe top quality medications.