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What Is Testosterone Therapy For Men

Testosterone Therapy for Men

Testosterone therapy for men is a natural way to replace the missing hormone that depletes from the body as it ages. The medication used for treatment is 100 percent pure, bio-identical and injectable testosterone hormone that is top quality and used by the best testosterone replacement therapy for men clinics in the US. Greenberg Health is considered to be one of those top clinics that practice this kind of therapy, also called TRT.

Helping men to gain back their lost hormones is something that we take pride in doing every day. This means that we only work with the best low T doctors who are fully trained and licensed in this kind of specialized and innovative kind of medicine. As part of a TRT program, the physicians read blood tests, physical exam results and medical histories in order to determine if they can legally write a prescription for therapy for the male patient. They will also need to provide medical supervision.

Testosterone replacement therapy is being used by countless people around the country. It changes lives by naturally putting the lost testosterone hormone back into the body with pure, authentic and safe injectable medications only as prescribed by a licensed physician.

Getting A Prescription For Testosterone Replacement Therapy For Men

Here is a list of what is involved in getting a legal and safe prescription and starting testosterone replacement therapy for men:

  1. Patients must have a first phone consultation with one of our clinical advisors. These are highly proficient professionals who will ask questions regarding the symptoms that the man is experiencing and what their goals are for therapy. They will also teach men about the process of TRT, what is involved in testing for a testosterone deficiency, how to get a prescription and how to live a healthy lifestyle overall. They will openly and honestly answer all questions asked by the prospective patient.
  2. If the man wishes to continue on after this initial phone call, he will be set up with an appointment to get his blood tested and to get a physical exam at a local TRT clinic in his home city. He will also be instructed to fill out an online medical history form to send in to Greenberg Health through a secured connection.
  3. The man is now done with his responsibilities (for now) and now must wait to see if he is dealing with low T. The results of the testing, exam and medical history will go back to the doctors at Greenberg Health. There, the experts will analyze all the information and make a determination if the man qualifies for TRT. If so, he will be diagnosed and prescribed exactly what he needs to begin therapy.
  4. All medications and supplies will then be shipped directly to the patient’s home or office quickly and discreetly. The time to begin the self administration of injections can begin.

This is exactly how to start testosterone therapy for men and those who are participating in treatment will always have the help and support of our clinical advisors. In fact, these specialists will be there via telephone to help with preparation and administration of injections too. They will answer any and all questions related to therapy and do their best to make clients feel comfortable and completely supported.

Clinical advisors have a direct connection to our licensed doctors. This way, if anything concerning comes up, doctors can be made aware immediately. Then, if medications or dosages need to be changed or altered, this can be done quickly as well.

What Are The Benefits Of Testosterone Therapy For Men

The reason that so many men wish to partake in testosterone replacement therapy for men is because it has amazing benefits that can change a man’s life in incredible ways. When done correctly with the right doctor prescribed medication, dosage and medical supervision, here are the benefits that come from treatment:

Physical Benefits

Sexual Benefits

Benefits for Physical Appearance




Increased energy

A greater sexual libido

Stronger skin elasticity

Increased stamina

Increased sexual desire

Less noticeable wrinkles

Increased vigor

Loss of erectile dysfunction

Less sagging skin

More vitality

Less infertility

Skin looks smoother

Muscle gain

Higher sperm count

Less appearance of crow’s feet around the eyes

Excess fat loss

Less vaginal dryness

Less balding

Much more endurance and better ability to recover from workouts

Longer lasting orgasms

Thicker growing hair

Stronger immune system

Stronger orgasms

Growing nails

Faster healing from injuries, wounds and sickness

Longer lasting erections


Less instances of getting sick (colds or the flu)

Stronger and harder erections


Stronger bone mineral density



Better ability to sleep at night



Less body aches and pains



Sharper eyesight



Faster metabolism



Mental Benefits

Emotional Benefits

Benefits to Lower Disease




Better memory

Less depression

Lower cholesterol levels

Stronger overall mental acuity

Less anxiety

Less heart issues

Better ability to focus on daily tasks

Less agitation and anger outbursts

Less risk for having a heart attack

Sharper mental acuity

Less irritability

Healthier heart rate

Less forgetfulness

Less mood swings

Less risk for stroke

A minimized foggy feeling

A happier overall disposition

Lower triglyceride levels

Better concentration

Excitement for the future and what it may hold

Lowered risk for developing diabetes


Less amounts of stress



Less tension



Higher self esteem



Higher self worth