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Most Common Estrogen Therapy Benefits

Estrogen Therapy Benefits

The most common estrogen therapy benefits that come with proper treatment can change lives in the most remarkable ways. The following benefits are what a patient can expect when they follow their prescription and treatment plan according to their doctors instructions:

  • amazing amounts of energy
  • greater strength
  • the ability to heal faster from injury, wounds or sickness
  • the ability to recover more quickly from exercise
  • increased stamina
  • increased endurance
  • Less body pain
  • Less joint pain
  • Less muscle pain
  • weight loss
  • increased lean muscle mass
  • faster metabolism
  • reduced depression
  • less anxiety, stress and tension
  • less paranoia
  • less irritability and moodiness
  • less agitation and anger outbursts
  • better ability to concentrate
  • better ability to focus
  • faster memory recall
  • better memory overall

In addition to these estrogen replacement therapy benefits, here are more than can elongate life and even save lives:

  • lower cholesterol levels
  • lower triglyceride levels
  • less risk for stroke
  • less risk for heart attack
  • stronger bone density
  • decreased risk for fracturing or breaking bones (especially in the hips, wrists and spine)
  • less risk for developing diabetes
  • better management of diabetes

The following sexual estrogen hormone replacement therapy benefits that can occur with proper treatment can save relationships and make them stronger:

  • the elimination of erectile dysfunction
  • less vaginal dryness
  • greater sexual pleasure during intercourse
  • stronger sexual libido
  • more sexual desire
  • less night sweats
  • less hot flashes
  • stronger erections
  • longer lasting erections
  • stronger orgasms

Aesthetically speaking, the estrogen therapy benefits that help to make people look more youthful and give them more self confidence in themselves are:

  • younger looking, stronger and smoother skin
  • stronger skin elasticity
  • less appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • a lessened appearance of crow’s feet around the eyes
  • less cellulite
  • shinier looking hair
  • hair that grows faster
  • last balding
  • nails that grow strongly and quickly

There is no doubt that the benefits estrogen replacement therapy give people back quality of life and self esteem. When age starts to rob a person of very essential hormones, they will start experiencing symptoms that make them feel depressed, anxious and cause them to withdraw from life and relationships. This can greatly reduce quality of life and cause a person to question their purpose.

The benefits hormone replacement therapy far outweigh any risks when done properly with medical supervision.  If a person qualifies for this kind of treatment to help them eliminate the symptoms that cause them to lose their hormones as they age, it can be done safely and effectively with privacy and comfort in one’s own home.

It all begins with a first initial free phone call to our clinic, Greenberg Health. Following that phone call, the rest of your life can be full of quality, happiness and great health.

What Can Patients Do To Enhance Estrogen Therapy Benefits

Patients should play a great part in their treatment to help enhance estrogen therapy benefits. Firstly, it takes a large amount of responsibility to following doctor’s orders and to stay committed to your treatment plan. Therapy is actually very easy and simple to do, but it must be done with dedication and trust in the process.

Patients do not visit clinics for injections and therefore must learn how to deliver them on their own. Our clinical advisors are always available for assistance over the phone with the self administration of injections. They are also available for questions or concerns that come up during therapy. Patients should always take advantage of what a clinic has to offer as far as help, assistance and support.

In addition, patients should also commit to living a healthy lifestyle. This means that they should change any bad habits into good ones. In other words, patients much pay attention to what they are used to eating, how much they sleep, how much they exercise, if they smoke, they should quit and they should learn how to manage and reduce stress as much as possible. Again, this will take commitment on a client’s part to live in a healthier way.

Here are some examples:

  • Eating: Add more green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits to your diet. Eat lean meats and other foods high in protein. Increase the amount of foods you eat that contain omega 3 fatty acids and are low in saturated fats and eliminate or at least reduce the amount of foods that contain refined sugars.
  • Exercising: Participating in exercise to get your heart pumping is a must for good health. Experts say that working out at least three times per week is optimal. There is no reason that one cannot exercise daily; however. Both aerobic exercise and weight lifting are great forms of exercise to help with getting estrogen therapy benefits.
  • Stress: Keeping stress low is imperative for good health. Stress is unhealthy for all bodily organs and systems. It diminishes the production of hormones in the body.
  • Sleeping: Sleeping at least eight hours per evening is optimal, according to the experts. Sleep allows the body to heal, to produce hormones and to restore lost cells and tissues.
  • Smoking: The smoke in cigarettes contains enough toxins to create many different diseases. It stunts the production of estrogen and other hormones along with aging a person prematurely from their insides out.
  • Alcohol: Consuming alcoholic beverages in moderation is fine. Drinking responsibly will not cause an issue with the depletion of hormones in the body.

Following these healthy lifestyle habits and making them daily rituals will considerably lower the speed in which one will experience hormone depletion. In addition, they can help quicken estrogen therapy benefits while a person is in treatment.