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Testosterone Prescriptions: Where Can You Get One?

Testosterone Prescriptions

There are websites all over the Internet where people can get testosterone prescriptions; however, whether they are getting a safe and legal prescription is another story. One must make sure that they are using a well known, reputable and popular clinic that has a history of successful testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) experiences for their clients.

There are some key questions to ask yourself to determine whether or not the form for low T medications that you are trying to get is legal or not. Here are ten very important questions that all should be closely understood and answered honestly by both the patient and the clinical advisor from the clinic (respectively). These questions need to be addressed before the client should trust that they are going to get a testosterone prescription that is safe and legal from the particular clinic that they are talking to:

  • Will the prescription come from a licensed professional doctor in the medical field of endocrinology (or another closely related medical practice?)
  • Will the prescription come from a reputable clinic like Greenberg Health that only works with licensed doctors who are highly trained, skilled and recognized within the medical community?
  • Are you required to get blood work taken, a physical exam completed and to share your medical history?
  • Do the clinic’s licensed doctors analyze test results to diagnose low T?
  • Do the clinic’s licensed doctors create tailor made, individualized treatment plans when they prescribe testosterone injections for those who they determine have low T levels?
  • Does the clinic use only the highest quality, 100 pure injectable medications (most likely Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Enanthate)?
  • Will you be offered a first free consultation with a clinical advisor where they will explain everything about testosterone replacement therapy to you before you decide to use them for your prescription?
  • Are you over 30 years old?
  • Are you wishing to get a testosterone prescription because you are experiencing symptoms that are quite bothersome to your daily life as you are getting older or are you a professional athlete looking to gain muscle or a man looking to boost his sexual life or to rid of his erectile dysfunction?
  • Does the clinic you are using provide medical supervision while you are using the injections they will prescribe to you?

Personal questions such as your intent for using testosterone injections will be asked by your clinical advisor when you call our clinic, Greenberg Health. This is necessary for a patient to get legal testosterone injections. This will ensure that you will have a safe and effective TRT experience where you will not experience any negative side effects.

Testosterone injections are not legal for any doctor or clinic to give to a person who is under 30 or who is a professional athlete. Testosterone is also not used as weight loss program, to simply spice up your sex life or to give you back your ability to get and maintain an erection. These are all great benefits of testosterone injections, but not a legal reason to get a low T prescription.

Getting a testosterone prescription from just anyone is not the way to go. You need to make sure that the clinic or doctor with whom you work is honest and follows the law regarding the usage of testosterone injections. You must also make sure that you are put onto a tailor made treatment plan that is medically supervised if you are interested in looking out for your best interest in getting well and feeling strong and healthy as you are aging.

Getting A Testosterone Prescription Form From “Greenberg Health”

Greenberg Health helps countless numbers of men and women every year to balance their testosterone levels for great health and happiness. It our number one goal to provide safe, legal and effective therapy to our clients and that is why getting a testosterone prescription form from Greenberg Health is not something that just anyone can get.

A person must go through the testing process and be diagnosed with low T first. They must be dealing with a testosterone deficiency caused from the natural aging process and be in otherwise good health. Blood testing, a physical examination and a medical history will all help a doctor to determine whether a person is a good candidate for TRT or not. Our physicians are highly trained to read test results and to give proper diagnoses, prescriptions and treatment plans for therapy.

What kind of doctor can prescribe testosterone should be someone whose medical training is specialized in endocrinology. Endocrinology is a distinct sector of internal medicine that in part deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that are related to the hormones in the body. This includes age related low T that can bring about some very serious symptoms that can hold a person back from living a life that has any quality.

Greenberg Medical doctors will know if a person has low T after seeing their laboratory work. However, they will also know if the lack of testosterone production is caused from aging or possibly something else that must be taken care of by another kind of specialist.

Proper testing with blood work, a physical exam and a medical history that leads to a proper diagnosis of low testosterone levels…

Gives a licensed doctor from Greenberg Health the ability to write a legal prescription for the right testosterone injections.

Is it legal to get a testosterone prescription online?

Proper testing with blood work, a physical exam and a medical history that leads to a proper diagnosis of low testosterone levels gives a licensed doctor from Greenberg Health the ability to write a legal prescription for the right testosterone injections. Those who believe that they may have low T and will benefit from TRT must make sure that they are working with an honest clinic who can test them properly.

How do you know if a TRT clinic is honest? If the clinic chosen has been either recommended by other patients or by trusted professionals, they are most likely honest. If they adhere to all of the ten above listed requirements that must be followed by all testosterone replacement therapy clinics, they also most likely can be trusted.

Advisors must answer all patient questions to the point where the client completely understands what the clinic mandates, how they work and what results the client can expect to get from treatment. That is called being transparent and trustworthy – exactly what Greenberg Health strives to be with all of their patients.

How much does a prescription cost? Depo-Testosterone starts at a cost of $49.00 each week while the generic brands of Watson’s Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Enanthate start at a cost of $60 every week.