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How to Get a Testosterone Prescription Online

Testosterone Prescriptions

Testosterone medications are regulated in the US and require a doctor’s prescription. Although the internet is full of websites that offer this medication for sale without proper authorization, following through on that type of purchase is illegal and can lead to prosecution. You must have a testosterone prescription before making your purchase.

That being said, with telemedicine so important in the current state of the world, and Covid-19 concerns keeping people away from doctor’s offices, it is clinics such as Greenberg Health that are filling a vital need. Did you know that you can get a testosterone prescription online through our nationally-renowned hormone clinic?

It is true. For anyone asking can I get a testosterone prescription online, the answer is yes, with the completion of a few simple steps.

Our hormone replacement therapy programs provide men and women with the same diagnostic tests and superior service they would get at local medical offices. The differences include:

  • Less time away from home or work responsibilities
  • Fewer risks of exposure to germs
  • More privacy
  • Lower out-of-pocket expenses
  • Medications and supplies conveniently delivered to your home or office
Getting a testosterone prescription with Greenberg Health saves time and money!

Why You Need a Testosterone Prescription

As we previously stated, testosterone is a controlled medication. It requires proper authorization based on predetermined need from a testosterone doctor. Prescription testosterone has the purpose of increasing androgen hormone levels in the body to make up for what is no longer produced. With age, or with certain illnesses or other issues, the testes, ovaries, and adrenal glands slow the secretion of testosterone into the bloodstream. When that happens, it can cause specific health issues and aging effects in the body.

A testosterone deficiency prescription enables a hormone specialist to determine how much testosterone a person needs to initiate homeostasis. That is the act of putting the body back into balance. Without proper authorization, it would be impossible to know how much testosterone you need. Testosterone therapy is a customized approach to hormonal balance.

How Much Does a Testosterone Prescription Cost?

The testosterone prescription cost depends primarily on the doctor you choose to visit for diagnosis. Getting a testosterone prescription requires that you undergo the following:

  • Medical consultation
  • Completion of health history forms
  • Physical examination
  • Blood analysis

If you choose to visit the office of a local hormone specialist, you will have higher appointment fees for the consultation and examination. Based on what we have seen around the country, these costs can range from a few hundred dollars to well over one thousand dollars. If the doctor draws the blood in the office, there will likely be a surcharge for that action. Of course, there will also be charges for the blood panels themselves.

Here at Greenberg Health, it is our goal to save you money everywhere we can. To accomplish that goal, we begin with free consultations by phone with our experienced medical advisors. That way, you can find out if a hormonal imbalance may be the cause of your symptoms without spending a penny.

Then, if so, we will arrange for you to visit a laboratory near you for low-cost blood testing at a pre-arranged price. By going straight to the lab, you bypass any medical office surcharges for drawing your blood.

Since your physical exam can be with any doctor, you can have your family physician complete the form or even head to a low-cost, walk-in clinic, if you desire. We can also help out with doctor recommendations in your area.

Greenberg Health simplifies the process and lowers the cost of getting a testosterone prescription.

Can You Buy Testosterone Without a Prescription?

With so many new websites popping up all the time, it may seem like buying testosterone online is a safe option. However, without a testosterone prescription, online purchasing of androgen hormones is illegal. Make no mistake; customs officials keep an eye out for packages entering the US that could be illicit drugs. Packages are checked, and without a prescription present, are confiscated.

That is not the worst thing that can happen when buying testosterone without a prescription. There is a significant chance of receiving a product that is counterfeit and dangerous to use. We caution everyone against purchasing testosterone from anyplace other than a regulated and licensed US pharmacy. With many fraudulent websites, monetary loss and identity theft are possible.

What Medications Need a Testosterone Prescription?

All testosterone medications require doctor authorization for purchase and use. Testosterone prescription medication is the safest and most effective way of reversing the symptoms of testosterone deficiency.

The list below shows the most common testosterone prescription names:

  • Injectable testosterone cypionate: Depo-Testosterone, also generic
  • Injectable testosterone enanthate: Delatestryl, Xyosted, also generic
  • Injectable testosterone undecanoate: Aveed
  • Testosterone patches: Androderm, Testoderm
  • Testosterone gel: AndroGel, Testim, Axiron, Fortesta, Natesto (nasal)
  • Transbuccal testosterone: Striant
  • Implantable Testosterone Pellets: Testopel

Our doctors here at Greenberg Health recommend the use of testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate injections for men. With years of research and positive results, these medications have been shown to provide excellent, fast benefits.

For women, we recommend the use of testosterone cream. Upon determining the dosage necessary for each woman, we send the prescription to a compounding pharmacy for preparation.

How to Go About Getting a Prescription for Testosterone

Here at Greenberg Health, we utilize telemedicine consultations by phone to provide men and women with an excellent way to get the hormone replacement therapy they need at a low cost. Getting a testosterone prescription begins with your free consultation, followed by completing the following steps:

  • Blood test
  • Physical exam
  • Online health form completion

To speak with one of our medical advisors via confidential phone consultation, please contact Greenberg Health today.