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Testosterone Cypionate Description

Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone cypionate is a testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) medication that is given by intramuscular injection only. It is creamy white or plain white crystalline powder. It is important to make sure when using this medication that you check it closely to ensure that it is not cloudy and that it does not contain any kind of particles in the solution. That would mean that there could be bacterial residue in it and it should not be used.

The solution is either completely odorless or close to having no smell at all and is (1) insoluble in water, (2) soluble in vegetable oils and (3) freely soluble in alcohol.

How to get testosterone cypionate

Testosterone cypionate can only be given legally to patients after they are tested and diagnosed with low testosterone levels or low T. They will be given the correct dosage by the prescribing doctor according to what the patient needs.

It is a very safe and effective medication when used correctly. This means that a patient will need follow these simple steps to begin a TRT program:

  • Call Greenberg Health free
  • Speak with an expert clinical advisor about your symptoms, goals and what testing and treatment will involve
  • Understand that TRT will take a commitment and decide if it is best for you
  • Get set up with an appointment in a local clinic for blood testing and a physical exam
  • Share your medical history online
  • Wait for a licensed doctor to make a diagnosis of low T (if appropriate)
  • The doctor will diagnose, write the prescription and create a tailor made treatment plan for each patient
  • Medications and supplies will be shipped to the patient and they can begin the self administration of the injections and immediately receive full medical supervision

Clinical Pharmacology Of Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone cypionate is a medication for TRT that is only used intramuscularly. Its chemical name is androst – 4 – en – 3 – one, – (3-cyclopentyl – 1 – oxopropoxy) -, (17β). It has a molecular formula of C27H40O3. Its molecular weight is 412.61.

Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone is responsible for growth and development of primarily the male sex organs and for male secondary sex characteristics, although women need it too (in much smaller amounts). It works in men to keep up with:

  • Growth and maintenance of the prostate, seminal vesicles, scrotum and penis
  • Development of hair including pubic hair, facial hair, chest hair and axillary hair
  • Enlargement of the laryngeal and vocal cord development
  • Growth and maintenance of muscles in the body and the distribution of fat

The half life of this medication is approximately eight days, which means that its delivery through deep intramuscular injection (in the thigh, the glut or the deltoid) can be somewhere in the range of every two to three weeks, depending upon the doctor’s prescription. Most often it is recommended that it be given in the muscle tissue of the gluts.

Testosterone Cypionate comes available in 100 mg/ml and 200 mg/ml dosages. According to a well known source, the following ingredients make up this medication:

100 mg/mL solution of testosterone cypionate contains:
Testosterone Cypionate – 100 mg
Benzyl benzoate – 0.1 mL
Cottonseed oil – 736 mg
Benzyl alcohol which is uses as a preservative – 9.45 mg

200 mg/mL solution of testosterone cypionate contains:
Testosterone Cypionate – 200 mg
Benzyl benzoate – 0.2 mL
Cottonseed oil – 560 mg
Benzyl alcohol which is uses as a preservative – 9.45 mg

The dosage that is prescribed for each patient will completely depend upon the doctor’s prescription. He or she will determine how much per injection should be delivered via injection intramuscularly. Doctors make this decision by carefully reviewing blood test results and other exam information. In addition, doctors look at the person’s age, gender and what their response is to the medication once they are taking it. Adjustments in dosage can always be made depending upon the occurrence or not of any adverse reactions.

  • Most professionals suggest that for testosterone replacement therapy, males should get a dosage anywhere from 50 mg to 400 mg every two to four weeks.

Storage information for testosterone cypionate

Vials of testosterone cypionate should be stored in a cool, dry, safe place where they are protected from light. The temperature should be anywhere from 68°F to 77°F.