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How Does Testosterone Influence The Health Of Your Heart

Testosterone for Your Heart

When an otherwise healthy patient partakes in testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) because they are naturally losing their testosterone due to aging, this can have a very positive influence on the heart. In fact, testosterone for your heart can make it stronger, healthier and give you a longer lifespan. How?

Some of the benefits of TRT are:

  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • A healthier heart rate
  • Lowered stress
  • Less tension and anxiety
  • More energy
  • Increased stamina
  • Increased amount of endurance
  • Increased sexual libido

All of these mentioned benefits from TRT can help the heart. For example, lowering cholesterol levels into a healthy range can reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke by decreasing the possibility of developing atherosclerosis. This is a hardening of the walls of the arteries with plaque and fat buildup (one of the top causes of heart attacks).

In addition, having less stress in your life and the lowering of anxiety is great for heart health. Having more energy, endurance and stamina to exercise will help to keep the heart pumping strong and will keep one’s weight down. Being overweight puts stress on the heart to work harder and this can be extremely detrimental to overall health.

Can Low Testosterone Levels Cause Heart Problems

Many prospective patients of testosterone replacement therapy will want to know is testosterone bad for your heart? Many sources on the Internet will claim that TRT can cause heart attack, but keep reading those websites for the reasons why this kind of therapy will be bad for the heart or any other organ in the body. These are the reasons you will find:

  • The person is not on the right dosage of medication
  • The person has not been diagnosed properly with low T
  • The person was not being medically supervised while participating in TRT

One of the most well known sources on the Internet, WebMD published information last year that shared that there is no correlation between heart attack and taking testosterone injections for low T. The article sited a study that was done with about 25,000 men. The research was funded by the US National Institutes of Health. A news release was published and here is what was written:

“Our investigation was motivated by a growing concern in the US and internationally that testosterone therapy increases men’s risk for cardiovascular disease, specifically heart attack and stroke. This concern has increased in the last few years based on the results of a clinical trial and two observational studies.”

The researcher who advocated the positives of testosterone being good for your heart concluded his statement with:

“It is important to note, however, that there is a large body of evidence that is consistent with our finding of no increased risk of heart attack associated with testosterone use.”

Is testosterone booster bad for your heart? This is a great question because most of the research that says that testosterone replacement can cause heart attacks or strokes has done their research based on men who have been partaking in unsupervised usage of boosters, enhancers or supplements of testosterone that have never proven to be good for the heart or any other part of the body.

In fact, these kinds of supplements can be bought or purchased almost anywhere and have no substantial clinical trials that prove they work or are even good for the consumer. There are different ingredients in boosters and most do not even know what those are.

Prescribed testosterone injections are 100 percent pure bio-identical medications to what the body naturally produces. They are only purchased by the top testosterone clinics in the US and will be either Testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Cypionate. They will only be legal if they are prescribed after the proper testing has been done to confirm low T is the problem. They must be taken with medical monitoring and this is how one will avoid negative side effects or any other problems while on a TRT treatment program.

How Can You Avoid Heart Problems Caused By Low T

The best way to avoid heart problems caused by low T is to participate in testosterone replacement therapy and to practice healthy lifestyle habits. Let us discuss both TRT and living a healthy life.

Firstly, when participating in therapy for increasing low testosterone levels, only work with a reputable and well known TRT clinic in the US. These clinics, such as Greenberg Health will follow the law set forth by the US government that monitors the usage of these powerful testosterone injections. The law states that all clinics must:

  • Only work with licensed doctors of endocrinology or a closely related field of medicine
  • Only work with highly skilled clinical advisors who are readily available for patients during normal business hours
  • Offer a first free initial consultation to decide if TRT is right for the patient
  • Only work with those over 30 who are not professional athletes
  • Only work with top quality medications, including Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Propionate
  • Mandate proper testing of blood work, a physical exam and a medical history
  • Diagnose low T after testing is sent back to the clinic and analyzed by their licensed physicians
  • Have doctors prescribe the correct medications at the proper dosages
  • Have doctors create individualized treatment plans for each patient and their specific needs
  • Provide complete medical supervision throughout the entire testosterone replacement therapy protocol

By getting the proper medical supervision, a patient can be assured that if anything feels uncomfortable or out of the ordinary, a doctor can step in and either change a medication or change a medication dosage. If one wants to increase their likelihood of a great experience with testosterone injections for the heart, they should also participate in healthy lifestyle habits. These include:

  • Healthy eating of the proper nutritional foods
  • Exercising on a daily basis to get the heart pumping
  • Keeping stress levels to a minimum
  • Getting enough restful sleep every night
  • Never smoking
  • Keeping alcoholic consumption to responsible and healthy amount

By taking testosterone for your heart that comes prescribed by a licensed physician after the proper testing has taken place and living a healthy lifestyle, this will elongate life and give it a higher level of quality. Done properly, testosterone replacement therapy can change your life in all-encompassing ways in a very safe manner.