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What Are The Different Types Of Testosterone Injections

Types of testosterone injections

There are three different types of testosterone injections that are used by Greenberg Health. The first two are considered to be the best and the safest to use and they have proven to give the best results on a doctor prescribed testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) program. The third is rarely used by TRT clinics, but the three are called:

  • Testosterone Cypionate
  • Testosterone Enanthate
  • Testosterone Propionate

Let us discuss a little bit about each of these testosterone injection types to give a better understanding of each one and how they differ from one another.

Testosterone Cypionate

This is a bio-identical hormone medication that is an exact replica of the testosterone that is already naturally produced in the body. It is manufactured in very controlled laboratories by professionals who take great care in its creation and handling.

The medication is a creamy white or plain white crystalline-like kind of powder. It should never be used if there seem to be particles in it or if it is cloudy or murky looking. The solution should not have any smell at all and it will be (1) insoluble in water, (2) freely soluble in alcohol and (3) soluble in vegetable oil.

Testosterone Cypionate

The chemical make-up of Testosterone Cypionate is androst – 4 – en – 3 – one, – (3 – cyclopentyl – 1 – oxopropoxy) -, (17β). Its molecular formula is C27H40O3 and its molecular weight is 412.61 g/mol.

The medication is available in vials of 100 mg/ml and 200 mg/ml dosages. These are the ingredients that make up this medication: Testosterone Cypionate, Benzyl benzoate, Cottonseed oil and Benzyl alcohol (which is uses as a preservative).

Of all the types of injectable testosterone Cypionate is considered to be one of the most popular medications to use. It is a medication that has a half life of approximately eight days. It is to be taken intramuscularly only. This means that it should be injected into one of the following areas: the buttocks, the deltoids or the thighs. Injections sites should be rotated with each shot given. This is to avoid irritation, redness, swelling or itching in one particular area.

Testosterone Enanthate

This medication is also one of the testosterone injections types that is a bio-identical replica of the testosterone hormone that is naturally produced in the body. It is an ester that has an approximate week long half life and is used almost as commonly as Testosterone Cypionate is used.

It should also never be murky or have any particles in it. If a medication has particles in it or shows as cloudy looking, this means that it could have bacterial residue in it. This of course is not safe to inject and should be discarded.

Testosterone Enanthate

This medication’s chemical make-up is androst – 4 – en – 3 – one,  17 – [(1 – oxoheptyl) – oxy] -, (17β)-. It is sterile, colorless to pale yellow in color. The solution contains Testosterone Enanthate, Sesame oil and Chlorobutanol (chloral derivative) which is used as a preservative. Its molecular formula is C26H40O3 and its molecular weight is 400.594 g/mol.

Testosterone Enanthate should also only be injected into the deltoid muscle, the buttock muscle or the muscle of the thigh. None of these injections should ever be delivered directly into a vein and injections sites should be rotated.

Both Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Enanthate are used to promote the maintenance and upkeep of male sex characteristics along with giving some other very important benefits. These injections can only be used legally when a patient of TRT is diagnosed with low T from blood work and is an otherwise healthy person as demonstrated from the results of a physical exam and a medical history.

Any client of Greenberg Health must be over 30 and not be a professional athlete. They cannot be looking to solely enhance their sexual capabilities, to enhance their athletic performance or to only increase their muscle growth. These are not legal reasons to use testosterone medications.

Benefits Of The Different Types Of Testosterone Injections

When given with a doctor’s prescription and used while being given medical supervision, there are many benefits of using the different types of testosterone injections. We have talked about Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Enanthate in detail, but Testosterone Propionate is not used as often.

Testosterone Propionate has a very short half life and has to be given much more often. The more appropriate choices in medications are the first two and here are the benefits that they give:

A stronger sexual drive and sexual libido Less irritability and mood swings
The elimination of erectile dysfunction Less agitation and anger outbursts
A higher sperm count An overall stronger emotional well being
Less infertility Better memory
Longer lasting erections Better ability to focus and concentrate
Harder and stronger erections Less of a foggy feeling
Stronger and more intense orgasms Less body pain
Muscle gain Less joint and muscle pain
Weight loss Thicker hair growth
A faster metabolism Less balding
Stronger bone mineral density Stronger skin elasticity
Less risk for bone fractures or breaks Less wrinkles and haggard looking skin
Less danger for developing osteoporosis Faster organ growth
A stronger immune system Better sleeping patterns
Faster healing Better vision
Faster recovery from workouts Lower cholesterol levels
Higher endurance Better heart health
More stamina Less risk for heart attack or stroke
Increased energy and vigor Lower triglyceride levels
Increased vitality Less risk for developing diabetes
Less depression and anxiety  

These benefits are life changing and they can be yours if you are dealing with low T due to aging. The first step to see if you qualify for testosterone replacement therapy with one of the different types of testosterone injections with Greenberg Health is to call us. It is free, easy and can change the rest of your life for the better.