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Do HGH Injections Really Work for Adults?

Do HGH Injections Really Work Growth hormone deficiency (GHD) can take a toll on your life, causing fatigue, poor health, forgetfulness, premature physical aging, and more.

The question often asked of our medical staff is do HGH injections really work. You will be glad to know that they do, safely reversing the symptoms associated with GHD.

Every hormone has a unique role. In the case of growth hormone, the list of actions is long, encompassing functions such as:
  • Metabolism
  • Cell regeneration
  • Immunity
  • Brain functions
  • Heart health
  • Cholesterol, insulin, and blood pressure regulation
  • Maintaining bone density and muscle mass
  • Sexual functions and libido
Do growth hormones really work in all those areas? Yes, injections of human growth hormone really work because the HGH molecules enter the bloodstream and seek out the same receptor cells as naturally produced growth hormone. When HGH binds to those receptors, it stimulates their actions.
The answer to do HGH injections really work for adults is yes, HGH therapy provides superior benefits to men and women diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency.

How Do HGH Injections Work for Adults?

When the body does not produce enough growth hormone, the many actions associated with GH tend to suffer. The body’s cells use growth hormone for regeneration. The skin, muscles, hair, bones, organs, tissues, and nails all need these new cells continuously to keep them healthy by replacing the cells that die off each day.

How do HGH injections really work for adults?

Here are some of the many actions controlled, regulated, or assisted by HGH injections:
  • Physical Actions
    • Stimulating cell reproduction – crucial for the organs, muscles, bones, hair, nails, skin
    • Supporting metabolism and the processing of food, including fat burning
    • Promoting thymus actions to improve white blood cell production for immunity
    • Enhancing sexual desire and functions in men and women
    • Increasing left ventricular mass and critical cardiac functions
    • Normalizing cholesterol, triglyceride, insulin, glucose, and blood pressure levels
    • Regulating temperature sensitivity
  • Mental Actions
    • Improving attention and concentration
    • Increasing learning and spatial processing capabilities
    • Supporting better memory storage and recall
    • Promoting neurogenesis and neuroprotective actions in the brain
    • Regulating crucial neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and serotonin
    • Lowering cortisol levels
    • Improving emotional well-being

Does HGH really work in all these areas?

Yes, growth hormone is considered the body’s master hormone. As its levels decline, any of these areas can begin to feel the impact. HGH injection therapy helps to rejuvenate all these areas that experience the decline. There are still other ways that HGH benefits the body:
  • Other Actions
    • Improving sleep
    • Enhancing sense of humor
    • Increasing exercise capacity
    • Improving quality of life

HGH Injections vs. HGH Releasers: What Is the Difference?

Another common question focuses on the difference between HGH injections and HGH releasers. There are two types of HGH releasers to discuss:
  • Prescription secretagogue injections
  • Over-the-counter HGH boosters

The answer to do HGH releasers really work depends on which type you are asking about. Prescription secretagogue injections include ipamorelin and sermorelin, two medications that work to stimulate an increased amount of growth hormone production in the pituitary gland.

Over-the-counter HGH boosters, such as lotions, pills, capsules, drops, sprays, and patches, do not contain real HGH so they cannot directly increase growth hormone levels. The theory behind these products is similar to that of prescription secretagogues. However, they do not accomplish the same superior results that you get with ipamorelin and sermorelin. Independent research has failed to show benefits similar to those of prescription secretagogues or HGH injections.

Secretagogues work directly on the pituitary gland in comparison to HGH that works on the growth hormone receptors. HGH injections really work faster than secretagogues for that reason – they initiate rapid actions for fast results. With ipamorelin and sermorelin, the benefits are gradual, as the treatment slowly stimulates increased growth hormone production.

How to Get the Best Results from HGH Injections

To get the best results from HGH injections, you want to begin by working with an experienced hormone specialist to diagnose your condition and prescribe your treatment. HGH therapy is customized based on your body’s needs. When asking do HGH injections work, you need to keep in mind that the actions you take can alter the effectiveness of the medication. To maximize your benefits, get adequate sleep, reduce stress, engage in regular exercise, eat healthy and nutritious food, and lose weight.

If I get HGH, does it really work to make me look and feel younger?

Most people will notice their skin becoming firmer and tighter, their hair growing in faster and thicker, and their body composition improving. These changes often lead to looking and feeling younger, healthier, and happier. For additional information, please contact Greenberg Health for a free consultation.