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Does HGH Injections Work for Weight Loss

The diet industry is one of the biggest industries in not only this country, but also the world. Here in the US, however, it has taken on a life of its own, due in part to the hectic and busy lives we lead. It seems you can hardly go a mile or two without passing some form of take out or drive thru restaurant. There is an epidemic in this country of adults who are overweight, and many of them are asking how Does HGH Injections Work to aid with weight loss? That is a good question since we are not talking about your traditional diet it any sense of the word. You do not have to count calories, avoid carbs, submit to strenuous workouts, or purchase any special foods. What we are talking about here is hgh hormone replacement therapy. Let’s look at a little background on growth hormone. During the adult years, growth hormone, which is produced in lesser amounts than during the childhood years, maintains some bodily functions such as metabolism, energy, muscle growth, tissue regeneration, and brain function. Once we hit our mid-twenties, the natural production of this hormone in our pituitary gland begins to decrease. If production goes below levels needed for the basic functioning of the above areas, weight gain, slow metabolism, loss of lean muscle mass, lack of energy, and mental fogginess are some of the symptoms that can occur. How Does HGH Therapy Work? By increasing the amount of growth hormone present in the body, functioning can be returned to a normal state, enabling the body to function as it did before production decreased. Think back to how well your metabolism may have worked in your twenties. When you receive doctor prescribed hgh therapy, your body once again functions as it did then. In addition to your metabolism performing at optimum levels and fat burning away, you may experience clearer skin, thicker hair, more restful sleep, increased lean muscle mass, and a host of other welcome benefits. To discover more about how Does HGH Injections Work to assist with weight loss, continue reading. The more you know, the more you can be helped by hormone replacement therapy.

Is HGH Therapy Safe

We have explored how HGH works for weight loss, as well as improving other age-related symptoms that you would rather not have as part of your life. It is exciting to think that you can lose weight, without dieting or exercising at all. You may, however, be wondering Is HGH Therapy Safe to use for weight loss. The good news is – yes it is! Remember, you are naturally increasing the levels of a hormone your body already has, and requires, for proper functioning of a host of internal systems. It is due to those same levels being low that has you in your current state of health. What we are doing, is correcting a growth hormone deficiency that has occurred in your body. It is precisely this deficiency that if not corrected, can actually be dangerous over time. If you have problems with high cholesterol, your arteries risk damage over time. Reduced bone density, as a result of a low growth hormone level, can put you at risk for osteoporosis, leading to an increased risk of broken bones as you go through life. When you add the extra weight you may be carrying due to a slow functioning metabolism, you can’t afford not to bring your growth hormone level back up to where it properly should be. Excess weight will only serve to exacerbate these conditions. In addition, low growth hormone (GH) in turn causes low IGF-1 levels to be released from the liver, which affects how insulin regulates the metabolizing of carbohydrates. Since IGF-1 also plays a role in cell regeneration and proper functioning of many of the same systems as GH, it only worsens the symptoms you are experiencing. How Does HGH Injections Work to correct and stop this cycle of events that is causing you to look and feel old before your time? Once our doctor prescribes the proper dosage of HGH therapy for you, your growth hormone levels will begin to return to where they naturally should be. This will signal your liver to produce additional IGF-1, bringing those levels back to where they naturally should be, as well. The body is an incredibly complex piece of engineering. Remember the song from your childhood about the knee bone connected to the thigh bone? All the different parts of your body are connected in some way. Your brain sends signals to your organs and glands, releasing hormones, which in turn send signals back up to the brain to control various other functions. Round and around and around you go, living each day oblivious to what is really going on deep inside you. Until, that is, something signals you to stop and pay attention to what may be happening. Luckily, when you know the signs, growth hormone deficiency is easy to diagnose with a simple blood test, and just as easy to correct. So, once again, in answer to the question, Is HGH Therapy Safe, the answer is a resounding YES! When prescribed by a knowledgeable doctor, and followed up over time to ensure your hormone levels are right where they should be, you can be assured you are in good hands.

How Does HGH Therapy Work to Enable Weight Loss

As we mentioned before, the pituitary gland secretes growth hormone which then instructs the liver to secrete IGF-1, a substance that helps prevent insulin from distributing glucose to cells. This glucose can either be used by the body for energy or stored away inside your fat cells for future use. The more fat stored in these cells, the bigger they get and the bigger you get as a result. So How Does HGH Therapy Work to combat this situation? When more HGH – Human Growth Hormone – is released into the body, it sends signals increasing the level of IGF-1 that the liver secretes. This in turn prevents the insulin from storing the glucose away in the fat cells, forcing the body to burn it for energy. Your body then looks internally to those fat cells for additional fuel to burn, resulting in weight loss. By utilizing injectable human growth hormone for weight loss, the body can efficiently burn fat that has been previously stored away, and prevent additional fat storage from taking place. Since HGH forces the body to burn stored fat, weight loss can occur even during times of inactivity. You can go on living the life you lead, without making changes to your diet or exercise routine, and still lose weight effortlessly. The answer to the question – Does HGH Injections Work for weight loss – is an astounding yes! Of course, for those of you who want to maximize the amount and speed at which you lose weight, making minor changes to your diet or increasing your energy output through exercise can bring about an even quicker and greater weight loss. Utilizing human growth hormone for weight loss when you are deficient in the natural production of it can be beneficial to your body in so many ways. Another function of human growth hormone is the production of muscle cells, increasing your lean muscle mass which also helps burn fat more efficiently. Less fat + more muscle = a happier, healthier you. Now that we have answered the question How Does HGH Therapy Work, let’s take a look at what you need to know to find out if hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is right for you. First, in order to discern if you are a candidate for HGH therapy, you will have a blood test to detect if you have low IGF-1 levels. You will also have a physical exam if you have not had one recently, along with filling out a medical history form online. Once all the data is reviewed, one of our doctors will determine if HRT is right for you. Your clinical specialist will go over all the data with you and assist you in getting started as soon as possible.

Does HGH Injections Work – Your Questions Answered

Linda T. in Newark NJ asks: How Can I Get HGH Injections to help me lose weight? I heard that this was a way of getting rid of these extra pounds I am carrying around without dieting or exercising. It almost seems too good to be true. I just have twenty pounds to lose – all belly fat – and it won’t go away no matter what I do. I also notice that my hair has been getting thinner and a few wrinkles are beginning to creep onto my face. Can HGH really help with that, too?

You do have a few of the concerns that people with low IGF-1 levels complain about, Linda. In answer to your question of How Can I Get HGH Injections, you will speak with one of our clinical specialists who will schedule a blood test and physical exam locally for you. You will also fill out our online medical history questionnaire that our doctor will review along with your physical and blood test results to determine if hormone replacement therapy is right for you. How Does HGH Injections Work to combat so many issues in the body is due to the fact that growth hormone regulates so many different functions at once. You should notice a positive change in all these areas you mentioned if it is determined that you should begin HGH injections.

Frank P. in Gainesville FL asks: I have noticed as I am getting older that I am getting a bit of a paunch in my belly. On top of that, my skin is starting to sag and my hairline is receding. I also find myself getting winded by the end of playing 18 holes on the golf course, and it takes me longer to do my daily crossword puzzles. If this is old age, I don’t like it. An old college pal told me about these injections he is taking that has changed his life. My question to you is Where To Get HGH Therapy so I can feel and look better again, too?

You are certainly not the only one to ask us Where To Get HGH Therapy to combat the signs of age, Frank. Nowadays, more and more adults are turning to hormone replacement therapy and HGH injections to combat low levels of growth hormone in their bodies. We are always asked to explain How Does HGH Therapy Work, in addition to the many benefits you can receive. That is why we take the time to provide all the answers right here on our website. The more knowledge and information you have at your disposal, the better a decision you can make if HRT is something that you are interested in, if it turns out your IGF-1 levels are low. One of our clinical specialists will help you get started right over the phone, making it even more convenient to look and feel like your old (young) self again. Does HGH Injections Work – the only way to find out is to see for yourself.