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Do HGH Injections Work

Does HGH Injections Work The question, do HGH injections work, is one of considerable debate. Of course, the answer depends on whom you ask. More importantly, it is essential to do the research and see what the studies have to say. Luckily, Greenberg Health has done all the above, and we will give you the honest facts and answer the question, does HGH work on adults. HGH is human growth hormone, the biologically identical version of growth hormone (GH) or somatotropin, a chemical messenger secreted into the bloodstream in pulsatile bursts from the anterior pituitary gland. Laboratory-produced HGH binds to growth hormone receptors, stimulating the same functions as GH. We know that for children, the answer to does HGH work for height is yes. HGH plays a critical role in helping many youngsters achieve growth when faced with short stature during puberty. What HGH will not do is help adults grow after their growth plates have closed. Yet, as we look at how does HGH actually work, we find it continues to play a critical role in cellular growth throughout our lives. In this way, HGH stimulates the vital process of cellular regeneration, growth of new cells to maintain the skin, hair, muscles, organs, and bones throughout the body.
How do HGH injections work for adults? Discover the many actions of HGH throughout the body!

Actions of HGH on the Body’s Growth Hormone Receptors

The action of HGH is through its binding to growth hormone receptors on tissues throughout the body and brain.

How does HGH work in the body?

Every GH receptor has a unique function, depending on its location. For example, the activity performed by a GH receptor in the hippocampus will vary considerably from that of one in the liver. We can better understand, do HGH injections work, by looking at some of its functions:
  • In the liver
    HGH acts on growth hormone receptors in the liver that regulate insulin growth factor 1 secretion. IGF-1 mediates many of the cellular activities of HGH and plays a role in hepatic triglyceride secretion.
  • In the gonads
    HGH exerts actions in the testes that help with testosterone production and sperm cell maturation (spermatogenesis). In a woman’s ovaries, HGH supports testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen production, as well as follicular development and oocyte viability.
  • On tissues
    Nearly all tissues in the body have growth hormone receptors. HGH works by increasing amino acid uptake in muscle cells, along with supporting protein anabolism and synthesis. Human growth hormone also helps increase bone cell (osteoblast) reproduction to increase bone mineral density, as well as protecting the internal organs from shrinkage.
  • On metabolism
    We are often asked does HGH work for weight loss, and the answer is yes. HGH helps support the metabolism of lipids, carbohydrates, and protein to aid in energy production and fat burning.
  • In the brain
    HGH crosses the blood/brain barrier and performs critical functions within the central nervous system. It has neuroprotective benefits for the brain while supporting learning, cognition, processing, attention, and memory. HGH functions on neurotransmitters help to keep emotional balance through serotonin and dopamine regulation. Studies have shown HGH able to help improve brain functions following a stroke, traumatic brain injury, and opioid abuse.
  • On immunity
    HGH acts on the thymus gland, which shrinks with age, to support white blood cell production crucial to fending off attacking microorganisms.
  • In the heart
    HGH increases left ventricular mass, improves diastolic filling, systolic function, and cardiac performance. IGF-1 promotes nitric oxide release to relax arterial smooth muscle cells and reduce vascular tone.
These are only some of the many ways that HGH injections work throughout the body.

Do HGH Injections Work for Bodybuilders and Athletes?

As part of our goal to provide accurate answers to the question, do HGH injections work, we look at another area of controversy: bodybuilding and sports enhancement. Does HGH work for muscle building in healthy young adults and athletes? The answer here is no, HGH use does not result in more muscle or strength. Numerous studies have looked to answer the question does HGH really work on muscles, and the only benefit they have identified is increased sprint capacity. So, for a short distance runner, HGH would have some advantage, except for the fact that it is banned by all major sports associations. The reason why some people may think that HGH builds muscle and strength is that they use it along with steroids. It is the steroid use that accomplishes this goal, not HGH.

Do HGH Injections Work for Anti-Aging?

Anti-aging is big business. Everyone wants to stay looking and feeling young as long as possible.

Does HGH work for anti-aging?

Here, the answer is also no; HGH cannot stop aging. However, if you are asking do HGH injections work to improve appearance, energy, libido, memory, and many other areas that decline with growth hormone deficiency, then the answer is yes. So, while HGH cannot make you younger, it can help your body function properly so that you look and feel that way.

How Fast Do HGH Injections Work?

Finally, we discuss the speed at which HGH brings results. Everyone wants to know, does HGH work fast to deliver its results. While nothing happens overnight, the answer might surprise you.

How quickly does HGH work?

HGH goes to work immediately, from the very first injection, improving cell regeneration, lipid profile, and inflammation. While you may not notice these changes for many months, they are still happening deep within the body. What you will notice within the first few weeks are more energy, better sleep, improved sense of humor, and a happier mood. Over the next few months, other benefits become evident.

Do HGH injections work for everyone?

No, only those adults with a verified growth hormone deficiency will receive these benefits. Please contact Greenberg Health for a free phone consultation to find out if HGH will work for you.