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All About Testosterone And How Depo-Testosterone Works

How Does Depo-Testosterone Work

Learning all about how does depo-testosterone work is a wise thing to do if you plan to partake in testosterone replacement therapy. We wish to share with you how this injectable hormone works in the body to create balanced levels of the chemical compound and how it relieves symptoms of low T.

In order to understand how long does depo testosterone take to start working or anything else about depo-testosterone, you must understand how naturally produced testosterone in the body works. Then you will better be able to comprehend how injectable medications for low T work in order to make one healthier and stronger.

Testosterone is created in the testes in men and in the ovaries in women. Some is also manufactured in the adrenal glands in both genders. There are certain things that can reduce the amount of testosterone in the system of both men and women.

  • Aging. Getting older slows down all systems and organs in the body and hence, the ovaries and testicles will slow down their production of testosterone
  • The amount of binding of plasma proteins. As binding capacity rises, blood levels of free testosterone lower
  • Certain drugs can reduce testosterone levels
  • Certain nutritional supplements can reduce testosterone levels
  • Eating unhealthy foods
  • Never exercising
  • Pollution and pesticides can have a great effect on many health issues, low T for one

Natural testosterone production from the testes, for example is constantly occurring during the whole period of fetal development. This lasts until a baby is about 10 weeks old. Then, testosterone production stops until puberty. It rises at this time and once again starts to fall sometime when a man is 30 or so.

It lowers each year and by approximately 80 years old, men only have about one third of the testosterone they used to have.

How Does Depo-Testosterone Work

So, how does depo-testosterone work and how fast does depo testosterone work? When someone has low T, which will show in their mandated blood work, and our doctors believe that the ailments they have are being caused by this issue, they can qualify for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Depo-testosterone is prescribed at just the right dosage, is self administered via intramuscular injection and starts to balance out the hormones as soon as it enters the blood stream. Since the medication prescribed is a bio-identical replica of the testosterone that is naturally produced in the system, the body accepts it and the rejection rate of the shots is very low.

How Long Does It Take For Depo-Testosterone To Show Results

Since all people are different, have different body composition and varying body chemistry, how long does depo testosterone take to work will vary for everyone. It is very common; however, for the injectable hormone to start to work very quickly after that very first injection.

When reading different posts, blog entries and experiences of those who are taking these depo-testosterone injections, people have shared that they began to feel results within hours and that results continued almost daily for weeks. They also shared that when they are not taking depo-testosterone, they can feel the difference.

Experts say that when low T is properly diagnosed, TRT is properly prescribed and managed and patients are committed to the process, failure to respond to the medications and to get positive benefits is rare. For issues such as low sex drive, low sexual libido, erectile dysfunction, lethargy, lack of energy, vigor and vitality and problems with sleeping, results tend to happen faster.  

For issues such as being very overweight, when taking other medications or having any kind of chronic illnesses, injections can take longer to balance testosterone levels and work. However, they will create results with patience and proper commitment to one’s treatment plan.

Here is a chart of what one large clinical study demonstrated about response time to TRT for sexual issues and emotional problems. In other words, the research showed how long does it take depo testosterone to work for certain symptoms:

Depo Testosterone How Fast Does It Work




Increased sexual drive and heightened sexual libido

First week

Erections, spontaneous erections and strong ejaculation

Third week

Sexual thoughts, fantasies and overall satisfaction with sex life

Third week

Lessening of mood swings, anxiety, irritability and lack of sociability

Third week

Lifting of depression

Sixth week

Less agitation

Ninth week

Your TRT doctor’s job is to properly manage your treatment by prescribing the right depo-testosterone medication and properly managing your treatment to normalize your testosterone levels without any negative side effects. Their main concern is to get steady, lasting results, not how long does it take depo testosterone to work.

We understand that most people who are partaking in TRT want to see results very quickly and we want that for our patients too. However, as long therapy begins to show benefits within the “normal” or “average” time frame to give quality to life, TRT is a success.