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Learn How Estrogen Therapy Works With Greenberg Health

How Does Estrogen Therapy Work

How does estrogen work? Estrogen therapy works to safely and gently replace and balance the missing estrogen hormone as it depletes in the body with age. As people (both males and females) grow older, they lose hormones that are necessary for vitality, vigor and overall health physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually. Learning how does estrogen therapy work is imperative before beginning a program that will change your life.

Here are some of the most important pieces of information about estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) that you should know:

  • When estrogen naturally depletes in the body, it is usually because aging slows down the organs and glands that produce this chemical compound. This will innately happen to all people as they get older and it can create uncomfortable symptoms. However, symptoms and their severity will vary from person to person. For an example, one person may just feel a little bit more lethargic than normal and blame it on normal aging, while another person may lose all quality of life due to a host of issues.
  • How does estrogen replacement work? ERT is a way to replace the lost hormone on a program with other hormones that are all prescribed by a licensed doctor of endocrinology (or a related medical field). ERT without a prescription is not legal.

The medications will be injected subcutaneously (just under the skin) with a small needle and pain is rarely felt. As long as the hormones are prescribed by a reputable clinic, they should be 100 percent real, pure and authentic. They will be welcomed by the body and balance hormone levels so that symptoms disappear.

  • Testing of the blood and a physical exam must take place before an estrogen deficiency can be diagnosed and before a prescription for ERT can be written. With Greenberg Health, our expert clinical advisors will set this appointment up for each patient. The clinic will be in their city, close to home and the practitioners will be qualified to do this testing.

When you work with Greenberg Health, you will always have our expertise and our support throughout your journey. Our entire staff is kind, caring, compassionate and fully knowledgeable about all aspects of how does estrogen replacement therapy work. If and when you have questions before, during or after therapy, we will be here for you to answer them. During your treatment, we will guide you through your program the entire time.

Our licensed doctors will also be providing medical supervision for you. This is why our patients rarely, if ever experience any negative side effects when they learn from us: How does estrogen work in males as well as learning how does estrogen work in the female body?

The short answer is that estrogen therapy works the same way in both males and females. Once the prescribed medication is injected at the right dosage in a sterile way, it will go to work in an identical way in both genders.

Do You Need A Prescription For Estrogen Replacement Therapy

When taking any kind of hormone medication, including estrogen, you will need to get a prescription for it. This will be done after testing takes place to confirm that your issues are due to an estrogen deficiency. This is the only way that ERT will be legal and safe.

People come to us with all different kinds of aging issues that are all varying in their severity. However, no matter what the symptoms are or how serious they are, the people experiencing them all have one thing in common. They all want to learn how does estrogen work to prevent osteoporosis or how does ERT work to prevent hot flashes, night sweats, low sexual libido, lost memory, weight gain, wrinkled skin and other issues that will occur when estrogen levels deplete.

Many people want results from ERT quickly. This is very understandable. We all want to feel better as fast as possible. These potential patients will ask us how fast does estrogen replacement therapy work? Our answer is: It depends upon the individual person.

Usually when taking any hormone medication, results will show rather quickly. However, for full benefits, the patient will have to stay consistent and committed to taking their injections as prescribed and living a healthy lifestyle for at least six months.