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HGH Injections How Long to See Results

HGH Injections How Long To See Results

You may feel the effects of HGH therapy long before you can see any changes with your eyes. Some of the adults who ask about HGH injections – how long to see results and how do I know if treatment is working – expect quick actions. That is not going to be the case.

HGH is not a quick fix of a problem that has been long in the making. Your body’s decrease of human growth hormone production has been going on for years, or even decades. Reversing those changes will take some time.

That does not mean that you will not achieve rapid benefits of HGH injections. Fast and effective results do occur in the first few weeks. Others may even start to notice the changes when they catch you laughing at a joke. Improved sense of humor tends to appear before the passing of four weeks. Other results from HGH injections during this first month include:

  • Falling asleep quicker at night, and staying asleep rather than frequent waking
  • Feeling more refreshed upon awakening
  • Having more energy to get through the day
  • Better perceived quality of life
  • Positive changes in mood and outlook

Inside your body, HGH is going to work improving cellular production, cholesterol levels, immune functions, inflammation, and metabolism. You cannot see these changes, but they are happening.

Average Timeline of HGH Injection Results

No two people are alike. The way the body adjusts and responds to HGH injection therapy is also unique. The compilation of our average HGH results timeline is based on generalizations. By comparing the results of thousands of adults, we can estimate when specific benefits are likely. Your results may vary. You should only be concerned if you do not experience any changes at all.

In answer to when do you see results from HGH injections, please check out the timeline below:

  • HGH results after 1 month

Aside from the changes already mentioned during the first few weeks of HGH therapy, you may also notice:

  • Decreased feelings of depression
  • Improved exercise capacity
  • Better concentration and productivity
  • Possible enhanced sex drive
  • HGH results after 2 months

Now is the time you can begin to see some changes in your body as all previous benefits strengthen:

  • Slight loss of belly fat
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Nails grow faster and thicker
  • Hair growth improves
  • Increased collagen begins to thicken the skin
  • Night vision may become clearer
  • HGH results after 3 months

The end of the third month brings significant changes as prior results also improve:

  • Reduced risk of osteoporosis as bones become less porous and begin to strengthen
  • Cognitive functions improve: better memory, learning ability, mental processing, calculations, spatial performance, and concentration
  • Significantly improved sexual performance and pleasure
  • Better flexibility and movement
  • Fewer joint and muscle aches
  • Reduction in PMS or menopausal symptoms for women
  • Skin firming increases
  • Eyesight improves
  • Frequency of illness declines
  • Faster wound healing
  • HGH results after 4 months

As all prior benefits continue to improve, the following changes are also noticeable:

  • Significant improvements in cardiac health begin
  • Physical body appearance begins to change as weight loss, and increased muscle mass start to tone the body
  • Hair grows in thicker and shinier; you may notice regrowth in past areas of loss (color may return after six months of HGH therapy)
  • Continued firming, tightening, and elasticity of the skin – in the next two months you may see a reduction in discoloration and age spots

These are only some of the benefits to expect with HGH injections. How long to see results depends on your body’s unique metabolism of HGH upon injection. The plethora of growth hormone receptor cells throughout the brain and the body will receive the increased supply of HGH daily.

How to Get the Best Possible HGH Injection Results

We are often asked how long do results from HGH injections last. Will they go away if treatment ends after six months?

Once again, the answer is based on the individual. Some people start to sleep better at night which increases natural growth hormone production. Adding in a high-intensity interval training program a few times a week will help boost daily HGH secretion.

If you can naturally increase HGH levels without injections following one six-month treatment cycle, your results will continue. Maintaining the best HGH injections results may be as simple as changing your eating times. Intermittent fasting helps boost HGH production.

We do not need to tell you that stress is your body’s enemy. Higher levels of cortisol decrease growth hormones. Find ways to relax, and your HGH results will last much longer.

You may also want to continue HGH therapy. Some people do fine with lower doses. Your clinical advisor will discuss options with you following your repeat bloodwork.

If you have other questions about HGH injections, how long to see results, or how to begin treatment, please contact Greenberg Health for a complimentary consultation.