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Do HGH Injections Work for Adults?

Do HGH Injections Work

You may have heard about human growth hormone injections for children who have trouble growing. What you may not know is the benefits of HGH for adults. How do HGH injections work in the adult body, and who can benefit from them are the questions we will answer below.

Does HGH really work, or is it all a hype?

The hype surrounding HGH is how athletes and bodybuilders think it will benefit them. HGH therapy is just as it sounds – a medical treatment aimed at correcting a growth hormone deficiency (GHD) in the body. If a person is not growth hormone deficient, he or she will not benefit from HGH injections.

However, for adults with GHD, HGH therapy provides superior results.

Do HGH injections work for adults? For those with diagnosed growth hormone deficiency, the answer is YES!

How Do HGH Injections Work on Adults?

When looking at how HGH works, the first aspect of it is how it stimulates the production of other hormones. If a person has low growth hormone (GH) levels, that will likely also lower testosterone and insulin growth factor 1 (IGF-1) production. IGF-1 is crucial because it mediates many of the GH functions on the body’s cells.

The next area is cellular regeneration. GH and IGF-1 promote the reproduction of cells to replace the ones that die off. These cells support muscle and bone mass, skin texture and elasticity, hair and nail growth, and internal organ size and functions.

How do HGH injections work for metabolism and immunity?

HGH works on all the same receptor cells as growth hormone. That is why it carries out the same functions as GH, including regulating metabolism and lipolysis, which helps with weight management. HGH also supports thymus gland actions for strengthening the immune system

In adults, HGH stimulates sexual desire and performance, normalizes cholesterol and blood pressure, and improves insulin sensitivity. HGH also benefits heart health and brain functions, including memory and emotional well-being.

What Happens When HGH Injections Do Not Work?

It is rare for HGH injections not to work for adults diagnosed with GHD. As long as a hormone specialist prescribes the treatment, it should work. We recommend a discussion with the hormone clinic to ensure that you are taking the proper dosage. In some cases, it may be necessary to have the doctor increase the amount of HGH.

Do HGH injections work if you do not take them every day?

You have to be consistent with your treatment as prescribed. If not, you will not see the expected results.

How to Improve HGH Injections Benefits

How do HGH injections work at their best – what can I do to improve my results?

These steps can maximize the benefits of HGH injections:

  • Lose weight – people who are overweight have lower growth hormone levels. By losing weight, you can increase HGH benefits.
  • Exercise – the best way to increase HGH during the day is to engage in physical activity.
  • Get more sleep – ensuring that you get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night will maximize your natural growth hormone production and HGH results.
  • Reduce stress – when you are stressed, the body increases cortisol production. Higher levels of cortisol interfere with sleep and oppose growth hormone levels.

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