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How Does HGH Work for Adults?

Does HGH Work

Human growth hormone is one of the most understood and misunderstood hormones in the body. It is understood because doctors specializing in the field of hormone replacement see the results in their patients every day. Results such as increased energy, weight loss, improved muscle tone, sharper memory, and more. HGH is misunderstood because there is still much we do not know, and even more that those who are uninformed do not yet realize. How does HGH work in adults diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency?

That is the question – how does it work.

Growth hormone, a chemical naturally secreted by the pituitary gland, is vital for the body’s process of cellular regeneration. This is the creation of new cells to take over for the ones that die off each day. How does HGH work on adults to protect this process? Human growth hormone enters the bloodstream and races to receptor cells throughout the body. Once it arrives, HGH delivers its signal and disappears. During that brief time, the growth and maintenance of tissue in the brain, organs, heart, muscle, skin, bones, and more can occur. In other words, HGH can impart growth-promoting properties on cells throughout the body, with the help of a hormone its signal stimulates – insulin growth factor 1 (secreted by the liver).

Does HGH Work for Anti-Aging?

With the knowledge that HGH works on cellular regeneration, you may be wondering does HGH work for anti-aging. The answer depends on your definition of anti-aging.

If you believe that it means stopping time and preventing aging, the answer is no, HGH does not work. It is not a time capsule that will take you back in history and prevent you from getting older.

If on the other hand, you believe that anti-aging means giving the body the tools it needs to maintain a natural youthful appearance, and prevent the effects of premature aging, then the answer may be yes. If a person is dealing with growth hormone deficiency, then there is no doubt about the answer to does HGH work? Anti-aging effects occur that smooth and tighten the skin, thicken the hair, sharper brain functions, and even promote a healthy libido.

Does HGH actually work to reverse the effects of osteoporosis, high cholesterol, and other health concerns? Again, the answer is yes – if these issues are found to be in conjunction with growth hormone deficiency. People can experience physiological changes for other reasons. We are focusing on the effects of GH decline on the body, and how human growth hormone can reverse those symptoms and concerns.

Different Ways that HGH Works for Adults

There are many different ways that HGH works for adults. It helps to strengthen the immune system so that a person gets fewer colds and viruses, as well as quickening the healing time. In what ways does HGH work fast in adults? The first change that most people notice is an increase in available energy. Instead of running out of steam, within a week or two, fatigue is no longer an issue. Better sleep and an improved state of mind and feelings of emotional well-being are not far behind. All of this will come by the end of the first month. Throughout the remaining six months of treatment, stronger muscles, better eyesight, sharper cognitive functions, and lower cholesterol are all positive changes that will occur.

Human growth hormone accelerates a process known as lipolysis – the breaking down of fats (lipids). When we look at how does HGH work for fat loss , we find that HGH increases the way the metabolism processes carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids, turning them into fuel rather than stored fat. Additionally, people using HGH therapy find that they lose visceral fat at the same time.

  • Does HGH work for height stimulation in adults?

Physical growth ends once the growth plates are no longer able to fuse together as they have reached their stopping point. For most young men and women, this occurs between the ages of 18 and 24. Adults have a tendency to suffer from height shrinkage in later years. This is most often caused by dehydration and compression of the discs between the vertebrae. Low growth hormone levels weaken the bones and decrease lean muscle mass. A reduction in bone density in the aging spine can lead to curvature and an increased risk of fractures. HGH therapy helps to increase bone mineral density, strengthening the bones from the inside out. Lean muscle tissue grows, and this helps support the skeletal structure. A person may be able to stand taller, so it may seem as though growth has occurred.

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