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How Can Low Testosterone Levels Affect Men’s Health

Testosterone and Men's Health

Testosterone is one of the most important and powerful hormones within a man’s body. In years past, not much attention was given to men’s health issues, especially testosterone and men’s health. However, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has become more popular than ever in recent years due to the research that proves that low testosterone levels can affect men’s health in very negative and all-encompassing ways.

In what ways can low testosterone affect men’s health?

Low energy


Low amounts of stamina

Crow’s feet

Low amounts of endurance

Sagging skin

Loss of vigor and vitality

Loss of memory


Better concentration

Low sexual drive

Better ability to focus

Erectile dysfunction


Inability to maintain hard erections

An overall foggy feeling


Emotional instability

Low sperm count


Inability to experience an orgasm or ejaculation

Mood swings

Loss of muscle mass


Weight gain (especially around the abdomen)

Anger outbursts



Thinning hair


Higher cholesterol levels


Risk for heart attack or stroke

Weaker eyesight

Weaker heart rate

Poor sleeping patterns or inability to sleep

Weaker bone mineral density

Weaker immunity

Risk for osteoporosis

Difficulty healing from wounds

Higher triglyceride levels

Difficulty healing from injuries

Risk for developing diabetes

Difficulty recovering from workouts

Weak skin elasticity

Difficulty warding off sickness or infection

Not all men will experience all of the above mentioned symptoms, but these are the most common ones that occur when low T starts to take over. This will usually occur in a man over the age of 30.

In the past years, men would have to suffer with these symptoms because they were not truly addressed. Many times, males would just suffer in silence and not even seek out medical help at all. It was not until billboards, radio ads, television commercials and print ads in magazines started to give low testosterone and men’s health the attention that it deserves.

However, it is important to understand that doctor prescribed, bio-identical injectable testosterone medications such as Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate are the only effective and safe ways to experience change. They must be prescribed by a licensed doctor who will also give medical supervision throughout therapy. Supplements, enhancers and boosters do not work. They are waste of money for consumers and not a truly legitimate way for sellers to make a profit.

Supplements do not contain enough medication to work. They are usually taken orally in the form of pills, drops, powders or sprays and never get to the bloodstream to where they need to go to work. They are metabolized quickly in the stomach and have no effect on increasing low T.

Can Testosterone Replacement Therapy Improve Men’s Health

Greenberg Health is a testosterone men’s health clinic that has proven that testosterone replacement therapy can improve men’s health when done under the supervision of our licensed physicians and skilled, kind and caring clinical advisors. When a client commits to following their customized treatment plan, keeps in touch with our clinical advisors and is open to receiving medical monitoring by our doctors, the end results can be remarkable. A man can feel as though he is in his 20’s again, as many of our clients have been sharing.

Once testing takes place to prove that low T is a problem, a man will get a diagnosis of low T and a correct prescription from our professionals. He will then not only learn how to take his injections properly, but he will also get an education on healthy lifestyle habits for a healthy life. TRT is a combination of injections and the following:

  • Eating nutritionally balanced meals and snacks
  • Getting at least eight hours of sleep per evening
  • Exercising enough
  • Keeping stress levels low and under control
  • Never smoking
  • Keeping alcoholic consumption to a healthy, responsible amount

Learning how to live a healthy life will be everlasting and can increase the longevity of a man’s lifespan. Keeping testosterone levels balanced will rid of the nasty symptoms that bring on lethargy and apathy about life. It will improve personal, intimate and social relationships and even help with concentration and focus for better performance on the job.