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Testosterone Therapy Results Before And After

Testosterone Results

One of the best ways to understand testosterone results before and after is by hearing or reading about them from actual patients of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). We are going to share actual benefits that have occurred from real clients who went through six months of therapy with Greenberg Medical.

Before TRT treatment begins, people usually call our clinic complaining of the following:

Loss of muscle mass Loss of ability to gain or maintain an
Weight gain Hot flashes
Fat gain especially around the abdomen Night sweats
Irritability Wrinkled skin
Mood swings Sagging skin
Depression Loss of hair
Anger outbursts Balding
Anxiety Nails that will not grow
Emotional instability Loss of memory
Sleepless nights Inability to concentrate or focus
Loss of sexual libido  

There are many symptoms of low T that occur within the body that will not always be apparent to a patient. These can be dangerous issues that need attention before they get worse. Testosterone replacement helps the following:

  • High cholesterol levels
  • High triglyceride levels
  • Slower metabolism
  • Danger for stroke or heart failure
  • A weak immune system
  • Less regrowth of the cells and tissues in the body
  • Lower bone mineral density
  • Shrinking organs (including the brain)
  • Osteoporosis
  • Lack of regrowth of internal cells and tissues
  • An unhealthy heart rate

Let us talk about the testosterone therapy results that will occur during each month that a person is on TRT.

Month To Month Results Of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Here is a good example of the changes that occur in the mind and in the body during a typical six month course of testosterone replacement therapy:

Testosterone therapy results: One month
General mood and overall sense of well being becomes greatly enhanced
Gain in lean body muscle
Loss of some abdominal excess fat
Less depression
Much more energy
Much more stamina and endurance
Testosterone therapy results: Two months
Much leaner body
A complete transformation in self image due to great early body transformation
Much more apparent muscle gain
Skin elasticity is stronger
Less saggy skin and less wrinkles
Balding stops
Hair grows thicker
A faster metabolism
Testosterone therapy results: Three months
Much greater sexual desire
Loss of erectile dysfunction
Much stronger erections that last longer
Greater sperm count
Greater sperm potency
Increased concentration
Increased ability to focus on daily tasks
Better memory
An increase in flexibility
Testosterone therapy results: Four months
Better memory
Overall better mental cognition
Less forgetfulness
Even more muscle growth, muscle tone and a ripped appearance in abdominals
More weight loss
Better skin, hair and nail texture
More slowing of balding and actual hair growth
Testosterone therapy results: Five months
More abdominal fat loss
Fuller noticeable hair growth
Much better looking skin
Much better sexual performance and libido
Testosterone therapy results: Six months
All results should become apparent by this last month of TRT. If a patient has followed his treatment plan exactly, according to how a Greenberg Health licensed physician wrote it, he will be feeling better than he did when he was in his 20’s. This is in all ways, physically, emotionally, mentally and sexually.
The transformations will be so remarkable that when a man looks in the mirror, he will feel amazing with very high hopes and plans for his future.