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How Does Low Testosterone Influence Sexual Libido

Testosterone and Libido

When people hear the word testosterone, they usually immediately think of sexual libido and sexual drive. The reason is because the relationship between testosterone and libido is strong. When testosterone depletes as both males and females age, the symptoms due to the loss of this hormone can be quite life changing. Some of the sexual symptoms that can cause issues are:

  • loss of sexual drive
  • decreased sexual libido
  • erectile dysfunction
  • lower sperm count
  • infertility
  • vaginal dryness
  • inability to maintain an erection
  • inability to have an orgasm

These are all very common symptoms for which people will seek out testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) in order to gain a prescription for testosterone for libido and everything else to improve their sexual lives. When testosterone dips, personal and intimate relationships can be greatly affected. This can then cause other problems such as divorce, loss of self esteem and even depression.

How exactly do testosterone and libido levels correlate? Testosterone is created in the testicles of a man in the ovaries of a woman. When these organs slowdown in their functioning as a person grows older, testosterone will slow down its production as well. This will usually lead to different problems concerning sexual desire, libido and ability to perform sexually the way the person used to when they were in their 20’s.

There are other things, as well that affect sexual libido such as sleep deprivation, depression, stress and other possible physical or mental issues. So, can changing these poor habits as well as prescribed injections of the right dosage of testosterone boost libido? There is no doubting that testosterone affects libido and that when it is safely increased in the body, it can and bring back a healthy and strong sexual libido and ability to perform. This in return can strengthen relationships and bring back self esteem and eliminate depression.

Can Testosterone Therapy Help To Increase Sexual Libido

Testosterone therapy can most definitely help to increase sexual libido as proven in a multitude of clinical studies. With that said, therapy is only successful when using injectable top quality testosterone medications for men as prescribed by a licensed physician. Women will be prescribed a cream. Never are testosterone and libido enhancers suggested or advised to use for TRT.

Enhancers, supplements and boosters are useless over the counter products that are sold simply to make money. There is no evidence that they work to increase sexual libido or any other sexual problems. Firstly, the do not contain enough bio-identical testosterone and secondly, once they are ingested orally (in the form of sprays, pellets, pills, drops or powders), they are metabolized quickly by the stomach acids and gone. They are a waste of your time and a waste of your money.

Testosterone injections; however, have proven to boost sexual libido that dips because of low T. This successful treatment has helped numerous men and women around the country to gain back their sexual lives. You can change your existence by getting a legal prescription from one of our Greenberg Health licensed doctors, including medical supervision with an individualized treatment plan and help from our clinical advisors.

Increasing testosterone levels can have a huge influence on the amount and quality of sexual encounters for both men and women. TRT can allow both genders to increase their sexual desire and be able to fulfill their sexual encounters and fantasies successfully and pleasurably.

When your sex drive is boosted due to safe and legal TRT, this will increase self esteem, self worth, energy levels, decrease fatigue, decrease depression and reduce stress. It will also lead to many other wonderful benefits that will improve overall health.

Testosterone replacement therapy via intramuscular injection takes about eight weeks to take full effect in changing a man’s health, according to an endocrinologist and chairman of the department of medicine at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He also shared that taking the hormone at the prescribe dosage is safe and effective.

Of course, medical supervision must take place during the entire treatment program with clinical advisors readily available as well. Patients must take the responsibility of following their prescription exactly as written by the doctor and live a healthy lifestyle with getting enough sleep, eating well, keeping stress levels low, exercising and never smoking. These will be how to increase testosterone and libido in the safest, most effective and healthy way.

Benefits Of Testosterone Therapy On Sexual Health

A large case study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism showed a very strong correlation between the benefits of testosterone and libido. This study set out to measure the strength of the relationship between low testosterone and decreased libido.

The subjects consisted of 1,632 men between the ages of 40 and 70 years old. The article clearly stated that:

“Libido and T concentrations are strongly related at the population level.”

It also stated that:

“Reduced libido is widely considered the most prominent symptomatic reflection of low testosterone (T) levels in men and the correction of low T via supplementation therapy is regarded as a promising treatment for the symptoms of androgen deficiency (AD), including reduced libido.”

Another article, shared the benefits of an increased testosterone and libido. It was published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology. The objective was to study and compare how testosterone affects different elements of sexual life. A total of 17 randomized, placebo controlled trials were analyzed.

The results of this study that evaluated 656 subjects, demonstrated that testosterone treatment improved:

  • the number of nocturnal erections
  • sexual thoughts
  • sexual motivation
  • successful intercourse
  • elimination of erectile function
  • improved overall sexual satisfaction

The New England Journal of Medicine conducted a study on testosterone and female libido. The research was a double blind and placebo controlled trial that lasted for 52 weeks. There were 814 women involved in the study.

It is important to mention that women with low testosterone levels will get a prescription for a cream instead of for injectable medications. This is because they need less medication and less balanced testosterone within their bodies than men do. In this study, some women received patches that delivered the right amount of testosterone into their systems and others received a placebo.

The conclusion was that the women who received the medication for their testosterone deficiency libido had a much greater frequency of satisfying sexual encounters. The doses of testosterone that were given to these women were associated with a greatly significant increase in their sexual libido.