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Results of HGH Injections: Timeline for Adults


Any adult diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency will likely be curious about their expected results of HGH injections. After months or years of dealing with fatigue, lack of sleep, low libido, weight gain, and brain fog, it is exciting to know that all of that will soon come to an end.

Being able to emerge from that fog stronger, healthier, happier, and more energized is what life – and HGH therapy – are all about.

The use of HGH injections in adults is not new – it has been around for over three decades. Long-term results have shown that men and women experience renewed vigor, passion, and motivation in all areas of their lives. Many people report looking and feeling years (sometimes decades) younger.

The best way to document HGH results before and after treatment begins is through photographic evidence. Take pictures of your face and body (front and side views) so that you can see how your appearance and physique transform.

Our HGH results timeline below highlights the most commonly achieved benefits of human growth hormone therapy for adults. These achievements are only estimates of what to expect – averages of when the majority of people notice these changes. Your results may vary as much as a month or two.

Use this results of HGH injections guideline as a blueprint of what to expect and look for as you begin your treatment.

Results After One Month of HGH Injections

During the first month of treatment, the results of HGH injections will likely be subtle. Do not expect to lose any weight, see changes in your muscle mass, or erase all the wrinkles from your face. Here at Greenberg Health, we want you to enter your treatment with realistic expectations. Yes, you may experience more energy in the first week – or not until the end of the first month.

If you do not notice any of the first-month results of HGH by the end of four weeks, please contact our clinic as we will want to ensure you are administering the correct dosage. The doctor may even alter your treatment program, if necessary, to help you achieve these benefits.

  • HGH results after 1 months
    • Improved sleep quality and duration
    • More energy
    • Sharper focus
    • Happier mood
    • More positive outlook
    • Better sense of humor
    • Possible increase in sexual desire
    • Decreased inflammation
    • Improved cell regeneration
    • Increased insulin growth factor 1 production

You will not know that the last three items on the list are occurring – these are not changes that you can see or feel. Trust in the fact that HGH is working at the cellular level to improve your overall health.

Results After Two Months of HGH Injections

With each month, the results of using HGH continue to strengthen. For example, even though we listed more energy and better sleep in month one, these benefits will continue to improve with every passing month. That is why we do not post them over and over – it is to be expected.

  • HGH results after 2 months
    • Collagen and elastin production increase to help reduce the signs of wrinkles and sagging skin
    • Better metabolism increases food conversion to energy – allowing for the burning of stored fat
    • Reduced feelings of depression and fewer mood swings
    • Increased cell regeneration begins to show as improved muscle tone
    • Sexual frequency may begin to increase

Results After Three Months of HGH Injections

Three is the magic number where others start to notice the results of HGH injections. You may be asked about how you are losing weight or what skincare products you are using. On the job, you likely have more focus and increased productivity. HGH injections provide benefits for the entire body through increased cell regeneration, sharper brain functions, and improved health.

  • HGH results after 3 months
    • Sharper cognitive functions
    • Improved memory
    • Firmer, tighter skin
    • Stronger immunity
    • Speedier healing
    • Increased muscle mass
    • Fat loss
    • Better sexual functions and orgasm satisfaction
    • Increased exercise capacity
    • Reduced PMS and menopausal symptoms
    • Stronger nails

Changes the you can see make a considerable difference in your self-image.

After three months, the results of HGH injections become significantly noticeable.

Results After Four Months of HGH Injections

HGH injection results four months into treatment continue to provide improvements in brain functions, appearance, and health.

  • HGH results after 4 months
    • Thicker, faster hair growth
    • Decreased joint pain
    • Improved organ functions, size, and structure
    • Increased strength
    • More endurance
    • Enhanced emotional well-being
    • Improved motivation and productivity
    • Better flexibility

Results After Five Months of HGH Injections

There are not many new changes to report except that the previous benefits continue to improve. Keep in mind that HGH results time varies.

HGH results after 5 months often bring a decreased appearance of skin discoloration and age spots. Many people report significantly improved body composition.

Results After Six Months of HGH Injections

Six months into your treatment, the results of HGH injections have made significant changes in your health. As you will see below, some of these benefits may show up in blood tests.

  • HGH results after 6 months
    • Better cardiac capacity and output
    • Increased anaerobic capacity
    • More normalized blood pressure
    • Decreased total and LDL cholesterol
    • Reduced inflammation
    • Possible natural hair color return
    • Stronger bones

HGH injections results help to strengthen the heart, organs, muscles, immune system, bones, and brain functions. Metabolism, sexual functions, even fertility all experience benefits of HGH therapy.

Long-Term Results of HGH Injections

The long-term results of HGH injections offer considerable benefits for your health, reducing the risk of developing high blood pressure and cholesterol levels often associated with cardiovascular disease. Loss of weight and improved insulin sensitivity lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.

For people with these conditions, it is likely they will see a considerable improvement in their health. The risks of developing dementia and osteoporosis also decrease.

Through doctor-supervised treatment with HGH, best results are not only possible; they are often life-changing. You will see the changes in the mirror, in how you feel, and how your body and brain perform.

How to Get the Best Results from HGH Injections

To get the best HGH injections results, follow all instructions for use provided by your doctor. Also, making a few simple changes to lifestyle habits can improve HGH results:

  • Get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep daily
  • Exercise a few times a week
  • Lose weight
  • Reduce stress
  • Try intermittent fasting
  • Decrease sugar and processed food intake

Please contact Greenberg Health to learn how you can benefit from the results of HGH injections. Consultations by phone are free and confidential, so call today.