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HGH Injections Results: What to Expect

HGH Injections Results Adult growth hormone deficiency (AGHD) is a significant problem for many men and women. As the body ages, many hormone levels, including growth hormone, begin to decline. Because these vital chemical messengers still have critical functions in the body, changes associated with their decline can lead to further health issues. For that reason, we provide a detailed look at HGH injections results for those individuals diagnosed with AGHD. Aging can lead to frustration as the body no longer looks, feels, or performs as it once did. Sexual decline, achy joints, thinning hair, weight gain, and flabby muscles can leave a person feeling as though the best years of their lives are long gone. However, thanks to injectable HGH results, that does not have to be the case. Lack of sleep, poor focus, forgetfulness, depression, and mood swings can all be a part of the past as renewed vitality and mental acuity return. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about HGH injection therapy:
  • Where to inject HGH for best results: Since HGH is a subcutaneous injection, most people administer it below the skin of their abdomens.
  • When to inject HGH for best results: The best time for an HGH injection is in the evening, at least three hours after eating. Injecting HGH at bedtime simulates the natural release and usage cycle of growth hormone.
  • Is HGH Safe? Yes, when prescribed by a hormone specialist to treat AGHD, HGH therapy is extremely safe.
  • How quickly it works: HGH injections begin to work right away, improving physiological functions deep inside the body.
HGH injections results begin right away, improving physiological functions deep inside the body.

HGH Injection Results During the First Month

Our HGH results timeline begins with the earliest changes you will likely notice. Some may start in the first week or two of treatment. From the very first injection, HGH goes to work on inflammatory markers, insulin sensitivity, metabolism, brain functions, immunity, and cholesterol levels. While you may not yet notice these changes, they are already at work deep beneath the skin’s surface.

What can you expect to notice from HGH injection therapy in the first few weeks?

For most people, the earliest benefits are better sleep and improved sense of humor. That may seem surprising, that sense of humor is listed as an early response. However, since HGH goes right to work on growth hormone receptors in the brain, having a clearer, more focused awareness enables a person to see the humor around them. And, as you begin to feel better, you are more likely to experience a happier emotional state. A significant benefit of HGH therapy is the increase in insulin growth factor 1 production in the liver. The amount of IGF-1 produced depends on how much growth hormone the liver receives each day. Since IGF-1 mediates many of growth hormone’s actions, including cell regeneration, this is of vital importance to the body. The following HGH injections results after 1 month often start to appear within the first few weeks. If you do not notice any of these benefits by the end of four weeks of treatment, let the hormone clinic know as your dosage may need adjusting by the doctor.
  • One month:
    • Improved sleep – more HGH helps reduce cortisol levels, which can interfere with sleep
    • Increased energy – more sleep translates to better energy levels and endurance
    • Happier mood – increasing growth hormone levels helps to reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress
    • Better focus – as GH receptors in the brain receive more HGH, they initiate improved cognitive processing that affects concentration, memory, learning, and more
    • Reduced inflammation – although blood test results may not yet show this benefit, inflammatory markers are already reaping the benefits of increased growth hormone levels
The earliest HGH injections results improve focus, sleep, mood, and energy.

HGH Injection Results at Two Months

Although we did not address libido and sexual performance during the first month, some people will start to see early improvements in these areas. However, HGH injections results after 2 months will likely show significant changes. From increased sexual desire to better erectile functions, men will start to feel like their old self again in the bedroom. Not to be left out, many women report more satisfying sex lives along with better vaginal lubrication.
  • Two months:
    • Cellular regeneration – HGH is deep at work at the cellular level, increasing the production of new cells, collagen, and elastin – bringing benefits to the muscles, bones, skin, hair, nails, and internal organs
    • Improved muscle tone – HGH helps increase lean muscle mass and strength in those adults with diagnosed growth hormone deficiency
    • Decreased depression – symptoms of depression start to give way to feelings of happiness, improved outlook, and reduced mood swings
    • Fewer wrinkles – increased collagen and elastin help to firm and tighten the skin, reducing the visible signs of aging and sagging
    • Better metabolism – improved processing of food results in the start of weight loss and increased energy
All the effects from month one continue to strengthen through the remainder of treatment.

HGH Injection Results Three Months Into Treatment

Perhaps no other month seems as significant as month three. This is when the results of HGH injections begin to show to a point where others take notice. Do not be surprised if people ask about a more youthful or toned appearance thanks to the changes in weight, muscle mass, or skin texture. HGH injections results after 3 months are visible to others. They also start to make an incredible difference in how a person sees him or herself and the world around them. Sharper brain functions, increased motivation, and a desire to get back to activities once enjoyed often enter the picture.
  • Three months:
    • Weight loss – a decrease in belly fat becomes noticeable – even without exercise or diet (although both those additions will increase the results)
    • Muscle tone – a significant improvement in muscle mass is evident
    • Tighter skin – increased collagen and elastin plump and firm the skin, decreasing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, cellulite, and sagging
    • Stronger nails – reduced breakage and chipping
    • Decreased PMS symptoms – improved menstrual cycle regulation
    • Reduced menopause symptoms – women often report fewer night sweats and hot flashes
    • Increased exercise capacity – beneficial changes in cholesterol, metabolism, sleep, and energy all add up to better cardiac capacity for exercise
    • Sharper brain functions – enhanced cognitive processing, focus, and memory
    • Stronger immunity – HGH helps rebuild the thymus, the producer of white blood cells for a healthier immune system
    • Faster healing – better cell regeneration and a stronger immune system helps speed healing from injury and illness
    • Better sex – improved sexual functions and intensified orgasms
HGH injections results become visible to others.

What to Expect as HGH Therapy Continues

HGH injections results after 4 months see noticeable changes in the size of the body’s internal organs that may shrink as growth hormone levels decline. Some of the significant changes at this time can be seen below:
  • Four months:
    • Better drive and productivity
    • Faster, fuller, thicker hair growth
    • Increased muscle strength
    • Better organ structure and functions
    • Improved feelings of emotional well-being
    • More self confidence
    • Reduced joint pain
    • Increased endurance
    • Improved flexibility
HGH injections results after 5 months continue to build on those of the months before.
  • Five months:
    • Significant changes in body composition
    • Better skin tone
    • Reduction in appearance of age spots and skin discoloration
HGH injections results after 6 months bring significant improvements in overall quality of life, although for a few, this might not be seen until 9 to 12 months after the start of treatment.
  • Six months:
    • Significant improvement in anaerobic capacity and physical function
    • Lower LDL and total cholesterol and triglyceride levels
    • Possible return of natural hair color
    • Improved cardiac output and functions
    • Decreased blood pressure
    • Reduced inflammation

Long-Term Benefits of HGH Injection Therapy

HGH results influence many areas of the body, improving the GH/IGF-1 axis regulation of cardiac metabolism through an increase in protein synthesis, amino acid uptake, muscle-specific gene expression, and cardiomyocyte size. With better collagen deposition rate in the heart, and decreased cardiomyocyte apoptosis (cellular death), there is also a reduction in myocyte loss and better heart health. Other long-term benefits of HGH injection therapy for the heart include:
  • Increased left ventricular mass and wall thickness
  • Better ejection fraction
  • Reduced peripheral vascular resistance
  • Higher cardiac output
  • Improved diastolic filling and systolic function
  • Better nitric oxide production from higher IGF-1 levels
Benefits of HGH injections for other areas of the body include:
  • Increased glomerular filtration rate and renal plasma flow in the kidneys
  • Improved blood cell production and circulation
  • Neuroprotective benefits for the brain and central nervous system
  • May support brain repair following an injury
  • Improved neurogenesis and reduced cellular apoptosis in the brain
  • Impact on neurotransmitters, including serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline
It may take up to 6 to 18 months of HGH therapy before significant improvements in bone metabolism and bone density are noticeable. However, a reduction in muscle stiffness and joint pains are evident within the first few months. AGHD patients who receive HGH therapy have a lower fracture risk over those who do not receive treatment. To learn more about how these HGH injections results can benefit you, please contact Greenberg Health hormone clinic for a free, confidential consultation.