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Are HGH Injections Safe for Adults?


Human growth hormone therapy is the most common treatment for adult growth hormone deficiency (AGHD). However, are HGH injections safe for adults to use? With over thirty years of data, the answer is yes, HGH is safe when used as prescribed by a doctor.

Safe HGH therapy begins with a medical diagnosis of AGHD. That requires blood analysis to determine if the body produces enough growth hormone for its needs. If growth hormone levels are normal, then HGH will not be necessary, and its use could lead to side effects.
For adults with AGHD, HGH is extremely safe under doctor supervision.

HGH Abuse – What Does It Mean?

HGH abuse is a serious topic, especially in the US, where steroid use and doping are rampant. As we examine the question of HGH safe or not in sports, where most of the abuse takes place, we must address the illegality of using HGH in athletics and bodybuilding. Of course, that does not stop some people from still purchasing it illegally.

Are HGH injections safe for people to use for non-medical reasons?

The answer is no, increasing growth hormone levels higher than natural can result in severe and dangerous side effects and health risks. Also, HGH does not provide the desired benefits in the following unapproved scenarios:
  • Bodybuilding – while HGH helps improve lean body mass and reduce fat mass, it does not build muscle in people with normal growth hormone levels
  • Sports – while sprint capacity does improve slightly, power, strength, athletic performance, and VO2max do not change
  • Anti-Aging – HGH cannot stop time, although it can improve appearance in those people who have growth hormone deficiency
The use of HGH for any of these purposes is abuse, and it is illegal. Purchasing HGH without a prescription can lead to prosecution.

Is Online Purchase of HGH Safe?

The online purchase of HGH without a prescription is illegal. Are HGH injections safe to take if you buy them this way? More than likely, the answer is no. Companies that sell HGH online without requiring a prescription are outside the US. There is no way to know if the products they ship are real or safe.

Is HGH safe to take if you buy it in the US from someone who has a prescription?

No, only a doctor can determine how much HGH each person needs. Without a prescription, not only are you still breaking the law, but you could inject an amount of HGH dangerous to your body.

Is HGH Safe for Weight Loss?

We are often asked is HGH safe for weight loss. HGH is not a dietary aid or weight loss tool. Doctors do not prescribe HGH only for that purpose.

Are HGH injections safe for weight loss if a person has AGHD?

Yes, when medically prescribed to treat AGHD, HGH injections are safe to use. While weight loss is not the primary focus (hormonal balance and symptom reduction are), loss of excess fat is merely an added benefit.

I Have a Medical Condition – Is HGH Safe for Me to Use?

The only medical conditions contraindicated for HGH use are cancer, diabetic retinopathy, acute critical illness following heart or abdominal surgery or multiple accidental trauma, or acute respiratory failure.

Are HGH injections safe for people with cardiovascular disease?

Yes, in fact, HGH helps improve heart functions and cardiac capacity and output.

Is HGH safe for diabetics?

Men and women with diabetes can usually take HGH without concern unless they suffer from diabetic retinopathy – a contraindicated condition. Close monitoring of blood glucose levels is necessary as diabetes medications may require adjusting.

Are Other HGH Products Safe to Use?

Some companies advertise HGH in forms other than prescription injections. These are not safe HGH products, as real human growth hormone comes only as an injectable medication. We do not recommend using anything other than pharmaceutical HGH injections. Please contact Greenberg Health for a free consultation to learn more about HGH therapy.