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Why Do I Need HRT

Why Do I need HRT

Many people ask our experts, “Why do I need HRT?” Our answer is that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is not something that someone necessarily needs; however, it is a form of treatment that can literally change lives for the better. You many need it in order to live a good life full of quality.

When a person starts to age after 30, they will inevitable begin losing their growth hormone (GH) which is responsible for keeping the person strong, vibrant, pain-free, disease-free and excited about living and the future.

Several things can happen when a person does not have enough GH floating in their blood stream:

  1. They can become lethargic, tired all the time, weak and fatigued easily
  2. They can become emotional unstable due to suffering with depression, anxiety, irritability and terrible mood swings
  3. They can lose their bone mineral density more quickly and risk breaking bones or developing the disease osteoporosis
  4. They can gain high LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and risk suffering with cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes
  5. They can experience weak skin elasticity which can leave them with saggy skin, wrinkles and crow’s feet
  6. They can experience balding or thinning hair
  7. They can lose their sexual libido and desire for intimacy
  8. Males can develop erectile dysfunction
  9. Females can develop vaginal dryness and suffer with night sweats and hot flashes
  10. They can develop a weak immune system which can put them in jeopardy of getting sick easily or having difficulty with the healing of wounds or injuries
  11. They can develop poor sleeping patterns or sleep disturbances
  12. Their cells and tissues will not restore and replenish the way they need to
  13. They may experience poor mental acuity including difficulty with concentration, focus and memory
  14. They may tend to have daily aches and pains that become debilitating

As you can see, there are many reasons why a person may benefit from hormone replacement therapy. When do I need HRT will vary from person to person. Everyone has diverse body chemistry and tolerance levels and that will make all the difference in when they will need HRT.  

Who Needs HRT And When Do I Need HRT

Some people truly need HRT in order to function well on a daily basis. Who needs HRT is something that will vary. Symptoms from low GH levels can be quite serious for some and hardly a problem at all for others. Pain and suffering is very subjective and relative based upon tolerance levels of those experiencing the ailments caused from low GH.

Some people will need HRT when they are 30 and others will need HRT when they are in their 50’s. When one will need hormone replacement therapy will vary from person to person. Many people start having symptoms from a growth hormone deficiency when or shortly after they turn 30. Others will not feel any discomfort from losing GH until they are in their 40’s or even 50’s.

Since all people have unique body chemistry and body composition, their endocrine systems work differently. Reactions to hormonal deficiencies will vary amongst all people.

If you think that you might benefit from HRT and want to know if this kind of treatment is for you, reach out to us by using our online contact form. A clinical advisor will contact you as soon as possible. You can also call us for your first free consultation. We are happy and ready to answer any and all questions that you may have about HRT and to help you answer your question, “Why do I need HRT?”