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Estrogen Therapy Before And After

Estrogen Therapy Before and After

Let us talk about what a person can look like and feel like before beginning estrogen replacement therapy versus after they begin treatment. In other words, estrogen therapy before and after: What does it look like?

Here are the symptoms that can plague a person when their estrogen levels plummet due to aging and menopause:


Low energy

Body, muscle and joint aches and pains

Poor memory

Hot flashes

Difficulty concentrating

Night sweats

Difficulty with focusing

Vaginal dryness

A mental fogginess

Uncomfortable sexual relations

A slower overall mental acuity

Loss of sexual libido

Depression or sadness

Loss of sexual desire

Withdrawing behavior

Inability to achieve orgasm

Anxiety and tension

Weak bone mineral density

Less ability to cope well with stress

Bones that can fracture or break more easily


Danger of developing osteoporosis

Mood swings

Higher cholesterol levels

Poor sleep

More risk for heart attack or stroke

Sleep disturbances

Higher triglyceride levels


More risk for developing diabetes

Become easily agitated

Weak skin elasticity

Weight gain

Wrinkled skin

Loss of muscle mass

Crow’s feet

More sagging and haggard looking skin

Erectile dysfunction

Balding or thinning hair

Not all men or women will develop all of these symptoms and some people may be able to cope well with the ones that do occur. However, others will find themselves in a very bad place physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually. The difference in how they look, feel and behave with estrogen therapy before and after can be remarkable.

Some women and men feel so badly when their estrogen levels drop that they do not even want to leave their homes. Their attitude towards everything changes dramatically and their quality of life dissipates. They do not care to participate in any social activities, cannot function or produce at work well and their personal relationships suffer.

Estrogen replacement therapy is a remarkable kind of treatment that can naturally replace the missing hormones and balance them out in a way that gives a person his or her life back. The increase and balance in levels of estrogen before and after treatment makes every bit of difference in one’s quality of existence. Call us to find out if estrogen replacement therapy is for you.

Estrogen Before And After for Men and Women

For both men and women, having enough estrogen running through their blood stream will make the difference between a happy, agile and healthy person and one who feels weak, sad, withdrawn and unhealthy.

A man before hormone replacement therapy.

He feels depressed, unable to focus, concentrate or do his best at work. He does not wish to socialize, become intimately involved with his partner and perhaps cannot achieve an erection. Estrogen is not only a female hormone. As most know, it is the primary female hormone; however, men need a bit too, just as women need a bit of the primary male hormone.

Estrogen levels must be high enough and balanced in men for good health and a good quality of life. Otherwise, he will not be able to function at optimal performance in almost any area of his life.

Depression, anxiety, irritability and bodily aches and pains can set in. Low estrogen levels can throw him off of his sexual game and make for a very low self esteem. Weight gain, muscle loss, wrinkles and balding can occur. This can make him dislike his physical appearance creating more low self worth.

A woman after hormone replacement therapy.

You will notice that for both genders, having enough hormones within the system is vital. A woman will feel the same issues as shared above when her estrogen levels deplete.

Strength, vigor, vitality, happiness and good health all have to do with having balanced amounts of estrogen along with other hormones in the body as well as following good lifestyle habits.

Here is a photo of a woman after she finds her self confidence and is able to get back to living a happy and active lifestyle with enough estrogen in her system. For men, it is the same thing.