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What Is Progesterone Treatment For Menopause

Progesterone Therapy and Menopause

Progesterone therapy for menopause is a natural treatment that combines 100 percent pure, bio-identical and authentic hormone medications together to replace the missing hormones that deplete in the body at this stage of life. This type of therapy has been proven to be natural, safe and effective. It is a very popular way to treat and alleviate the symptoms of menopause.

Menopause is a time when women can feel some pretty upsetting symptoms that steal away her quality of life. When medications are prescribed at just the right dosages to rid of the ailments that a woman may feel during this time when her hormones deplete and her body changes, she can gain back her health and happiness. The right treatment can balance hormones rather quickly for rapid improvement in health.

Whether a woman undergoes progesterone treatment for menopause or progesterone therapy after menopause, the changes that she will see and feel in her body will be remarkable. When a carefully created treatment plan and prescription are followed and medical supervision is provided by the licensed doctor in charge, the difference can be life altering.

How Does Progesterone Treatment For Menopause Eliminate Symptoms?

Progesterone treatment for menopause eliminates symptoms of this change in a woman’s body by increasing her hormone level to a place where the body can work at optimal performance. Is progesterone only treatment for menopause? It is not necessarily the only treatment for this condition, but it certainly is one of the best.

Progesterone therapy and menopause are linked quite nicely. This kind of therapy has been proven to be successful through years of usage with clients dealing with some pretty serious ailments from menopause. These issues can truly take away a woman’s quality of life. It can leave her feeling old, haggard and without purpose for a bright future ahead.

Feeling out of sorts with the problems that come with menopause can lower self esteem, self confidence and self worth. Feeling weak and as if one is getting old, unattractive and unworthy can truly take its toll on a woman’s life.

Progesterone therapy for menopause can change all the bad to good. After the appropriate testing takes place and blood work tells a doctor that a hormone deficiency is present, he or she will give a diagnosis and create the correct prescription and treatment plan. Whether the medication is given as progesterone cream treatment for menopause or another combination of medications, our patients are medically supervised by the prescribing doctor. This is done to ensure that treatment goes smoothly with great benefits and no side effects.

What Are The Benefits Of Progesterone Therapy For Menopause

Below is a comprehensive list of the benefits of progesterone treatment for menopause. It is important to remember that results from therapy will vary depending on many factors including a woman’s beginning symptoms, her body chemistry, the prescription given and how she takes care of her health other than taking her medications.

There are certain lifestyle habits (along with partaking in progesterone therapy) that can help a woman’s health and ability to fight off the symptoms of menopause. These habits can make a huge difference in her health and they include:

  • Whether or not she sleeps well and enough hours at night to give her body the rest it needs for healing and producing hormone
  • Whether or not she eats nutritious foods that will help with hormone production and overall health
  • Whether or not she exercises her body which is good in both physical and emotional ways
  • Whether or not she smokes
  • Whether or not she pays attention to how she copes with stress and makes sure to take the time necessary to keep herself calm and emotionally stable

Here is a good list of benefits that can be expected from progesterone treatment for menopause:

  • less night sweats
  • less hot flashes
  • a greater sexual libido
  • less vaginal dryness
  • stronger orgasms
  • a great increase in energy levels
  • increased stamina
  • increased endurance
  • greater strength
  • the ability to heal faster from injury, sickness or wounds
  • the ability to recover more quickly from exercise
  • a decrease in body pain
  • Less joint pain
  • less muscle pain
  • weight loss
  • increased lean muscle mass
  • more flexibility
  • less noticeable cellulite
  • faster metabolism
  • reduced depression
  • less anxiety
  • better ability to manage stress
  • less tension
  • less irritability and moodiness
  • less agitation
  • less anger outbursts
  • better concentration
  • better focus
  • faster memory recall
  • better long term memory
  • less paranoia
  • a much better emotional stability
  • lower cholesterol levels
  • lower triglyceride levels
  • less risk for stroke
  • less risk for heart attack
  • stronger bone density
  • decreased risk for fracturing or breaking bones in the hips, wrists and spine
  • less risk for developing diabetes
  • better management of diabetes
  • younger looking skin
  • smoother looking skin
  • less acne
  • less facial blemishes
  • stronger skin elasticity
  • less appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • a lessened appearance of crow’s feet around the eyes
  • less sagging skin          
  • an overall younger looking appearance
  • higher self esteem
  • less noticeable, unsightly cellulite
  • shinier looking hair
  • hair that grows faster
  • nails that grow strongly and quickly

Once again, benefits from progesterone therapy for menopause may vary amongst different people. One thing; however, that remains relatively consistent is that this kind of treatment has undeniable benefits and life changing results.