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The Facts about HGH Therapy for Weight Loss

Human Growth Hormone and Weight Loss

Weight gain often seems inevitable with age, but, if the cause is changing hormone levels, that is easily corrected. You may have heard about people using HGH therapy for weight loss and wondered if this was true. How quickly can you burn fat with HGH injections?

It is time to separate the fact from fiction about HGH fat loss. Before and after photos of some people may be misleading. In the images they go from fat and flabby to toned and lean. That is the truth. The fiction aspect is that it occurs in a month or two.

Here are some facts about using HGH therapy for weight loss:

  • HGH therapy is not a diet and doctors will not prescribe HGH solely for weight loss
  • You will not lose a pound a day with HGH injections
  • HGH is not approved for the purpose of weight loss
  • The average overweight individual with growth hormone deficiency will lose approximately 10-14% of body fat during six months of HGH injections
  • Adults will likely gain a similar percentage of lean muscle during the same time
  • HGH is a vital hormone that promotes proper metabolic functions in the body:
    • Processing of lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates for fuel (energy)
    • Burning of stored fat as needed for added energy

If you have gained weight due to age-related hormonal decline, the best HGH for weight loss is prescription injection therapy.

Can You Use HGH Therapy for Weight Loss?

We mentioned that HGH is not authorized for weight loss. How can you use HGH for weight loss if it is not approved for this purpose?

First, only people with growth hormone deficiency will see any benefits from HGH therapy. If GH decline slows down the metabolism, HGH will speed it back up to its ideal state. The hormone specialist does not prescribe HGH therapy for weight loss. Instead, HGH is prescribed to put the body’s hormones back in balance, which, in turn, improves metabolism and other functions.

The result – loss of excess belly fat.

The best time to take HGH for weight loss is when you realize that you are also suffering from other issues, such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Thinning or balding hair
  • Wrinkles and sagging skin
  • Muscle mass decline
  • Low libido
  • Foggy-headedness
  • Poor health

These are just some of the symptoms that can alert you to adult growth hormone deficiency. The doctor will run blood tests to check various levels to see if HGH decline is the reason for your weight gain and other symptoms.

Results of Using HGH Therapy for Weight Loss

As we stated, the benefits of HGH for weight loss are due to a better functioning metabolism. HGH is not a quick fix. Do not confuse it with the HCG Diet which is an entirely different hormone and program.

Your results from using HGH for weight loss, before and after starting this treatment may surprise you. Dieting reduces fatty deposits. HGH not only reduces fat, but it also increases lean muscle. That is why people who receive HGH therapy have a more physically toned appearance. The process is slow, and many people do not notice any weight changes for two or three months.

In addition to a better physique from using HGH therapy for weight loss and optimum health, exercise capacity improves. It becomes easier to exercise which, in turn, helps burn more calories and tone the muscles. Bone density even strengthens from HGH injections.

Will a Doctor Prescribe HGH Therapy for Weight Loss?

Before rushing to your family physician for an HGH prescription, you want to turn to a hormone specialist for help. Balancing hormone levels should always be prescribed and supervised by trained hormone doctors. Where can I get HGH for weight loss if I have noticed other symptoms of growth hormone deficiency?

Greenberg Health is a nationally recognized hormone replacement clinic. When our doctors run blood tests and calculate your HGH for weight loss dosage, they are prescribing the amount of HGH your body needs for top performance. Remember, improving your well-being is the goal – weight loss is just one aspect of the process.

Do not turn to HGH therapy for weight loss if you are trying to fit into a dress or suit for a special event next month. You will likely be disappointed. Over the course of six months, however, you will be happy with the changes you see.

To learn more, or get affordable HGH for weight loss, US residents turn to Greenberg Health for superior service, convenient diagnostic testing locations, and confidential consultations by phone – at no charge. Contact us today to speak with a clinical advisor about your situation.